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Monday, August 19, 2013

Flower Urns and Their Uses - Beauty & Function

Flower urns are a common sight in most homes and gardens. They provide a controlled environment for raising a variety of flowers. They also create boundaries for creeping plants, to prevent them from taking over flowerbeds. There are many types of urns available, but wrought iron and cast iron ones have some unique characteristics that make them a better choice. 

Wrought iron is iron that has been shaped by tools, either by hand or with machines. Both types of urn can be strikingly beautiful. Wrought iron is less corrosion resistant than cast iron, but can have very intricate details. This is possible because pieces can be individually formed to any desired shape. Wrought iron urns make very good flower centerpieces in areas that require a more formal atmosphere. They can be very delicate, yet give a sense of solidity and permanence. They are often displayed on mantles or table tops.

Cast iron has been liquefied and poured into molds to form the desired shape. The complexities of the shape is limited by the necessity of being able to remove the cast iron from the mold, in most cases without destroying the mold, but are available in classically elegant styles. Cast iron is corrosion resistant, so flower urns made from this material are ideal for outdoor flower displays and gardens. Cast iron urns can be used to accentuate any garden theme, or as the centerpiece. They lend a sense of architecture to outdoor displays, or can be used to highlight details in buildings, or other nearby furniture. They can provide a sense of structure to outdoor displays by acting as anchor points around which the rest of the garden can flow


Small urns can be used for floral displays at weddings, funerals, and official functions. They can also be used as seasonal designs or for holidays. Details displayed by the urn can support any theme and set the appropriate atmosphere. Medium sized urns are ideal for displaying larger groupings of flowers, such as in an architectural alcove or to frame a larger centerpiece. Larger urns can be used to frame archways, entrance gates, or as a centerpiece in a garden.

Whether they are used indoors or out, wrought iron and cast iron urns are beautiful to behold and should be a key component in any display. The look of these flower urns implies sophistication and elegance. Because of this, they have a style that will never go out of fashion.


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