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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Antique Iron Fencing Adds Old World Charm

By the middle of the 1800’s, iron fences were being made by pouring molten metal into molds that were patterned with sh

Today, these antique iron fences can periodically be found at garage sales salvage yards and antique stores. They are still being made brand new, but this type of fence is very costly and most homeowners don’t want to put that much money into their outdoor fencing. Sections of the antique fences can be seen as decorative pieces in landscaping. Vines can be grown up a fence section that has been made into a trellis, or they can be made into a planter with other pieces of fence parts, gates, etc.

Ironwork gives an old country look to any landscape. Usually any pieces of iron fencing that are found at garage sales and antique stores have been painted, but they can be sandblasted to bring back their old world charm. Architectural salvage yards also carry many pieces or sections of antique fencing. Inside the home, the iron fences or sections of fencing are a popular decorative focal point. Designers have been known to hang them on walls, make one-of-a-kind beds, room dividers or tables out of these beautiful unique pieces.

Iron fences last longer than other types of fences. They are heavy, durable and resist corrosion. An antique iron fence is the best option for beautiful yard décor outside the home. It is a product that most likely will not need to be replaced or repaired, therefore costing the customer less, and is unmatched in its value for good quality ornamental iron fencing. Any iron fence found in a salvage yard, antique store or even garage sale is most likely going to add a unique look because very few people will have the same iron fencing.

An iron fence will give any garden a beautiful 19th century feel while making your landscape viewable by anyone simply walking by, especially an antique fence. If used in conjunction with a stone or brick wall, it will give a breathable open feel, rather than being closed off as a solid door may. You can still have a great feel even if you are piecing your antique iron fence together with sections from different designs. As long as you are adding any antique iron fencing to your indoor or outdoor décor, your look will have style and charm.

apes. These became more popular when a company in Philadelphia called Wood and Perot put out a catalog full of these designs that could be ordered by number. Trains brought the fencing material to the customer, making iron fencing more popular than its wooden counterpart for homes all over the country. The fences at this point were mainly used for security purposes, especially in the bigger cities. They were typically painted dark green or black.


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