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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Decorative Boot Scraper is Functional and Decorative

The entrance of a home is a very important part of the home. An entrance is the first place guests see, the first spot that they come into. The entrance of a home is a great place for the owner to set the style of the entire home. The sort of decor that is used in the entryway or foyer should be similar to the decor used in the rest of the home. One choice of decor to be used in an entryway or foyer is a decorative boot scraper. This type of item is both functional and stylish, and it is perfect for use in the home's entrance.

Decor that can be used for more than just its looks is a great type of decor. When decorating a home, the home's owners want to look for items that aren't simply pretty, but are functional, as well. A decorative boot scraper is very useful but also adds beauty to a home. A boot scraper is something that every home should have in its foyer or entryway, but the boot scraper should not just be a piece that is functional and doesn't hold any beauty. A boot scraper should be a focal point in the entryway, it should add to the decor, and it should be decorative. A boot scraper should be made in the style of the home's owner, and it should be displayed with pride.

When working to decorate a home's entrance, the place where guests will get their first impressions of the home, the homeowner wants to use pieces that are stylish and functional. The home's owner wants to decorate the entryway or foyer with pieces that look great and work great. Boot scrapers that are made in a decorative style make for great decor in the entryway of any home. They are both useful and beautiful, and they show off the style of the home owner.

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Round Metal Plant Stand for Your Home or Garden

Decorating your home or garden with plants can lift your mood and make the area look very nice. If you have a lot of plants, you may want to incorporate the use of plant stands to help showcase specific ones by having them stand out from the rest. You can also use a plant stand to have your plants stand at different levels, making them have a more pleasing appearance in the area overall.
Picking Out A Plant Stand
When deciding what type of plant stand you would like to have on your porch or out in your yard, you will want to take the elements into consideration. If you will be having your plants in an outdoor setting, you will want to have a plant stand that will not deteriorate in moisture. For this reason, a round metal plant stand may be the best choice for being outside in harsh weather.
Giving Off A Trendy Appearance
Using a metal plant stand will show off a plant while keeping the appearance one that is not too flamboyant or too boring. Metal scrolling or patterning on the plant stand can give it some character. The color of metal against the green of the plant is a very pleasing color combination that allows your eye to be drawn to each separately.
Easy To Care For
Metal plant stands do not need much to be cared for properly. Simply use a mild detergent mixed with water trub on the surface, removing any debris that may have built up from being outdoors. You could hose down a metal plant stand with a garden hose without worrying about any type of damage happening to the plant stand. After washing, make sure that the plant stand is dried off using a clean piece of cloth so that it does not rust.
Changing The Look
If you like the look of the plant stand itself, but do not care for the color of the metal, you can use a rust-inhibiting paint to give the plant stand a dash of color. Use a paintbrush to make the plant stand your own unique coloring.
You will want to cover the painted surface with a coating of polyurethane so that the paint does not wash away from outdoor elements. This will give it a glossy shine while protecting the new color that you have added to the plant stand.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Brighten Your Porch with a Hanging Candelabra Chandelier

Homeowners who are looking for something to make a porch distinctive should consider a hanging chandelier. The chandelier is a cast iron piece that can hold multiple candles. You can hang the chandelier from nearly any overhead beam. It is important to know how a hanging candelabra chandelier will brighten any porch.
Provide Unique and Gentle Light
Many different options are available for lighting a porch. Most use some form of electrical lighting. This type of light can be harsh and even unattractive. The lights require extensive wiring and could go out if power is lost. A hanging candelabra allows anyone to provide unique and gentle light on a porch. The light comes from real candles. The flames will cast a pleasing and warm glow over the entire porch.
Add Elegance to the Porch
Decorating a porch is not always easy. A hanging chandelier gives every homeowner a way to make a porch an elegant setting. The chandeliers come in many different styles from small candelabras that hold just a few candles to elaborate cast iron units with intricate scrollwork. The chandelier will accent other cast iron items and furniture to create an enjoyable environment for family and guests.
Preserve Space
Many traditional lights used on porches take up space on tables or on the ground. Some porch lights need to be specially mounted in the ground. This can take away valuable space that is needed for furniture, other decorations and outdoor appliances. A hanging candelabra chandelier does not take up any ground or table space. It hangs high above the heads of everyone. This allows homeowners to have light on the porch without having to constantly work around a lamp or other light mounted on the ground.
Durable and Easy To Maintain
Something to consider is that a cast iron chandelier is durable and easy to maintain during the year. The cast iron can resist weather and normal wear. It could develop an attractive patina over time. The candelabras are also very easy to maintain. There is no need to do much more than wipe down and dust the chandelier every few weeks. This makes a hanging chandelier the right choice for any porch.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mix Up Your Decor with Metal Statues for Sale

Decorating your home can be challenging. The choices are limitless, and making decisions about furniture, art, and accessories is often tough. Decorating can be costly, stressful, and compromising with your family or roommates can be the trickiest part of all. These suggestions for terrific; unique ideas to spruce up your home decor, will make your house look amazing in no time at all.

Many people find it easy to purchase a sofa, area rug, or standing lamp, but decorating with art and accessories can be much harder. Consider asking an artistic friend or colleague to design you something special that is customized for your home. Get some vintage photographs of your family blown up and framed in a beautiful antique picture frame to add some old-fashioned charm to your living room or bedroom. Head to a local flea market to see if there are any interesting metal statues for sale that might add a unique element to your home decor and help fill a large room.

Colors, textures, and fabrics are great ways to help mix up your living space. Try a brightly-colored fabric curtain, a bold patterned throw blanket against a neutral couch, or a pretty vase or glass bowl on the mantle above your fireplace. Statues and sculptures are an interesting way to add detail and visual interest to your home as well; see if there are any bronze or gold metal statues for sale at a pawn shop, or boutique for an exciting, artistic element in your dining room or hall.

These suggestions will make your home feel lively and beautiful, all within your budget. Putting up a new picture frame on a bookshelf, hanging a great framed print above the stairs, or placing a fun statue to peek out of a bare corner will all make your home get a terrific, fresh new look. With some great art, accessories, and other decorative elements, your house will be spruced up and visually enthralling to you, your family, friends, and guests.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Garden Obelisks Are a Unique Addition To Your Yard

An accessory that can add personality to any yard is an obelisk. These structures are tall networks of metal that can be used by themselves or that can act as trellises for plants. They are unusual and very attractive. A garden obelisk will make a unique addition to any yard for several reasons.

Create Height in Any Part of the Yard
An obelisk can do the difficult job of adding height quickly in any part of a yard. An obelisk can be erected in just a minute or two by driving the legs into the soil. Plants can then be trained up the obelisk in order to add depth and height to the space. This is especially effective when the plant flowers or produces fruit along the length of the obelisk. The obelisk can change the appearance of the entire yard.

Make Distinctive Shapes
A number of obelisks are currently available that allow anyone to create distinctive shapes in a garden. Some obelisks are tall and straight. Some have rounded tops. A few are spherical. Vines and other plants that grow along the outside of these obelisks will create an usual shape that contrasts against the more natural plantings in the rest of the area.

Create More Space for Plants
Space is at a premium in some gardens and yards. Limited space can make it difficult to grow the selection of plants everyone wants. A garden obelisk provides more space for plants. The obelisk allows plants to start to grow vertically and away from the ground. Installing one is a way to accommodate large plants and vines in a garden where there is little space on the ground.

Add Interest with Obelisks and Other Accessories
Some of the obelisks that are available have special features that can make the yard or garden more interesting. There are designs available that can act as a real sundial when aligned correctly in the yard. Other models have a special space in the top where a mirror ball or gazing ball can be placed. This can create an unexpected point of interest in any yard.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Decorative Wooden Ladders Help Add to Country Style

Creating a country interior design style for your home is a great way to bring the outdoors in. You want to focus on rustic items. Nothing should look shiny and new, the more rustic the better. One of the best “found” items to place in your decor is a decorative wooden ladder. It can add a lot of character to your space and even be utilized for shelving or decorative storage. Here are some ideas to use your decorative ladder for your country style.

Hang it On the Wall
One of the best ways to use a ladder is by hanging it horizontally on the wall. It makes a great focal point the room that is a little different, but totally works. If the ladder is wide enough, you can use it as shelving by placing pictures or decorative knick knacks in between the rungs. This will add to the overall charm and look of the space.

The Classic Lean
Leaning a ladder up along the wall especially in the corner can also add to the space. Ladders work perfect for those hard-to-decorate spots like small nooks and tight corners. Again, if the rungs are wide enough, you can use them as shelves and place pictures or small items along the rungs.

It Takes Two
If you have a larger space you are trying to decorate, a double ladder or two ladders leaning against each other can create a great shelving unit. Place small boards or shelves across the rungs and begin to decorate. Potted plants look especially nice in a country decor. Books and pictures also look great with this design.

Incorporating decorative wooden ladders into your country home decor is a must. It adds a rustic flair and quaint character to the area. If possible, they are great to use as storage and shelving. Find a ladder that matches your room today!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Wrought Iron Bench is a Perfect Year Round Furniture Piece

Finding that perfect piece of furniture that one will want to keep for many years to come can be a daunting task. After all, furniture styles change almost as often as the weather. Retailers sometimes stock a large amount of inventory that might be trendy this year, but completely out of vogue next year. To prevent the necessity of purchasing new furniture on a regular basis, a homeowner should consider beautifying his or her abode with a few classic pieces that will never go out of style. One such must have item is a wrought iron bench. This timeless household fixture is a perfect year round furniture piece.

Regardless of whether a person is looking for indoor or outdoor furniture, this type of fixture is a good selection. Outdoors, this furniture item looks lovely when situated near a flower garden or outdoor fountain. A sturdy iron bench also makes a functional piece of patio furniture. While sitting in an iron bench on a patio at night, homeowners can star gaze, sip a cup of hot chocolate, and catch up on each other’s days. This type of furniture also works well when placed on a balcony. Indoors, a sleek stylish bench is a great addition to a foyer, a bedroom, or a sunroom. When placed in a foyer, a bench serves as a great place to sit down and remove shoes, read the mail, or place a coat. In a bedroom, a bench provides a decorative place to read favorite novels. In a sunroom, a wrought iron bench can hold beautiful blooming plants.

Because so many uses for this furniture staple exists, homeowners might wish to purchase several iron benches. Thankfully, this type of furniture is available in many different styles and colors. Regardless of whether a homeowner prefers white, black, brown, or even turquoise, he or she should be able to locate the perfect items for his or her home. If cared for properly, these beautiful pieces of furniture should last for years. Their versatility and classic charm certainly make them the perfect piece of year round furniture to own.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Lawn Decor That is Made to Last

Many people love decorating their lawns for the Christmas season. Christmas decorations add a festive flair to the neighborhood and bring joy to many. Unfortunately many decorations are simply not made to last. With the time,effort, and money many invest into Christmas lawn decor, quality and longevity are typically appreciated.

When choosing items that will be out on the lawn in the wintertime, the composition of the item is a very important consideration. Items made from metal and treated lumber will likely last for several holiday season. If the goal is long lasting lawn decorations; it is best to avoid inflatable decorations that can be easily punctured or untreated wood which will become rotten in the winter elements very quickly. Look for items with some weight. Lightweight and flimsy items are more likely to become ruined, and will not last for very long outdoors.

Another consideration, beyond the quality of the product, that will play a huge role in the longevity of lawn decor is the care and installation. Make sure when setting up, the decorations are tightly and securely attached. Wintertime can bring nasty weather and high winds. If decorations are not installed properly, they may blow away and become damaged or ruined.

Consider natural decorations for wreaths and garlands. An evergreen wreath or a twig, pinecone, and holly berry garland can last for a very long time if somewhat sheltered from the elements. Natural decorating supplies often hold up better in nature than synthetic imitations.

Once the holiday season is over, it is important to take down the decorations and store them safely in a dry place. If lawn decorations are left out all winter, there is likely to be noticeable wear and tear come springtime. Build, maintenance, and care are all important factors in creating a dazzling winter wonderland for years to come.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What Gate is Right for Your Yard?

If you have made the decision to install a new wrought iron fence on your property, or if you are interested in updating your existing property with a fence replacement; you may be focusing on the style of gate that is right for your space. There are larger and smaller wrought iron gates that may vary in terms of security, style and other features. When you want to invest in the right gate for your yard, think about each of these points carefully.

The Size of the Gate
Gates may have a single door that swings open on a hinge and that is ideal for foot traffic. They may also have double doors that open wide enough to allow vehicles to pass through. They can vary from being waist height or shorter to towering over your head. When you think about the size of the gate, think about the people or vehicles that need to pass through the area, the availability of space on the property and your need for security. Each of these factors will impact your decision.

The Style of the Gate
In addition focus on the style of the gate. Wrought iron may be available with a black, metallic, rustic or painted finish. The finials and other decorative details can also impact the look. Some have a grand overhead arch, and others may be rather simple in their design. Clearly, your goal may be to select a gate that serves a functional purpose, but the style of the gate is also imperative to curb appeal.

There are numerous styles of pre-fabricated gates that you can choose from for your new installation or replacement needs. Some property owners will find the ideal size and style of gate through the prefabricated solutions. However, if you cannot find the right option for your needs, you may think about how working with a fencing company to produce a custom-made gate may benefit you. Once you have selected the perfect gate for your needs and budget, you can set up professional installation service. Soon, you can be enjoying the benefit that your beautiful new gate provides to you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What are Urn Planters?

When looking for methods to add a little bit of elegance and intentional design to the garden, it becomes evident that something special is needed. For people who are looking for something interesting to use in their gardens, urn planters are an immediate source of interest. What is so special about these planters, and how are they used?

Urn planters at the most basic level, are large pots made from various materials that are used to house plants. It sounds simple enough at the outset, but when all of the different styles and designs are taken into account, there is room for quite a lot of originality. Some people love an urn planter that is made from bronze and has Hellenic designs on it, while others adore a plain planter with a very smooth surface.

These planters add a wonderfully personal touch to a garden, but before they are installed, there are a few things to keep in mind. First do not make the rookie gardener mistake of filling them and then trying to move them. A full urn is always going to be very heavy. Instead, simply take it to the place that it is going to stand, and then fill it there.

When filling an urn, remember that it does not have to be filled to the top. Instead, put down some kind of filler material in the body of the urn, and then set a smaller container on top of that. That saves on the costs for potting soil.

There are many plants that look quite attractive in urns. Consider looking for tall plants that shoot straight up from the urn, or think about choosing draping plants, like the ones that will fall over the lip of the urn with drooping, languid beauty.

Choose an urn planter that suits the mood of the garden. They do well on either side of a walkway or close to the house, though of course they can be dotted throughout the property as well.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tall Wrought Iron Fences Add Flare to Any Yard

Finding a home that fulfills the majority of items on a wish list can be a difficult task and one that involves some compromises. Once a dream home has been found, some unexpected issues can arise or some changes may need to be made to make the home and yard safe. Issues that involve protecting the property can often be resolved with the addition of fencing. Tall wrought iron fences can be incorporated into both urban and rural settings without adversely affecting the beauty of the landscape.

A 6' wrought iron gate can be an impressive addition to a home in an urban setting. The impressive beauty of the gate or gates that are chosen for the driveway and other areas can enhance the curb appeal of a home. Beyond the aesthetics that a tall wrought iron fence offers, there's the peace of mind that comes from the safety and protection this type of fence offers. It's a great fencing option for a pool area where it's imperative to keep children and possibly pets from wandering into that space. Fencing is also a safe way to keep children and pets in a designated outdoor space.

A dream home in a rural setting may come with some unanticipated wildlife related issues. Often, planting flowers, trees and shrubs to beautify the landscape is one of the first projects of a new home owner. In a rural setting, there's a possibility that those landscaping items will be damaged or destroyed by wild deer. A rustic wrought iron fence can protect landscaping plants and vegetable garden without blocking the expansive view that is typically a major feature of a home in a rural setting.

A lot of attention is being given to finding ways to individualize one's home. Individual style can be depicted in the type of gate design that is chosen to accompany the fencing. Personalization can also be done with the selection of post top designs. While wrought iron fencing has an element of vintage charm to it, it can very attractively be incorporated into contemporary landscapes and lawns.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to Add a Woodland Theme to Your Garden

A woodland theme in a garden is unique attractive and peaceful. Getting that specific woodland feeling is not always easy. It requires balancing garden decorations with plantings and outdoor furniture. The smallest details can sometimes make a large difference when attempting to create this theme. It is possible to take a few steps to add a woodland theme to any garden.

Choose the Right Plants
Choosing the right plants can make it simple to add a woodland theme to any garden. Pick several bushes and shrubs with woody branches that will show through the foliage. Include something like a birch tree on the back borders. Use ground covers like Vinca or ivy to fill the spaces between plantings. Plant some ferns in shady areas for a true woodland look.

Rustic Wooden Furniture
Getting a woodland theme in a garden requires thinking about rustic furniture. The best option is to add a bench or some chairs made from wood that has a natural appearance. Teak is a good and sustainable option although any wooden furniture will do. Place the furniture in an area where there are tall plantings nearby. Avoid furniture pieces that have a highly modern or unnatural appearance in order to maintain the theme.

Include Some Garden Animal Art
Something that can tie the entire woodland theme together is some animal art spread throughout the garden. These small art pieces look like the animals normally seen in woodland settings. Some moose garden decor can add a whimsical feeling to the space while also reinforcing the theme. These pieces of art are interesting and fun. Just a few of these pieces of art are enough to quickly transform the space into a woodland themed garden.

Add Some Moss
A final detail that will create a true woodland theme in a garden is moss. The garden should have patches of moss growing in many areas. Moss can be used as a low and attractive groundcover in tight spaces. It will grow easily on rocks, fixtures and fences. Moss can be purchased already growing. It can also be encouraged to grow by spreading a special liquid mixture on different surfaces in the garden.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Benefits of Owning a Repurposed Pallet Coffee Table

Shipping pallets are very common today. These pallets are made from strong wood that is designed to resist abuse and heavy loads. Many pallets are just thrown away and forgotten after some time. This is a waste. Repurposing the pallets is allowing people to create furniture like coffee tables from the wood. A repurposed pallet coffee table has several benefits over other pieces of furniture.

Distinctive and Functional

The coffee table made from a repurposed shipping pallet is distinctive and functional. It can be hard to find a piece of furniture that has the same type of distinctive appearance; without affecting the functionality of the table. Some distinctive pieces are fragile or have unusual features that make it difficult to use the surface normally in the home. A pallet table has an attractive appearance. It also provides a large amount of space for storing items underneath. The top provides plenty of space for magazines or other items.

Help the Environment

A second benefit is that a pallet table helps the environment. Shipping pallets are used around the world every day. Many of these pallets are simply discarded by businesses. This means the wood is sent to a landfill where it takes up space. The result could be the eventual need for more landfills in the area. Repurposing the wood from a pallet helps to reduce what goes into landfills. It also preserves natural resources since there is no need to cut down a tree to make the coffee table.

Flexible Furniture

A final benefit is that a pallet coffee table is a flexible piece of furniture. It can be used as a simple table in a living room, den or bedroom. The table is treated in a way that allows it to be used outside as well. The table could be used on a patio or in a garden setting. It is possible to convert the coffee table into a bench for the home by adding canvas or pillows to the top. The bench can be placed in any vestibule, mudroom or other location where people need to sit. This flexibility makes a repurposed pallet table the right choice for any home.