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Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Tall Wrought Iron Fences Can Improve Any Property

Wrought iron is a fixture in many landscape designs. It can be used for furniture or unique decorative items. It is also popular when used to create durable and elegant fences. The fences have a classic appearance that will enhance any design style. Tall wrought iron fences can improve a property in a number of ways.

Keep Trespassers Out

One of the main ways that a tall fence made from wrought iron can improve a property is by keeping out trespassers. The fence creates a barrier that is difficult for people to cross without being clearly seen. It is different from a wooden fence because it does not block the view of the surrounding landscape. The property will be protected when surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

Arrange Fences in Any Shape

There are often areas within properties that need a fence but have irregular borders. Many types of traditional fencing cannot be easily installed in a way that follows those irregular lines around a property. Tall wrought iron fences can be arranged to follow any shape. The fences come in individual panels that can be linked together to create gentle curves or sharp angles to create a border around any property.

Contain Pets and Keep Wildlife Out

It can be a challenge to keep pets on a property without using a tether or leash. A wrought iron fence will keep pets inside of a defined area on the property while also allowing for free movement in the space. An added benefit is that wildlife like deer will not be able to go through or over the tall fence. This can help to protect pets and the gardens or other plantings inside the boundaries of the fence.

Provide a Trellis for Climbing Plants

Wrought iron fences can be incorporated into the landscape of a home in many ways. One technique is to use the fences as trellises for climbing plants and vines. The plants can be trained to wrap around the individual bars on the fence. The result will be a fence that has a natural appearance while still providing a border around the property. This is an especially effective technique when flowering or fruiting vines cover the fence.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On Trend: Decorative Marquee Letters

Monograms have been popular for centuries as a way to personalize items. That same principle has more recently been applied to decorative marquee letters. These letters, which are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and colors, are frequently used to decorate a nursery with the baby's initials, make personalized signs or as a fun way to add a unique touch to rooms or even appliances. Here are some of the many options available when it comes to marquee letters.

Choosing Letters
- Material
The first consideration that must be made is that of material. The material of marquee letters will help set the style and tone of the letters and lend to the overall style of the room or item being decorated. Rough-hewn wooden letters will provide a more rustic feel, while polished metal ones will give a more formal feeling to the room or item being decorated. There are many options available, from inexpensive cardboard letters that can be personally decorated to high-end metal or composite letters that are professionally finished.
- Colors or Finish
Depending on the choice of material, the color or finish options can be endless. Wooden letters can be spray painted or hand painted in any color option on the market. Metal letters are a little more restrictive and usually involve choosing a matte or polished finish rather than a specific color, though choosing between silver, gold or brass may still be an option.
- Size
Some companies offer a wide range of sizes while others only offer a few sizes or just one size choice. It's important to choose a letter size that is appropriate for the room or sign in consideration. Along with the question of what size to pick may also come the question of upper case or lower case letters. The vast majority of marquee letters are upper case, but sometimes lower case options can also be found.

Just like monogrammed handkerchiefs of a bygone era, decorative marquee letters serve to personalize a room, sign or item. These letters can add just the right finishing touch to any area.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Gracing Homes with the Beauty of the Stars

There are few things throughout history that have intrigued humans more than the mysterious, peaceful stars above. Their shining beauty has been the subject of innumerable writings and works of art. They have been viewed as both scientific marvels and signs of heavenly work above. The pale, twinkling light they send to the earth is matched by few other marvels. A sense of relaxation and tranquility is often felt by those who feel the draw of gazing at the stars in the sky. Just like navigators and explorers of the past, seeing the stars can bring us to our own special sense of home.

It is no wonder that this natural beauty is often made into decorations that can be used in and around the home. There is a myriad of ways in which a star can be made into art for the home. Some materials can be fragile, however, and it is important to pick a material that can stand the test of time. Choosing metal decorative stars can provide a long-lasting, gorgeous decoration that can be used almost anywhere.

Metal decorative stars make a great addition to front lawns, gardens, porches, entryways and anywhere inside the home. They provide a familiar, graceful sight that makes a home feel more welcoming. Depending on the desired durability and exposure to elements, there are a number of metals that can be used to make lovely star decorations. Two of the metals that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment are tin and wrought iron.

Tin provides a rustic, traditional look to star decorations. The natural texture of the metal adds to the antique look of these pieces. Wrought iron pieces are sturdy and can handle the elements year-round while still creating a look that can be brought into the home with ease. Whichever type of metal is used, the resulting work of art will undoubtedly grace the owner's home with beauty and elegance.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Buying Medium Height Wrought Iron Fencing

Many people choose to enclose their yard or entire property with fencing for various reasons. Sometimes the addition of fencing is simply decorative and gives the property an impressive appearance, but more often the fence serves a more practical purpose. A secure fence surrounding the property provides safety for children and pets, and it also provides a protective barrier to discourage unwanted visitors. Some other practical reasons for installing a fence include enclosing a backyard swimming pool or to protect flower and vegetable gardens.

While some individuals may prefer the look of a white picket fence, wrought iron fencing offers a greater level of security. Wrought iron also lasts much longer than a wooden fence and requires no maintenance for years after it has been installed. No special tools are needed to place and secure the solid steel panels of medium height wrought iron fencing purchased from local or online suppliers of wrought iron products. Matching gates are also easily placed and secured with only minimal effort in soil that is not hard packed or dry. In four season climates, it is best to install the fence in spring after the ground has thawed and is still relatively soft.

While installing medium height wrought iron fencing is simple and easily accomplished, homeowners should carefully measure the planned fenceline before purchasing the fencing panels and gates. This will assist them in determining how much fencing they need and help them visualize the area their new fence will enclose. Although moving the fence is not difficult, most homeowners prefer the placement to be permanent and they may choose to secure the corner posts with quick setting cement.

Black is the traditional color for wrought iron fencing, but other color choices are available to please the aesthetic preferences of everyone. Additional wrought iron accessories include decorative arbor gates, arches and trellises. Although wrought iron fencing is more costly than wooden fences, wrought iron needs no painting nor does it deteriorate over time, so it is a wise choice for anyone considering the addition of fencing to their property.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Improve Your Landscape With Metal Garden Screens

Decorating your backyard can be a fun and challenging experience. Metal garden screens are an attractive way to improve the look of your outdoor landscaping. Hooks can be installed on the screen to support a variety of plants. You can also train a variety of plants to climb the screen as a trellis. Metal is a great way to add garden art to your backyard. It will last for years with the right kind of maintenance. Keep in mind that metal will rust if it stays moist. There are a variety of rust inhibitors that you can purchase at your local home and garden center.

Backyard entertaining is another reason to decorate the yard. You can invite family and friends over while you make something on the barbecue grill. Look for recycled garden art objects at thrift stores and yard sales. Walkways can be installed using a variety of materials. Pavers are made out of concrete, wood, plastic or metal. Consider adding a variety of container plants around the walkways to improve their visual appeal. Solar stake lights should also be installed next to the walkways. This will create a landscape that is truly relaxing and appealing.

Seasonal color can enhance the landscaping by adding depth and interest to the yard. Overgrown shrubs and trees should be kept trimmed. Consider adding a water fountain in the middle of the yard to attract a variety of birds. Flower beds are a great way to spruce up your landscaping without spending a lot of money. Rent a power washer to keep outdoor surfaces clean and appealing. They do a great job of cleaning vinyl siding, brick and wood fencing.

When the time comes to sell your home, you'll impress potential buyers with the beauty of your landscaping. Designing the landscaping starts with pen and paper. Create the backyard of your dreams by flipping through pages of garden magazines. You can improve your outdoor living space in just a few weekends. Backyard landscaping can create a private space where you entertain family and friends. Choose a design that fits within your budget and style.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Design A Beautiful Patio With Cast Iron Stepping Stones

Many people dream of entertaining in their backyard, but don’t know how to get started. Planning is the key to a beautiful backyard. You can design your own walkway with a variety of cast iron stepping stones that will last longer than brick or other types of materials. You will need to determine size, location and patio patterns to create the perfect backyard oasis for you. The size of your patio design will depend upon how you plan to use the space. Do you want an outdoor kitchen that’s complete with a barbecue area for entertaining?

Patio design should start on paper. Write down what you intend to get out of your backyard space. Then, make your plans come to life by mapping out the space in your backyard with stakes and string. It is important that you measure accurately to ensure your calculations are correct. Use a line level to ensure the space between the states are completely level. When you are finished mapping out the space, step back and visualize the results you want.

Patio pathways are an effective way to move around the backyard without stepping on the grass. Use a garden hose to plan for curves to determine the type of design you want to accomplish. It is not difficult to design an outdoor that looks stunning. The idea is to create a pathway that is not only attractive but also inviting. When you use cast iron stepping stones, designing your pathway will be a breeze. You will want to connect the pathway to other areas in your yard.

Consider installing solar lights along the pathway to enhance its beauty at night. Solar lights will not run up your electric bill. They are inexpensive and use the daytime power of the sun to glow at night. Look for solar landscaping lights at your local home improvement store. If you need inspiring ideas to get started, look at the pictures in a landscape design magazine. Consider your budget when planning your patio design to ensure you don't go overboard. Backyard entertaining is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Using Wrought Iron Shutters

Decorative Exterior Design Element

Anyone seeking a decorative element for the outside of their home should consider installing sturdy wrought iron shutters on the windows. Many homeowners ignore the exterior of their homes to focus on the interior instead. This is a bad idea because the first thing that guests see is the outside of a home. For individuals attempting to sell a home, improving the exterior can lead to a quick sale, instead of a home that remains on the market for months. Most individuals install cheaply made wooden shutters on their homes, leading to items that degrade rapidly. On the other hand, metal shutters last a long time through rough weather conditions such as high winds and rainstorms.

Shutters Made with Unique Designs

The metal used for decorative shutters on windows is easy for artisans to shape into unique designs that complement the exterior of a home’s décor. In addition to placing shutters around the windows, homeowners can place the items next to doorways. Many homes have a cookie-cutter appearance, making it difficult for guests to find a home when visiting. However, a building with metal decorative shutters around the windows and doors stands out from all of the other homes on a street. Long before builders made a home’s embellishments from wood, sturdy iron was used because of its durability. Embellishments made of wrought iron are designed to last for a lifetime.

Use Beautiful Shutters Inside

Wrought iron shutters have other architectural uses for homes both inside and outside for homeowners with a creative flair. Gardeners can fasten the metal objects together to make trellises for vines in flower gardens. A home with a plain fireplace looks more attractive with beautifully scrolled metal shutters attached above the mantle. For a long hallway in a home, it is possible to use shutters on the wall as decoration. With only a small amount of work, homeowners can attach candleholders to the shutters for extra lighting. In small kitchens, a large metal shutter is easy to hang from the ceiling to hold hooks for storing pans and skillets.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Uses for Old Fashioned Wire Fencing

Wire fencing has had a lot of uses over the years. Many people have used it to protect plants and gardens and other items. If you want to bring a bit of nostalgia back to your landscaping, Old Fashioned Wire Fencing might be a good option for you. This type of fencing can be ornamental and rugged all at once.

Old Fashioned Wire Fencing is not an expensive option and it is very decorative. You can get regular fencing, or the type with wire looks at the top. The wires are galvanized so that you do not have to worry about rust as they years pass. You will end up with a classic look that comes from another era without having to do much work or invest much money.

If you decide to go with wire fencing for decorative reasons or to protect your garden area, you will need to decide on a few things. First, measure the area and see how much fencing you need. Most fencing comes in 100 foot rolls, though the rolls sometimes vary one or two feet. It is a good idea to buy a little more than you actually need to help with any mistakes that might be made during installation.

Keep in mind that while the wires in these fences are sturdy, if you unfurl a long roll, it is not going to stand up on its own. You might want to put in posts or gates to fit your needs around the fencing. These posts can be anything from metal poles to wood four by fours.

You will also want to decide how decorative you want the fencing to be. Do you want a classic look or something with loops at the top? Wire fencing can serve many purposes and last for many years. It gives you a classic look from the past and is a great way to keep rabbits and other animals out of your garden.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Update Your Look With Wrought Iron Arbors

Wrought iron mastery has been one of the most unique mediums used for centuries. All kinds of creative wrought iron compositions can be incorporated within almost every style of design. From old world wrought iron structures to war ships to delicate garden detailing, wrought iron usage has been and remains to be a force to be reckoned with where strength, beauty and functionality commands.

Notably, arbors are some of the finest examples of the historical wrought iron staple. Each structure promises varying architectural sophistication, sturdy dependability and visual invitation for a multitude of uses. Often better recognized in European settings, the wrought iron arbor has taken on a significant journey in countries all over the world.

Arbor and Gate Combos

Wrought iron arbors are ready to hand out high-marking design-game-plan impressions with beautiful arbor and gate combinations. Sleek, protective and accessibly convenient fencing solutions come alive with the unyielding simplicity wrought iron has to offer.

Arbor Shapes and Sizes

Selecting arbor shapes and sizes puts the consumer in a position to obtain complete flexibility and functionality in one. Smaller arbors make lovely, personalized statements for walk-way entries, garden sitting areas and other unique decorative purposes. Larger arbors for patios and drive-way entrances are only the beginning for creative solutions using wrought iron arbors. Rounded tops, Egyptian flair, multiple arches or straight-across arbors clearly confirm that the diversity of wrought iron arbor-love is no one-trick-pony.

New Color Options

Typically, wrought iron most often scripts the standard brown and black color palate. Today, more vibrant, highly enchanting color options are bringing arbors up-to-date and on their way to huge popularity. Gorgeous turquoises, moss and vintage greens and yellows, and other appreciated color additions are simply knocking artistic and architectural appeal out of the park.

If wrought iron has yet to find a cozy spot in favorite areas and living spaces, now is the time to invest in the legacy of superior, wrought iron style. With its malleable foundation and coveted performance the wrought iron arbor can't help but get us all jumping on the wrought iron wagon going forth since ancient times