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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why is Wrought Iron Usually Black?

Wrought iron fencing is an elegant form of fencing or railing. Good quality wrought iron fencing is the product of a skilled artisan. The artisans who produce wrought iron are called blacksmiths. Wrought iron is naturally colored black due to the oxide layer formed on the metal during the heating process. Since much of the process of working the iron involves hammering or smiting the iron the term blacksmith means a person who smites black iron, usually with a hammer.

Black wrought iron fencing is a durable product both because of the strength of the iron and the fact that wrought iron fencing resists rust as long as the original black coating is undisturbed. Wrought iron fencing is often found in salvage yards or other such businesses. Sometimes cast iron replicas of wrought iron can also be found and should not be confused with wrought iron. Cast iron rusts easily and is brittle and difficult to repair.

New black wrought iron fencing does not require painting unless a color change is desired. If it is desired to paint the fencing, a good quality paint designed for use on iron should be used. Always start with a good primer and use a brush to paint. Spray paint tends to not bond well and will peel. Do not sand or wire-brush wrought iron unless you are removing rust. Rust should be thoroughly removed. Directions for painting wrought iron are available on-line. Be sure to check instructions that come with your paint.

Wrought iron fencing can be relatively plain or rather elaborate. Custom made wrought iron fencing and railing can be custom made for your project and is available locally in most areas. Be sure that the style of your fencing is appropriate. Porch or stair railing should be of the same architectural style as the house. Do not use railing that would fit a New Orleans French Quarter home on an Art Deco home.

Wrought iron fences may contain cast iron or other decorative pieces in the form of cats, dogs, children, angels, hearts, or virtually any object. When painting a wrought iron fence be sure to treat these parts according to the type of metal used for them. If the pieces have detail be sure that your paint does not obscure the detail.

If you have a quiet garden with wrought iron fencing around it remember that wrought iron fencing may be vulnerable to theft. Cemeteries often have problems with wrought iron fencing being stolen. Pay attention to the security of your wrought iron. Even plain, relatively inexpensive iron fencing may be stolen for scrap iron if it is easily accessible. This is not a major problem and should not prevent you from enjoying the beauty and durability of wrought iron.                                                                                             l  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Planter Urns - Versatile Decor Accents

Black urn planters are the trendy new way to add a rustic touch to any area of your home or garden. The ability to add this simple accessory to so many places in your life ensures that this decor will make decorating easier and more fun. Not only are black urns good looking, they are very functional. There are so many ways to use black urns to your advantage. The options for these beautiful pieces are endless and always look great.

Finding fun ways to place black planter urns indoors will add a whimsical touch to your interior design that not many other potting options can provide. A small urn as a centerpiece on a table or counter will make an adorable focal point for entertaining. Larger urns can be used through out the home for similar purpose. You can use your black urn planter to fill some space in an awkward corner, or to accent an area that needs a little pop. You can add flowering plants to add some extra color. The black urn is very complimentary to green foliage. It also looks great complimenting colored flowers. It doesn't take an interior design expert to see that black is the perfect accent color.

Black urn planters are originally designed for plants, but they have so many other uses. Usually you will find these beautiful pieces in a garden or on a doorstep. The size and material may very depending on the plant inside. A creative and exciting addition to your decor is using a planter urn as a catch-all by the door or in the kitchen. Choose an urn with a shallow bowl and a fancy base. You can also use this same shallow bowled design as a fruit holder. The larger of them can be lined and used as office trash receptacles. Have a little fun and come up with an urn placement that is out of the ordinary. This versatile decor option is perfect for those of us who have an eye for surprising design concepts in the home. If you want the traditional look of the planter, fake flowers and vines also look great in these urns.

Outdoors, the natural habitat of the planter urn, also holds excellent decorating opportunities. Let it sit in the flower bed among many other pots and urns to create a cute bohemian look. The classic style of the urn used in this modern way can create quite an atmosphere in a garden. Another way to use the urns outdoors is simply placing one on each side of an entry or walk way. This method is very popular because of it is so functional and looks great. It also adds symmetry which makes for very clean style.

What are you waiting for? Make this trendy, beautiful, and functional purchase today. With so many creative and whimsical ways to incorporate these beautiful pieces, you are sure to find a place and style for the black planter urn of your choice.           

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Metal Lawn Decorations

Metal lawn decorations have been used for centuries as a way to express individuality through landscape. A person's style and taste may differ from their neighbor, but one thing that is certain is that the metal lawn decorations will be a sight for everyone to see and enjoy. Time has proven that even drastic weather changes cannot alter the fact that the decoration is still a piece of art, old or new.

If one is looking to make his or her yard more rustic, these ornaments can help with that. Rustic decor usually consists of metal decorations that are tarnished, rusty, and even a little bent out or shape or mauled. More times than not, the decorations are more country style than modern, and entail little to no intricate details. Keeping the design simple and sweet is a great way to show the simplistic and natural values in a rustic and modern lifestyle.

More modern metal lawn decorations generally consist of moving parts, details, intricate designs, and even bright and vibrant colors. These decorations are almost always appreciated by all who view them, no matter what opinion each individual forms of each piece. These pieces of art can be easily and quickly put together or can take years to perfect. By leaning toward those attributes, one can upscale his or her lawn from ordinary to a sleek and modern extraordinary.

There are many living creature styles of decorations that can be found, ranging from roosters to insects to elephants. This variation helps to ensure that there is a decoration out there for everyone to enjoy. Animal decor can come in rustic, modern, bold, bland, and any other form that is imaginable. The greatest thing about animals and metal is that they both can exist in any home or lawn, and still look great.

While a person may use plastic or sculpture to enhance the visual effects of his or her yard, metal decorations have long been the one style that has survived popular trends and even recessions. One of the greatest things about this type of lawn decor is that the imagination is absolutely endless, thus the possibilities are almost infinite. No matter what walk of life a person is from, metal art has a place. Metal decor, big and small, will continue to be an extremely favorable way to express one's self in the home, office, school, or any other environment.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Small Trellis

The revival of the trellis is at the forefront of every fashionable home and garden because it provides a classic design with modern options. Bringing the elegance of this ornament into your home or garden will add special charm that no other accessory is able to provide. There are so many fun ways to incorporate this artistic decoration any where and it can also be very functional. Creative options are at your disposal when you add this artistic framework. There are also so many options when choosing your trellis that there is sure to be a particular color, design, or material to fit your unique tastes.

In a garden, a trellis will look great against a wall or fence, especially with flowers or vines climbing the curved design. This would be considered the most common use of trellises. The very same bends and curves that make a trellis so great for climbing plants are exactly why a trellis doesn't require any. They make great outdoor decorations all by themselves. Great things happen to your garden when you add one.

Trellises are also great for indoors- especially small ones. They look particularly creative about the home because of their whimsical placement. In the case of an indoor trellis, there is also no need for a climbing plant. However, it is always an option. Use your very own trellis to buffer out an awkward corner or make it the centerpiece of your entryway. You can even use it as a decorative screen for the fire place.

Separate areas of your outdoor living space in a non-intrusive and creative way by adding a small trellis. This method is more temporary than a wall and a lot better looking. With vines growing full on the design, there can be complete segregation of the entertaining area from where you keep the pool supplies. If you choose not to add climbing plants, you can keep another area visible while making sure the flow of your outdoor living area is intact.

A small trellis outside with a lush blanket of clinging vines will also hide unsightly and unavoidable things in the yard or garden. For example, the air conditioning unit can be huge eyesore. Place your small trellis decoration in front of it so that the vines will begin to grow. In no time this grey mass of machinery is hidden, yet still accessible. Other things that need hiding can become a part of your garden with the simple purchase of a trellis. Add privacy to a window or circle a few around a tree stump and you get a huge difference in the appearance and feel of your yard with one simple step.

As you can tell, the trellis is a trendy, creative, and worthwhile investment that you can customize any way you would like. These ornaments truly do make all the difference when decorating. Explore every option available to you so you can customize your world with this beautiful accessory.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beautify Your Sanctuary with Wrought Iron

Where’s your refuge?

Where do you gravitate to relax and recharge your batteries from the stress of daily life? Is it a little garden nook, where a vine-grown trellis creates a quiet bower? Is it your own patio, where you can relax and chat with friends while dinner sizzles on the grill? Or is it out on your front porch, where you watch the world go by and enjoy the pulse of your neighborhood?

Whatever your special haven, it should feed the spirit as it helps you relax. It’s not the place for a boring, factory-molded plastic chair or a plain wooden bench. The furniture should be a work of art that expresses your particular tastes and style. That’s why a wrought iron patio bench is perfect for furnishing your private refuge.

Unlike prefab furniture, wrought iron is lively and expressive. From playful daisies to graceful seashells, from plain, sturdy styling to ornate scrollery, wrought iron furniture is available in a huge variety of designs and fashions. If you think of wrought iron as boring black, think again! Wrought iron furniture is typically finished with rustproof paint or enamel in a huge variety of colors. If you like a piece that is plain black, it’s easily painted with a Rustoleum-style spray coating.

Check out a dealer or website to see the huge variety of styles and colors for yourself. That quiet garden bower would look perfect with a

Worried about care? Wrought iron can rust if it’s left unfinished or if the rustproof painted covering is chipped or damaged. But it’s easily addressed with a bit of care. First, if you purchase plain wrought iron, give it a coat of protective liquid automotive wax before setting it out in the weather. If you find little rust spots, brush them clean with a very fine steel wool pad, preferably dipped in kerosene (use the proper safety precautions). Touch up the area with matching paint or a coating of wax. Another option is to use naval jelly, which will dissolve the rust. Whatever path you choose, the earlier you tackle rust spots, the easier they will be to remedy. And always follow manufacturer’s directions for use and safety.

So when you’re considering furniture for your special refuge, be sure to check out wrought iron. You’ll find something you love that will serve you well for years.

wrought iron patio bench styled with hummingbirds visiting trumpet vines. The bench with ornate grapevines and dangling bunches of grapes would look perfect on the patio where you entertain guests, sipping wine and enjoying the open air. Your front porch will look charming and inviting with a butterfly bench for two, or with funky, painted retro daisies. Do you have a country house? The horse-head bench is the right spot to sit while you take your boots off. So if you think of wrought iron as drab and old fashioned, look around a bit and see how incredible the latest designs are.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Make a Garden Oasis

For most people, one of the perks of owning a home is creating a beautiful backyard getaway. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and kicking up one's feet in the luxury of a backyard oasis. Many people falsely assume that creating a beautiful backyard takes a ton of time and energy; however, once it has initially been set up, maintenance is often easy to preform, and is quite inexpensive to boot. Read on to discover some helpful tips on how to create the perfect backyard getaway that will help people relax, rejuvenate, and gain a renewed sense of well-being.

One of the best ways to create a scenic backyard is to utilize a layering technique when planting foliage. Creating layers with various trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers, will help to recreate the feeling of stepping into one's personal safe haven. Creating a theme is a great way to promote relaxation as well. Recreate the feel of a Japanese garden, by planting bamboo, utilizing a minimalistic approach with garden accessories and considering a coy pond. If a tropical oasis is desired, plant tall palm trees, colorful hibiscus flowers and use canopies and beach themed lawn furniture. If a traditional garden approach is desired, utilizing low maintenance flowers and shrubs while they are in season is an affordable way to achieve this look.

One of the key features of a backyard garden oasis is the use of a water feature. Water has an intense calming effect over one's sympathetic nervous system, and helps an individual return to a state of mental and physical balance. By including a water feature in one's backyard garden, one will find that he is better able to relax, refocus, and rejuvenate after a long, hard day. If one can afford doing so, consider installing a large fish pond or waterfall display. This may require the help of a professional landscaper; however, large scale water features look amazing when completed. If preferred, there are hundreds of small scale waterfall displays available for purchase at home and garden stores. These smaller scale displays are easy to set up and assemble straight out of the box.

Using an archway trellis is a great way to create the feeling of walking into a backyard oasis. An archway trellis can be utilized to place hanging flowers or vines, or can simply be displayed in its natural beauty. These great garden decorations come at varying price points, and can often be purchased at lawn and garden stores or through online retailers.

Utilizing natural stones which are native to the area, is a great way to construct walkways, paths, or add a decorative touch. Sometimes, using natural stones can be a costly expense; however, mixing natural sea salt with unfinished concrete will achieve a wonderful look similar to that of natural limestone. Beautiful rocks and stones are often available for purchase or, if desired, one can go on a "treasure hunt" around area lakes and ponds.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Add Beauty to the Outdoors with Metal Garden Decor

There is nothing quite as peaceful as a garden. Something about plants and flowers just brings a sense of calm and quiet. The beauty of watching plant life grow, bloom, and fully mature gives insight into the mystery of life and all its cycles. With all the time and effort gardeners put into growing their crops and other bounty, they often overlook an element that adds extra charm to their hard work. Metal garden decor can be an unexpected but effective aspect to compliment any plot of greenery.

Many people think of metal as a hard and stiff looking decorative choice. They consider it to be more of an indoor element for minimalist styles. Patios and backyards are considered to be much more organic. Therefore, they are often decorated with wood and ceramic treatments. While these certainly are beautiful in their own right, to overlook metal entirely is doing a disservice to any garden area, no matter what size it is.

Metal items do not have to be bright and shiny, although that may blend well with certain garden aesthetics. Instead, wrought iron is a great alternative that will blend into greenery while enhancing it at the same time. Iron fencing can be a beautiful way to outline the perimeter of any backyard. For an extra charming touch, an iron gate can be added as well to allow easy access.

 For those people that may not have the space for a fence or do not like an enclosed feeling, an arbor or trellis can still be a pretty focal point without overwhelming the surrounding scenery. Metal garden decor does not have to be large to be impactful. Planters and urns can be made out of metal as well. Wrought iron pieces are usually made out of individual strips of metal curved together so these items have a lighter and airier feel. However, for a more solid and rooted design try a planter made out of cast iron. These pieces often have a more classical appearance that merges well with a more formal garden or backyard setting. There are other nontraditional options available in metal decor that will add whimsy to the outdoors. A perfect example of this is a wrought iron outdoor chandelier. While this may seem like an unusual choice, it is a very dramatic statement that can be appreciated both during the day and at night. It adds an extra touch of romance to any setting.

Whichever pieces are chosen, metal garden decor is a great option for any backyard or patio. Besides setting off all the hard work the gardener has put into his or her bounty, it provides an atmosphere that allows him or her to take a step back and enjoy all the fruits of the labor. Since gardening is meant to allow someone to reflect on life, why not create an atmosphere that is even more conducive to this? Experimenting with different aspects of metal decor can make a personal piece of paradise more attainable.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Why Not Have an Angel Watching Over You?

Your home is your sacred shelter. Therefore you want a home to have the highest degree of loving, positive and serene energy. When your home is filled with devotion, it brims light and goodness and everyone feels at peace and safe.

If you ever feel uneasy in a house or if you feel a substantial weight in the air there could be negativity inside of it. When this is experienced, you should consider placing an angel figurine  in a prominent place around your house. You can say any type of prayer which comforts you and ask the angels to rid the negative energies inside the home so that the good feelings return. An angel weathervane is a wonderful idea as it will protect the home, bring those inside a feeling of well-being and help to keep all inside safe.

Weather vanes are fascinating and their history goes back centuries. One of the earliest weathervanes was of a sea god which resembled a man who had a fish’s tail called Triton (a Greek god). This ornament was constructed in 48 B.C. by Andronicus who was an astronomer. These individuals believed that the wind possessed sacred powers.

In 1742 Deacon Shem Drowne constructed America’s first weather vane (a grasshopper) which sits atop Faneuil Hall in Boston. Drowne is also responsible for the rooster sitting on top of the First Church in Cambridge. Americans seemed to enjoy weathervanes which resembled patriotic forms such as the Eagle and the Goddess of Liberty.

Victorian buildings during the last part of the 19th century often displayed elegant weathervanes and enlarged metalwork decorated almost every available space of a roof. More simple ornaments became popular after 1900, when a particular sports scene or a humorous weathervane became fashionable. Today a multitude of weathervanes are available from hogs to horses and are easily installed.

In order to allow your angel weathervane to float over your home, it will need to be installed so its’ free-moving parts will move on your roof. This piece has adaptable feet and two brackets so it will properly fit on your roof. Even though your angel will watch over you, you want to take precautions while installing it. If you do not feel comfortable doing this task, contact a professional roofer to do it!

If you are confident enough to install the weathervane, be sure you use a sturdy ladder that also supports the tools and weathervane (use weather-resistant bolts to avoid corrosion). Be sure you have all you need to accomplish the job when you are up on the ladder to avoid making several trips. When on the roof, secure the vane and be sure that the parts move without effort and that it can be seen. To avoid any roof damage, be sure to place the piece through a rod which goes through the beam along the ridge of the roof (the ridgepole). After the installation is done, there is little maintenance needed for your angel weathervane so she is now free to fly and guard!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Antique Iron Fencing Adds Old World Charm

By the middle of the 1800’s, iron fences were being made by pouring molten metal into molds that were patterned with sh

Today, these antique iron fences can periodically be found at garage sales salvage yards and antique stores. They are still being made brand new, but this type of fence is very costly and most homeowners don’t want to put that much money into their outdoor fencing. Sections of the antique fences can be seen as decorative pieces in landscaping. Vines can be grown up a fence section that has been made into a trellis, or they can be made into a planter with other pieces of fence parts, gates, etc.

Ironwork gives an old country look to any landscape. Usually any pieces of iron fencing that are found at garage sales and antique stores have been painted, but they can be sandblasted to bring back their old world charm. Architectural salvage yards also carry many pieces or sections of antique fencing. Inside the home, the iron fences or sections of fencing are a popular decorative focal point. Designers have been known to hang them on walls, make one-of-a-kind beds, room dividers or tables out of these beautiful unique pieces.

Iron fences last longer than other types of fences. They are heavy, durable and resist corrosion. An antique iron fence is the best option for beautiful yard décor outside the home. It is a product that most likely will not need to be replaced or repaired, therefore costing the customer less, and is unmatched in its value for good quality ornamental iron fencing. Any iron fence found in a salvage yard, antique store or even garage sale is most likely going to add a unique look because very few people will have the same iron fencing.

An iron fence will give any garden a beautiful 19th century feel while making your landscape viewable by anyone simply walking by, especially an antique fence. If used in conjunction with a stone or brick wall, it will give a breathable open feel, rather than being closed off as a solid door may. You can still have a great feel even if you are piecing your antique iron fence together with sections from different designs. As long as you are adding any antique iron fencing to your indoor or outdoor décor, your look will have style and charm.

apes. These became more popular when a company in Philadelphia called Wood and Perot put out a catalog full of these designs that could be ordered by number. Trains brought the fencing material to the customer, making iron fencing more popular than its wooden counterpart for homes all over the country. The fences at this point were mainly used for security purposes, especially in the bigger cities. They were typically painted dark green or black.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Handmade Driveway Gate Finished and Shipped

A Rustic Garden shipped a very large driveway gate today so it is on the way to it's new home several states away. Each entry gate that we make is made by hand to fit the customers driveway. It is quite time consuming but the end result is a gate that fits the space not adjusting the space to fit the gate. 
This large gate measures over 6' tall and will have an automatic slide opener attached when it is installed. The hoop and spear design has a historical flare while keeping the style simple to coordinate with most any fencing pattern. 
Made in the U.S.A