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Monday, June 30, 2014

How an Outdoor Hanging Candelabra Can Make Any Space More Attractive

There are many different lighting options for outside of a home today. Some people prefer landscape lighting that is installed in the ground. Other people rely on simple candles on a table. A more unique option is a candelabra made from wrought iron. The candelabra is designed to be used outdoors in any type of weather. An outdoor hanging candelabra can make any area more attractive in several ways.

Provide Distinctive Outdoor Lighting

The candelabra holds real candles that will shed light from above guests and not from below like candles on a table. This will create a very distinctive type of outdoor light that is warm, inviting, and natural. It can make any event or evening special for everyone in the area. A candelabra can also create a large amount of light since it can hold multiple candles at once.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

There might not be enough space on the ground or on countertops for different lighting options especially when the area is filled with furniture or outdoor serving equipment. An outdoor hanging candelabra allows homeowners to take advantage of vertical space. The candelabra can be hung from a porch, a stable awning or even a tall plant hanger staked into the ground. This keeps the fixture out of the way when entertaining people in a crowded space. It also keeps burning candles away from children and pets.

Easy To Maintain Each Season

Wrought iron candelabras are much easier to maintain than other options. They do not need to be taken inside during colder months. They do not need to be refinished every season like wood. They do not rot or warp because of heat and humidity. The candelabra can be hung in a sheltered location and left outside throughout the year. The wrought iron will remain attractive or will develop a patina. This can complement other items made from wrought iron on the porch or in the yard.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yard Art Animals: a Fine Addition to Any Yard

When considering what to do with a front or back yard that is already trimmed and tidy, it is a good idea to consider adding yard art animals to add that country farm feel to a home. The right yard animal selection can be a slight complement to any garden or complete a whole scene on a front yard. Tossing in an accent piece such as a gnome, tree, or metal wagon can work with a yard animal to really make a garden shine.

After deciding that a yard animal is the right choice, the next step becomes choosing the yard art animal that is right for the situation. Ranging from birds to farm animals to other accent pieces, there are many options for any garden or yard. Examining the yard as a canvas becomes integral towards making sure that the right animal is purchased and will fit in correctly. If the situation calls for it, multiple yard art animals can be helpful in getting just the right feel for any yard or garden. Different sizes and heights are available to ensure that the yard animal fits in correctly with a particular arrangement.

Alternatively, it is also an option to start with a yard animal and then build the yard or garden around it. Many yard animals and other pieces can complement each other, which forms an excellent base model to form the rest of the garden around. It is entirely possible to pick out a small set of yard pieces and grow around them, producing a scene that looks entirely organic.

No matter how the yard animal is used, it has the potential to make a good garden or yard even better. In addition, many yard animals are made from recycled metal. Handmade, affordable and quite durable, they are worth considering for many different homes.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Decorative Garden Fencing Edging

The only thing that can make a lush blooming garden even more beautiful is elegant fencing and edging options. Gardens are often vulnerable to damage from animals and thoughtless people. With the right complement of garden fencing edging, a gardener can frame his lush, living artwork while protecting it from harm.

Creating a lovely garden takes so much planning and effort that anything less than the perfect edging will detract from the garden's beauty. Metal border edging fence can be simple and elegant or more ornate. For instance, a timeless wrought iron sunburst pattern or a New Orleans fence adds simple lines and beauty to an outdoor haven without overwhelming the natural attraction of the plants.

For a more intricate design, gardeners may choose a daisy fence or a fleur de lis pattern. Some wrought iron fencing comes in different colors, lending an informal, inviting vibe to a garden. Light-hearted patterns such as flower and heart patterns add a note of whimsy to the outdoor space. Gardeners and landscapers should feel free to experiment with different styles and materials.

Of course, the garden fencing edging is not just for looks. It serves a very practical purpose of protecting the flowers and other plants from animals, children, and inattentive adults. This fencing comes in heights of approximately two to six feet to meet the individual needs of each gardener.

Lovely gardens and landscaping add so much to the appearance of a home. Protecting that outdoor space is essential but should be done with fine wrought iron fencing. A quality product will offer protection that enhances the look of gardens. An unfortunate choice of fencing and edging can ruin what the landscaper or gardener has worked so hard to build. Choosing just the right product can make all the difference in assuring the aesthetics of the outdoors.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Using Vintage Cupboards in Your Home Decor

For those looking to dress up their home with rustic and shabby chic pieces, there are vintage cupboards for sale that add character to the interior design of the property. Customers can enjoy a wide selection of unique pieces that are each one of a kind and offer a bit of character to each room. The style not only looks classy, but offers a timeless look that will stand out for its natural beauty and design.

Vintage cupboards add a country theme to the space for a cozy touch that creates a warm environment and can be set apart for a unique and valuable furniture item. Each piece not only adds a decorative element in the home, but can also be used as extra storage space to hold dinnerware, food products, wine, and even collector items. No two items are the same, making for a beautiful piece that has its own history and personal touches that are difficult to replicate.

Antique items often stand the test of time with their durability due to the high quality of materials that were originally used to craft the piece. The heavy product and heavy wood used makes for beautiful pieces that can be enjoyed for several decades in the home and even passed down to children for an heirloom that can be treasured by those in the family. Several of the items date back to the 1800's, making for a unique style and design that will continue to look beautiful in the home and can increase in value. Each piece is a true investment that can prove to pay off at a later date with appreciation.

Although many different companies and brands try to replicate the look and style of antique furniture pieces, it's difficult to manufacture an item that is hundreds of years old and has unique markings and a beautiful design. The antiques sold each look high-end as opposed to modern pieces and also make for beautiful additions that are great conversation starters. Whether using the furniture for an entertainment center, coat rack, or as an additional pantry, it will prove to be an invaluable addition to the home.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Urn Planters

Urns have long been a symbol of wealth, elegance and distinction, dating all the way back to ancient Greece. Though urns did not always serve as planters, the popularity for using them as such grew over the years, becoming especially popular in the eighteen hundreds. Many styles have come up since then, though the most common and popular style today is still that of the late eighteen hundreds.
Urn planters have long decorated the lawns of such gardens as the Charleston Gardens in South Carolina, the New Orleans Gardens in Louisiana, the London Gardens in London, England, and countless other famous gardens throughout the world--not to mention the millions of residences and businesses.
There are several different kinds of urn planters and they come most typically in two general shapes--the rounder, more pot-shaped urns, and the narrower, more vase-like urns--and can be made out of many different materials: stone, a heavier, more expensive option; terracotta, a slightly cheaper, less heavy choice; plastic, which is cheaper than stone, but less likely to withstand any wear and tear it may receive; and resin, which is cheaper and less heavy than stone and terracotta, more durable than plastic, but can still have the elegant look of the more expensive materials.
The planters are predominantly seen in more Southern areas, along walkways, driveways, and marking the entrance to houses. They can also been seen topping sturdy brick walls.
The types of flowers typically grown in these planters are of the creeping variety, such as: Creeping Zinnia, Million Bells, Trailing Lobelia (all annuals), several different types of Phlox--Amazing Grace, Apple Blossoms, Arctic Dark Pink, Blue, Candy Stripe, North Hills, Scarlet Flame, White, Lavender, and many more. They are typically mixed with a wide range of other flowers.
Consider getting a few of these planters yourself, and add to the elegance and distinction of your garden, home, or businesses.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Metal Garden Yard Art Balls Spheres Add Charm

Giving a garden a charming, rustic and inviting look can be accomplished with a few eye-catching pieces of art, such as Metal Garden Yard Art Balls Spheres. These unique wrought iron artworks can be used as trellises for plants. Covered with topiary or left just as they are, the spheres add a unique touch. Used with these charming decorations, topiary enhances a garden and adds a bit of whimsy, drama, history or charm.

Used as yard sculpture, the spheres can be set on stands, also comprised of wrought iron, to add a dramatic look. Available in sizes that range from a diameter or 5 inches to a striking 8 feet, the wrought iron sphere can be left with its rustic finish or coated with a clear varnish. They also are available in vintage brown, vintage green, black or antique white.

Gardens come alive with a rustic ambiance that these spheres provide, and the look of historic gardens is part of their utilization. Moreover, such larger structures add drama and a dreamy touch of magic to the garden, enhancing its relaxing and renewing ambiance and making it the place to sit and meditate in nature.

The smaller spheres can be hung from a tree with lights inside, making a beautiful statement during the holidays. Several, hung at different heights, invite one into a magical setting.

Spheres can be also be combined with their different sizes, adding to the sculptural art effect. The use of these decorative garden enhancements are varied and, with the range of sizes available, can be used to create an enchanting rustic garden that welcomes one home and delights guests.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Country Antiques for a Rustic Shabby Chic Home Decor

Antique Country Home Decor is a category that envisions making use of such rustic antiques in unique ways to enhance the look of your home both inside and outside. If you are able to make use of such antique "finds" yourself and create masterpieces, that is well and good, but if you are not that talented, you can find such delightful additions online.

Some suggestions include:

Sculptured Wall Art from Antique Relics

One of a kind glazed art pieces showing a great love of nature are formed in flat and collage designs from antique architectural ceiling tin tiles collected over 30 years by artist Lori Daniels and Antique Picker Steve White. Lori feels that the most important thing in this very different art form is the combination of colors used to later become the perfect focal point in a customer's Shabby Chic decorating scheme. Each piece even states its building location and history!

Flying Sun Faces

This is another folksy art featuring cheerful metal Sun Faces to decorate walls in your home or on the exterior of your patio or garage.

Rustic Tin Bottom Flower Window Boxes

Placing such boxes under the exterior of windows brings gardening to a more visible place and gives a place to put fall and winter decorations during off season months. Many sizes and colors are available. If desired, a Dark Green Moisture Mat Plant Liner that can keep your soil moist longer can be cut to fit.

Antique Wooden Ladders

Add to your country decorating with a decorative wooden ladder. This is an unusual way to display favorite collections. Another idea for a great eclectic look is to have long ladders cut to size so that they can be turned into unique bookshelves. Place the ladders in a row and add wooden boards to connect them.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Old Fashioned Yard Ornamental Wire Fencing Adds a Homey Touch

Fencing is a useful tool that can be used for many different jobs around any home or business. The main purpose of a fence has historically been to keep things in or out and to designate property lines. These situations still apply today but fencing has taken on a whole new level of importance because of the character they add to a home. One of the most important things a home owner can do to increase their property value is to add an old fashioned yard ornamental wire fence to the exterior of a home. This particular fence brings back the bygone days when life was easier and everything moved at a slower pace.

It is easy to add a special touch of nostalgia with a great fence that is designed to make any house feel like home. This rugged fence is available in a variety of heights to fit any need including 36”, 42”, and 48”. It is sold in 25’ to 100’ lengths, which allows people the opportunity to buy their fence in accordance to the space. The old fashioned yard ornamental wire fencing is made of extra heavy galvanized wire that will stand up against the toughest of weather conditions without rusting or discoloration. The gray color looks good with any décor or paint choices and does not distract from the rest of the home.

The main purpose of a fence is to give property owners a sense of privacy, and the ornamental wire fencing is made for that. Its tight woven construction limits the size of objects that can fit through the openings, which makes it the perfect option for garden and play areas. Fencing is necessary for protecting areas where children and pets spend time outdoors. The scroll top is a classic look that is sure to add an aesthetic element to any home or business that reflects that special country feeling even within the city. Now is the time to get long lasting old fashioned yard ornamental wire fencing that looks great while offering the protection that the family needs for their everyday activities.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wrought Iron Trellises Beautify Every Garden

Any homeowner who wants to add beauty as well as height to their garden landscape should consider the many benefits of choosing wrought iron trellises. A trellis constructed from quality wrought iron makes a very smart investment because it will be usable and serviceable for many years to come, in addition to increasing the value of your property.

This type of garden trellis is also very versatile. Its wrought iron construction makes it the perfect type of trellis to support the growth of lighter vines and plants such as Clematis, in addition to being sturdy enough to support much heavier and heartier plantings such as Wisteria or Grapes. Homeowners who choose wrought iron for the framework of their trellises can be guaranteed they will successfully support a wide range of blooming and climbing vines, including Ivy, Bougainvillea, and Hydrangea. When a trellis is made of wrought iron, it can support a wide variety of vine weights, allowing the gardener the versatility to plant lighter vines one year, and then changing to much heavier vines the next without the expense of having to purchase a new trellis.

A trellis made from wrought iron is resistant to the rot and deterioration that often affects more traditional trellises made from wood. A trellis that features wrought iron is very easy to maintain and eliminates the risk of having hidden deterioration going on underneath the vines that eventually has to be attended to, causing the gardener to sadly remove all vine growth in order to repair the trellis.

A trellis made from wrought iron makes a beautiful privacy screen in the garden in addition to adding a border when necessary or a stunning entry archway. Wrought iron trellises that are firmly anchored into the ground will not blow over when hit by the slightest gust of wind. Any homeowner wondering how to increase the visual appeal of their garden as well as the overall value of their property should investigate erecting strategically placed trellises constructed of wrought iron. There are a wide array of designs available to complement the existing architecture of the home as well as the theme of the garden

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recycled Plastic Rugs

Every homeowner that desires the addition of a unique artistic accent in their decorating scheme may find that recycled plastic rugs are a perfect solution. Not only are they suitable for use indoors, the recycled polypropylene straw material is great for outdoor placement as well. Don't overspend on an expensive, fragile rug when there are Eco-friendly options that are built to last.

Outdoor Durability
The great thing about plastic rugs is that are versatile and stylish enough to look great indoors or out. Other materials may soak in moisture to cause mold and mildew to take over after the first rain. Polypropylene stands up against moisture, and can be cleared of dirt and debris as often as needed with mild soap and water. Place under outdoor furniture or add elegance to any rustic lounge area.

Eco-Conscious Decorating
Artisans re-purpose materials to handcraft plastic rugs to cut down on the carbon footprint of production. Choosing this type of decoration comes with the confidence in a lasting material that was created without causing harm to the environment. It is important for every person to contribute as often as possible to preserving the world that is being inherited to future generations.

Portable Comfort
Before heading out on a camping trip or family picnic, simply roll up the rug for convenient, sturdy seating. Never again is there a battle with the wind to keep a blanket or sheet in place. If the kids are going to the park or want to play outside, move the rug to a convenient spot to avoid getting dirty or tough grass stains.

Recycled plastic rugs are a creative solution for mastering the everyday luxury of comfort and style. Spending hundreds of dollars on an attractive rug that is not designed to withstand outdoor weather is a waste of resources. Plastic rugs come in patterns that perfectly complement existing decor, or act as the focal point to begin a design around.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wrought Iron Tamara Candle Chandelier

Rustic modern is a term that can be used to describe an indoor or outdoor decor that brings the positive features of both design styles together to create a cohesive, attractive and unique decor. In keeping with characteristic simplicity and minimalism that is typical in a modern decor, a rustic modern decor is uncomplicated and uncluttered. Each piece of furniture in the room has purpose and accessories are added sparingly.

In a rustic modern decor, large pieces of furniture made of solid wood or designs that combine wood and a material typically found in modern designs are often the feature items in a room. Rustic modern decors typically include a variety of textures such as bamboo, jute, marble and stainless steel. Neutral colors are often used as the dominant color choice with almost any other color being appropriate as accent colors.

As outdoor living areas have become more popular, it has also become trendy to extend the type of interior decor into the outdoor living space. One of the easiest ways to do this is by selecting lighting that is either identical to or that closely resembles the lighting in the interior living room. A wrought iron tamara candle chandelier is equally attractive as a form of lighting in the living room or as lighting for your patio. This rustic style chandelier is available in a diverse selection of finishes. Antique turquoise and the vintage yellow and green finish add an element of nostalgia to a modern decor. A black or white finish on this chandelier brings a more modern design element into the decor.

When adding accessories to a room that features a rustic modern decor and uses gorgeous wrought iron chandelier lighting, choosing items such as a rustic trunk, ammo boxes, baskets and tables that are finished in or include a color that matches the finish on the lamp will unify the decor. When furniture choices, material selections, lighting and decorative accessories are carefully chosen, a rustic modern decor can be one of the most visually appealing and physically comfortable room designs.