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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Getting your yard ready for the holidays

Without a doubt, when the holiday season arrives, people will want a nice looking yard that neighbors and friends alike will enjoy. Otherwise, without this, a homeowner will struggle to impress his or her buddies. While true, it’s not always easy to prepare, and one must take a proactive approach. With this in mind, here are three tips for getting a yard ready for the holidays.

Get rid of all debris: Think about it for a minute, in the fall, one will see debris in the yard. Not only will plants die, but some trees will drop leaves all over the place. To get rid of them, one must first take the plants out and throw them away. Then, one will want to rake the entire yard. While it’s a lot of work, a homeowner can help his or her cause and make sure the yard looks amazing.

Repaint the fence: If a homeowner has wrought iron fencing, he or she should consider sanding it and painting it. By removing rust and painting it, one can enjoy a healthy-looking yard that will impress friends and visitors. To get started, a homeowner should simply buy some sandpaper. Then, he or she should buy some paint that matches the old color. With a four-hour job, one can then enjoy a perfect looking fence all the time.

Clean the roof and gutters: Finally, while not technically part of the yard, one should clean he gutters and roof. Then, it’s easy to watch as the yard stays clean. Not only that, with a clean roof, it’s easier to put up decorations and lights during the holiday season. So, remember, by taking a few minutes to clean the roof and gutters, one can enjoy a cleaner and better looking yard. At the same time, one will save time and money in the long run if everything is in order.

With these three tips, one can get their yard looking great for the holiday season. Since it’s just around the corner, it’s wise to get started now and take a proactive approach.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Outdoor Fall Harvest Party Ideas

Fall is a great time of year to celebrate with friends and family. Are you planning a fall harvest party? Follow these easy ideas to get started.


Decorations set the tone for any event. There are a variety of seasonal decorations perfect for celebrating autumn and setting the scene for your party. Pumpkins and gourds come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for decorating your front porch, yard, and deck. Miniature pumpkins can be placed on tables along with dried corn for a touch of autumn flair. Metal decor is a great alternative to fresh pumpkins and gourds since they will last for years. Seasonal flowers such as mums in shades of yellow, orange, and red are another way to add a splash of color. If you have enough yard space, larger decorations including scarecrows and bales of hay can provide an extra dose of fun.

Food and Drinks

A great selection of food and drinks will keep your guests happy. Fun party food ideas for a fall harvest include kettle corn, candy apples, apple cider donuts, and a variety of pumpkin treats. Hot spiced cider is perfect for chilly autumn days, and grown-up guests might enjoy seasonal favorites such as pumpkin ale.


There are lots of activities to enjoy at an outdoor fall party. Invite guests to bring a pumpkin with them and set up a carving station. You can even turn it into a pumpkin carving competition and have guests vote on the winner. If there will be lots of young children around, an activity such as pumpkin painting will keep them entertained as well. Bobbing for apples is a fun fall tradition, but you could also invite guests to make their own candy or caramel apple instead. Set up a station with sauce and small bowls full of chopped nuts, sprinkles, or chocolate chips for everyone to create their own masterpiece.

These outdoor fall harvest party ideas are perfect for planning a fall event. Decorations, seasonal food and drinks, and fall activities all set the scene for a great party.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Statement Metal Art for Exterior Spaces

You likely have pieces of art throughout your home. Perhaps you have a few paintings, framed photos, or unique sculptures to personalize your space. You can extend your sense of style to the exterior of your abode. Most houses have an empty canvas that can be transformed with a piece of art either on the home itself or in the yard. Here are a few statement metal art ideas to inspire your creativity.

Choose a sizable piece of art in a finish that can hold up to the elements. A large aluminum moon wall hanging, for example, can be used in a multitude of ways to personalize your outdoor space. The shine will catch the sunlight and give your home character while making a statement.
- Place it on the empty space above the garage doors or the wall of an out-building.
- Mount it above the mantel of an outdoor fireplace.
- Attach it to a large tree in the front or backyard.

Continue the metal theme by adding a cast aluminum bird bath to compliment the large aluminum moon wall hanging. You can add interest while utilizing it in unexpected ways.
- Position it by your front door and use it for seasonal decor such as pumpkins or decorative Easter eggs.
- Place it on a patio to use as a planter.
- Enjoy it poolside or near an outdoor fireplace and fill with floating candles.

Polish off the theme with a copper sprinkler. A water feature isn't a new concept, but a copper sprinkler is a new spin on the theme.
- Plant it in a bed of annuals to easily keep them moist all season.
- Keep it handy near a patio to quickly cool you off when enjoying the outdoors.
- Position it in the backyard to draw in a variety of birds.

Your home is an extension of you, both inside and out. Express your sense of style by bringing statement metal art pieces into your exterior environment that reflect your personality.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ideas for Fall Lawn Decor

When thinking about Fall lawn decor, there are two key elements everyone should keep in mind. Plan around Fall’s two main holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Count on your decor to remain for the duration of Winter and its holidays too. After all, once Fall transitions into Winter, you aren’t going to be spending so much time working in your lawn.
Color Theme For Fall Lawn Decor

What color them should you choose for your seasonal outdoor decoration? You can’t go wrong by sticking with a classic one. Browns, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows are the dominant color themes of Fall. Choosing from this palette for your yard is an elegant way to create an overall design matched with the season. Throw in a few dashes of bright red or bright green to anticipate the arrival of Winter holidays.

Halloween and Thanksgiving decor is typified by this color palette. The palette, of course, is drawn from the changing of the leaves. Shades of greens transform into this complex palette, and even our foods served for Halloween and Thanksgiving share the color combinations. In the oranges of pumpkin and sweet potato, the browns and reds of hams, purples and reds of cranberry sauces, we see a reflection of the colors of Fall.

Ideas For Fall Decorations

Once you have settled on the overall color theme for your decor, it’s time to choose your elements.

The nostalgic style of wrought iron baskets are a nice compliment to bouquets arranged in the colors of Fall. They echo architecture from the time of pilgrims which is perfect for November and Thanksgiving. They also echo gothic styles of Halloween for October. When snow comes in Christmas, it is quite beautiful draped across wrought iron baskets as well.

From the dining room table to the frontyard, pumpkins are a safe bet. As decoration, uncarved whole pumpkins become beautiful round sculptures dotting the landscape. As mentioned before, they span throughout Fall and echo its major holidays. Line them along the sides of your yard's walkway, create circles of pumpkins around your trees, or simply scatter them with creative flourish across your lawn. Give your lawn pumpkins a bed of dried corn stalks for an extra classic touch.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

The most spooktacular holiday is just weeks away. If your lawn isn't looking scary enough for Halloween, these DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations are sure to liven up - or should I say, deaden - your yard.

Tombstones are unfailingly popular for celebrating Halloween. These are simple to create and can be enhance using mini lights to give people the chill of walking through a real cemetery.

Now that you have the dead covered, what about the undead? Putting some zombie pumpkins out on your porch is sure to bring some life to your party.

Your yard is starting to look more festive; however, don't overlook the importance of creepy and crawly creatures during Hallows' Eve. Adding spiders to any DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations will guarantee a fright. Fabricate an egg sac to ensure some real screams.

Making your own decorations doesn't have to mean going to the store to buy supplies. There are bound to be some items around that can be used to create a Halloween-themed yard. Do you have a birdbath? Add some gourds and some dead leaves; throw a raven on top to give it a Halloween makeover. If you have a planter you use during the warmer months, position some gourds and dead leaves in the empty space. Grab some brooms from the closet and wire them together. Affix them to your front door to warn people that a witch resides within.

Pumpkins, gourds, and dead leaves are the cornerstone of that autumn feel. If you have a fence or porch, string together some gourds to give an autumn ambiance to your surroundings. Fallen leaves and uncarved pumpkins can be lovely add-ons as well.

There are innumerable decorations that can be created using pumpkins. String together smaller pumpkins to fashion a pumpkin snake or alligator. Instead of carving pumpkins, make a face on them with glow-in-the-dark paint for a unique touch.

The outdoor Halloween decorations you can construct on your own are endless. Get in touch with your eerie side and turn your yard into an unearthly sight.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Decorating Your Wrought Iron Fence For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. If you have not yet decorated your front yard or porch, now is the time! If you are lucky enough to have a wrought iron fence surrounding your property, you can make use of it to create a spooky front yard look.

Many cemeteries are enclosed by a wrought iron fence. You can make your front lawn look like a cemetery, drawing crowds of onlookers on Halloween night during Trick Or Treating.

Decorating The Fence Itself

First use floss spiderwebs to decorate your iron fence. These can be purchased in the Halloween section of party, craft or home goods stores. Spread them between the spires, making your fencing look rather old. Carve a few pumpkins and leave them at the base of your fencing with small flashlights inside. You can use different colored bulbs to really give the pumpkins and eerie look.

Make a few creepy looking signs to hang from the spires of your iron fence. They can be old looking wooden signs with "Keep Out" or "Danger" written on them with red paint to give the look of blood. This will let people know that there is more to come when they walk through that gate.

Creating The Graveyard

Purchase a few fake tombstones from the same store you bought the webbing. Strategically place them where they will be seen from the street and while walking up the front sidewalk. You can use a mound of dirt around each stone to keep them in place. Use your spiderwebs again and drape over the corners of the tombstones

Place lighting near the stones so that they can been seen when it gets dark. You can use small portable floodlights with blue or green bulbs to give a really spooky look for your front lawn. If you would rather, use a flickering light around the scene. This is scary looking, especially if someone pops up from behind a stone!

Hide a compact disk player or mp3 player with speakers in the vicinity of your gravestones. You can purchase spooky music or sound effects to play, making the area even scarier.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Long Lasting Metal Halloween Decor

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, and the days are shortening. There's no doubt about it; Halloween and it's accompanying whimsy, ghosts, and even ghouls are upon us. Soon children will be knocking on doors dressed up as everything from heroes to princesses hoping to receive a tasty treat.

Let's face it, almost no home is complete without fun decorations to accompany this festive time. In fact, entire stores open the months before Halloween only to close the day after. This is because Halloween is a growing holiday, and it's only going to keep getting bigger.

To capitalize on this new craze, big box stores abound with common and cheap plastic and nylon creations. However, you could try something new this year: metal lawn decor. Your house will really be in the spirit will still holding onto class.

Most homes have standard decorations that look like everyone shopped in the same isle: nylon spider webs, plastic bats, blow up ghosts, and maybe a severed head. After all, there isn't much variance in the standard retail market. Your yard, however, can stand out with a charming metal pumpkins, witches, or a colorful scarecrow.

In addition to being unique, you just can't beat the quality of long lasting Halloween metal lawn decor. Rain or snow only helps add to the charm. High winds can't rip it or carry it away. The sun's beating rays can't fade the colors. Finally, there's no careful storage requirements to keep it safe. Your decorations may last longer than the memories they help create.

So, this next Halloween, try something truly unique with metal lawn decor. It doesn't matter if it's for your own yard or a gift for another Halloween lover, the charm of the piece is sure to please all who see it. The only problem; you may get more trick-or-treaters than ever.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Atypical Pumpkin for Your Home

Durable Metal

Creating long lasting décor on a home’s lawns is easy with durable metal items such as a miniature wrought iron pumpkin. With autumn arriving across the United States, many homeowners want to perk up their outdoor spaces with rustic decorative items. While many materials will degrade outside in the harsh weather of autumn and winter with its changing temperatures and intense rain, thick metal lasts for many years. Many people place cheap plastic balloon pumpkins on their lawns near sidewalks and doorways, but the items deflate quickly, leading to additional work for homeowners. When a high wind occurs, the orange colored balloons may float away never to be seen again.

Beautiful Objects

Alternatively, iron objects last for several generations as the items develop a natural patina due to weathering in all kinds of weather. Homeowners do not need to worry about the items blowing away in storms. There are many places where a homeowner can place miniature wrought iron pumpkins in their outdoor spaces such as patios and lawns. The pumpkins fit nicely on the tops of fence posts, gates and gazebos to welcome family and guests during the harvest season at a rural or urban location. Instead of needing to spend hours airing up balloon decorations with a handheld pump or driving to a gas station to pay money for air, install a wrought iron decorative object.

Make Groupings

Homeowners without gazebos or gates can still enjoy the versatility of an iron decorative item by placing it on a porch. Small metallic pumpkins look perfect placed in a planter next to shrubs or autumn leaves. In addition, because the objects are made of twisted metal with a hollow center, it is possible to put something in the center such as a brightly colored candle. It is also possible to paint wrought iron objects with a variety of colors to match a home’s interior or exterior décor. To create a decorative element outside or inside a home, the best way to use these objects is by buying several to group in a corner of a room.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wrought Iron Garden Scroll Flower Topiary

Using a Wrought Iron Garden Scroll Flower Topiary in your garden is a way to bring the rustic feeling of the Colonial period into your garden. The wrought iron that you find these in pieces will be easy to match with the flowers in your garden. Also, your garden furniture will work well when you use these rustic additions to your home.

The Style

The style of your garden should remain rustic if you want to make a statement. However, you must keep using rustic items in the garden to make the style cohesive. If you are planning on putting a nice wooden bench outside, it must be as rustic as the wrought iron your are using.

The Flowers

When you are using flowers to decorate the majority of your garden, you need to make sure that you are using traditional arrangements. You can use modern flowers in other gardens, but the garden that is filled with rustic wrought iron and wood needs to have flowers that have been around since the Colonial period.


When you are putting these items in the ground, you need to make sure that you are installing the topiary as far in the ground as you can. You want to make sure that the topiary will stand up to the wind and rain that it will see during the year. You can leave these items outside all year, but you must install them firmly if you want them to stay in place.

You have thought of many ways to make your garden a more beautiful place to be. However, you need to make sure that you are placing that topiary along with many other things that will match the topiary. Creating a rustic feel outside your home will help improve your property value and make your home a more pleasant place to live.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Pumpkin To Last A Lifetime

As the leaves fall from the trees each autumn, houses are left with bare exteriors. Dressing up a house in the fall is a way to bring back some of the beauty that has gone away with the falling of the leaves. The perfect fall outdoor (and indoor) enhancements are decorations that may include corn stalks, gourds and of course, pumpkins. Plain pumpkins are nice, but a carved pumpkin is so much more fun to behold.

Good news! There is no longer any need to cut up a pumpkin, getting frightfully messy in the process. A safer (and cuter) way to display fall decor is to use a vintage-look Rusty Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern. These wonderful additions to fall decorations come in three sizes and colors (green, white, and rusty) to match any decoration scheme.  Everyone will surely admire a house dressed up with unique, lighted pumpkins, and the lidded tops will make placing candles inside an easy task.
Lighting the pumpkins all through the fall will bring a warmth to the days when hours of daylight get shorter, and on Halloween, these adorable lighted jack-o-lanterns will give trick-or-treaters a welcome walkway to anyone's front door, where goodies await their open sacks.

With the vintage and mixed era look always very popular in style, these decorations will fit right in. They add a measure of charm that plain carved pumpkins lack. Having three sizes adds depth and character to a decoration (three being the floral designer's favorite number), so having a selection of each size and color will make the perfect display.

Whether placed outside or inside, sitting or artfully hanging, the Rusty Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern will enhance one's creativity and home decor. Best of all, it's sturdy enough to last a lifetime.