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Friday, August 30, 2013

Dress Up Your Home With Hanging Candelabras

If you are looking for a great way to dress up your outdoor décor then you might want to think about looking into hanging candelabras. These are available in many different steel and cast iron designs, and are a great and easy way to add elegance and charm to a home. Of course, they also provide plenty of light making them a great lighting solution as well. Therefore, if you frequently entertain in the evening and are looking for a great way to lighten any area in your back yard you might want to take a closer look at candelabras.

Like most ornamental lighting systems, these rustic steel wrought candelabras are typically used in certain areas outside of the home. It is customary to see them hanging against an outdoor deck or along the sides of fencing. Of course they are most perfect under a covered porch as this allows their light to radiate out across the porch in a circular manner. The candlelight provided has a charm of its own and can help add gentle spice to a patio that otherwise would be dull. Sometimes just adding one candelabra is all it takes to really make a patio or deck shine, both literally and figuratively. Of course, you are not limited to using candelabras in only a gazebo or porch as you can really place hanging candelabra anywhere that you like.

Many people enjoy adding a candelabra to their patio simply because it makes entertaining much more fun. Guests will be stunned at the brilliance of the steel or iron molding and you can color code the candles you choose to put into the candelabra in order to help maintain a party theme. For instance, if you are hosting a baby shower, graduation party, or wedding shower on your porch or outdoor sunroom then a candelabra with coordinated candles may be the perfect ornamental touch. It will certainly make your guests envious and perhaps even inspire them to look into a piece for their home.

At one point in time a hanging candelabra might have been out of the average price range, but now there are plenty of great places that you can find thousands of options online. The online world has helped increase the distribution of these unique items helping to make them more affordable for everyone. Therefore, if you have not yet run across a price that you are comfortable with you might want to consider taking a look at what you can find online. Chances are, there is a perfect model and style that actually fits within your price range waiting for you to stumble across it online.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Add Charm to Your Landscape with a Gated Arbor

A metal arbor with a gate is the perfect entrance to your yard or garden. It defines the space and adds an ornate look. 

An arbor for your garden may be handcrafted, mass-produced or custom ordered. An optimal size for this type of garden structure is generally eight feet tall, so that even the tallest person is comfortable walking through the gate. The width should not crowd someone either and so a five to six foot width is desired.

The homeowner and gardener who takes pride in his lawn will enjoy having a metal arbor with a gate in his garden. The metal work can be ornate or rustic in style and should correspond to the architectural detail of the home. Plants can be trained to climb the arbor or plantings may be situated at the base of the structure.

Most pictures of arbors show them as being rounded across the top, like an archway, but they also may have a linear crosspiece at the top instead. In either case a sturdy metal arbor with a gate adds artistic interest in outdoor spaces around a yard or garden. Buyers should select sturdy structures that are easy to anchor to the ground for the most secure placement. Then growing plants or heavy winds are less likely to cause it to tip over.

Choose a focal point to place your metal work in your garden. Use it to highlight a special plant or group of plants. It is also helpful to direct traffic to your walkways. Statues in the lawn or other points of interest also enhance these types of structures.

The homeowner should have the ironwork installed in the early spring or late fall. At those times some of the foliage is gone, either died back or not yet growing. There is less disruption of plantings at that time and the surrounding vegetation will grow up around the arbor making it look well established along side of the surrounding plants.

Purchase metal work for the yard through online sales, or at local garden centers and nurseries. Home improvement centers offer good selections as well. Purchase the highest quality that fits the budget to get the longest lasting decor for the yard. Think about hiring a professional designer to select the best location and plantings, and if do-it-yourself projects are not your strong point, use a professional installer to increase the stability of it.

Metal work adds ornamental notes to the yard and brings a historic appearance to the greenery. Arbors are suitable for climbing roses, trailing plants and plants that will grow around their base. Installing metal work in the garden is a long-term design choice and gives new lines to the familiar plot.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Use An Arched Garden Gate

The right garden gate can transform your yard, add a great element to your landscaping and improve your home's curb appeal. A popular choice of many homeowners is the arched garden gate. These gates not only look great, they add privacy to your backyard and are a great barrier for keeping unwanted critters away from your home. That's a lot to ask from a gate, but the popular arched gate can deliver this and more. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and are available for a lot less than the average homeowner may think is possible. 

Whether you are looking for a garden gate made of cement, iron, wood or any other material the arched gate fits the bill. The materials from which this type of gate can be made are as limitless as are the ways it can be used. Homeowners and landscape specialists can improve the privacy, protection and style of any yard by choosing an arched gate made of traditional wrought iron or one that uses modern steel sculptures to give it a unique look. No matter which one they choose their yard is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood for many years to come.

Modern metal gates come in a wide range of colors. This makes it easy to find one to match any homeowner’s yard, home and landscaping design. Gates in dark grey or brown easily match the color tones in the trees, grass, plants and stones in most people's yard. Using a black arched metal garden gate creates a beautiful contrast while offering complete protection from roaming creatures or nosy neighbors. Black metal arched gates also fit in perfectly with many types of modern landscape design. It gives the look of inviolable power surrounding a bright, colorful, relaxing garden scene.

Homeowners using Asian landscape design elements who want a gate that adds warmth would do well to consider a wooden arched gate with an eye level Mondrian-inspired cutout, which allows visitors to peek at the placid garden scene just beyond it. The color scheme used on the gate can add that “je ne sais qua” to the entire scene. This type of arched garden gate and the impact it has on a home's curb appeal can add thousands of dollars to the perceived value of the home. Whether the homeowner decides to use a gate painted in earth tones or bright colors just adds to the overall beauty of the yard.

 If you want the classic look, you can choose to use a classic arched iron gate held in place by pillars of marble, stone or cement. Many people complement this look by adding symmetrically placed lanterns to the top of the pillars to create a soft yet strong look. This solid gate may look charming, but it is also very effective for keeping pets and small children in and unwanted guests out

Want to add beauty, safety and value to your home? Consider an arched garden gate.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Creative Possibilities of Wrought Iron Design

Wrought iron, literally translating to “hand worked” or “hand crafted” iron, has been a long time favorite for home and garden owners who are looking to add that extra something to their respective properties. With its beautiful rustic charm and endless design possibilities, wrought iron can offer countless choices in look, design or feel for any space. Although there are several ways that this particular type of metal can be formed to create decorative pieces to fill one’s home or living space, it will most frequently be seen as an outside adornment in gardens and front lawns. Wrought iron gates and arbors, or archways, are some of the most popular additions to the appearance of homes, which can add a timeless charm and historical beauty to any property.

Aside from its pleasing appearance, wrought iron materials are worth the slight extra cost as its proven durability greatly exceeds that of the less expensive and more common choices of chain-link or wooden privacy fences. If proper care is given to wrought iron gates and arbors, they can last through generations of families, producing the timeless and gracefully aged look that makes them so unique. This also outweighs the cost of having to fix or replace a less sturdy and more likely to be damaged material. As long as the wrought iron pieces are kept rust-free, which can be avoided with simple care and a fresh coat of paint or varnish, you will never have a need to replace it. 

Strength and durability aside, the design possibilities of wrought iron are without a doubt the most notable characteristic of the material. This type of iron is especially malleable which means that when placed under the right amount of heat it can be bent, twisted, molded and made into almost any pattern, when it is fashioned by a craftsman experience in the working of wrought iron. The capability of producing unique and intricate designs is a major selling point for wrought iron pieces. It is the ability to create something truly special and rare that not only produces the impressionable visual impact which jumps out at its viewers, but also creates a personal connection between the work and its owner, as it is likely that it will be an expression of their own individuality. 

The flexible nature of wrought iron has allowed for a widely growing market for designers to produce and sell their work. There are countless websites available online with thousands of options for wrought iron décor including flower planters, gazebos, trellises and antique ladders in addition to the wrought iron gates and arbors which are most popular. There are also several options available for customization in terms of varnish, paint, and finials, which are the ornamental adornments that sit atop gates and other fencing. The unique and visually appealing nature of wrought iron products allows for a wide variety in choices ranging from contemporary pieces to traditional and everything in between. 

Even if not purchased for its aesthetic charms, wrought iron décor will last its purchaser a lifetime. It is a symbol of creativity and a classic addition to any home or space.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Flower Urns and Their Uses - Beauty & Function

Flower urns are a common sight in most homes and gardens. They provide a controlled environment for raising a variety of flowers. They also create boundaries for creeping plants, to prevent them from taking over flowerbeds. There are many types of urns available, but wrought iron and cast iron ones have some unique characteristics that make them a better choice. 

Wrought iron is iron that has been shaped by tools, either by hand or with machines. Both types of urn can be strikingly beautiful. Wrought iron is less corrosion resistant than cast iron, but can have very intricate details. This is possible because pieces can be individually formed to any desired shape. Wrought iron urns make very good flower centerpieces in areas that require a more formal atmosphere. They can be very delicate, yet give a sense of solidity and permanence. They are often displayed on mantles or table tops.

Cast iron has been liquefied and poured into molds to form the desired shape. The complexities of the shape is limited by the necessity of being able to remove the cast iron from the mold, in most cases without destroying the mold, but are available in classically elegant styles. Cast iron is corrosion resistant, so flower urns made from this material are ideal for outdoor flower displays and gardens. Cast iron urns can be used to accentuate any garden theme, or as the centerpiece. They lend a sense of architecture to outdoor displays, or can be used to highlight details in buildings, or other nearby furniture. They can provide a sense of structure to outdoor displays by acting as anchor points around which the rest of the garden can flow


Small urns can be used for floral displays at weddings, funerals, and official functions. They can also be used as seasonal designs or for holidays. Details displayed by the urn can support any theme and set the appropriate atmosphere. Medium sized urns are ideal for displaying larger groupings of flowers, such as in an architectural alcove or to frame a larger centerpiece. Larger urns can be used to frame archways, entrance gates, or as a centerpiece in a garden.

Whether they are used indoors or out, wrought iron and cast iron urns are beautiful to behold and should be a key component in any display. The look of these flower urns implies sophistication and elegance. Because of this, they have a style that will never go out of fashion.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not Just Black Iron Trellises

For something as hard as iron is, its usefulness is limited only by the imagination of the craftsman. Black iron trellis work can be found in the pent house of a five-star hotel, or in the yard of a log cabin. A Rustic Garden is family-owned and operated, and they welcome any questions with live people on the phone, not recorded choices. 

A black iron trellis is only one of the dozens of categories of iron work and home furnishings available at A Rustic Garden. Wrought-iron lawn furniture makes a statement either on the terrace of a downtown apartment, or on the porch in suburbia. It's still possible to see pink, plastic flamingos is some yards, but more and more wrought and cast iron is showing up in some unexpected, unique forms. Using iron garden stakes or signs to mark a row instead of a stick with the seed package stuck on it is a good example of decorative and useful. Wind may blow away sticks and paper, but things made of iron aren't going anywhere.

Imagine an iron fence and gate surrounding the lawn furniture. Then add an iron Arbor or gazebo, tastefully decorated with Iron flower planters. How about a wrought iron weather vane for the gazebo, or an antique ladder to lean against the garden wall? The possibilities are endless, and whatever wrought or cast iron item is chosen; it's going to be in the family for generations to come. 

If the order needs to go to a different address, it's no problem, just let them know, and it will be on its way. Iron as a gift makes good sense. Not much, other than jewels, is going to outlast iron and receiving it, as a gift, is very special. With all the categories to choose from, matching gifts to people is easy and fun. For households with children, iron gifts make even more sense. No matter how rough and tumble the day may be, kids know that cast iron is going to hurt them more than the furniture if they run into it.

Shipping is always by the least-expensive method available, and the total includes insurance! Every order is tended to promptly and shipped as quickly as possible, although custom orders may take a bit longer. A Rustic Garden stands behind their products, and will repair or replace any order damaged during shipping. The only thing needed for special handling requests is a phone call, and the friendly staff will be glad to help.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where to Buy Iron Gates

Finding out where to buy iron gates all starts from knowing what you are looking for, as far as materials and sources. Creating iron gates are not a simple process and takes not only creative talent, but careful planning and devoted accuracy to calculate its construction. Thanks to the power of technology, finding out where to buy iron gates is a bit easier. However, choosing the right one is where the challenge can lie.

To begin narrowing down your search options, you will first need to know the quality of the material needed to make your iron gate. This can be accomplished by deciding upon and selecting the appropriate size, type, quality, and grade of iron stock that you like. Most iron pipes are made with a two 3/8 inches outside diameter, strength rated 40 pipe. The wall thickness varies greatly and it all depends on what you are using the iron gate for.

Determining what type of materials and the components that will be used in the design effectively helps you decide your price range when you are searching for a particular item. Another area of importance is the fabrication time of the iron gate. Depending on how quick you want your gate resides in its fabrication time. It will often take more time to design ornamental pieces than it would take to weld the iron into the design of a gate.

Your next step involves determining the accurate measures that will be needed for the iron gate. Most new iron is sold in pieces of 20 feet and are known as "joints." Smaller gauges and other kinds of iron are usually sold in smaller pieces. When you find out all this information, you can then move on to search for a good supplier.

There are a lot of options to choose from, but so far as workmanship and quality goes the best selections are companies that hand craft their ornamental structures; because it is hand-forged, the material and effort applied will not be cheap. These types of businesses usually are family owned, and being so, take a personal pride in offering a high quality product, and so they will give you your money's worth. Some of the best are within the state of Illinois. You can find many suppliers in local directories or over the Internet and can order pieces by the phone or online depending on the place.

Once you find a supplier, you can then move on to calculating the delivery cost. A really good supplier will provide you with the most inexpensive options for freight delivery on items that are too large to travel through standard ground service.