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Friday, September 20, 2013

How To Find The Perfect Wire Garden Fence

As any gardener will tell you, the mark of a beautiful garden is not only it's variety of flora but also the lawn accessories that serve to accentuate the overall look. A well made wire garden fence will not only help keep plants in check, but will also help your garden look beautiful and pristine. As an added bonus, a fence will protect your plants for large critters who have a habit of chewing on more beautiful plants.  As gardeners have discovered, in many cases, beautiful equals tasty for deer and bunnies, especially tulips and rosebuds.


The first decision that needs to be made when choosing a garden fence is the material. There are hundreds of wood and metal varieties that can be used to build a stable fence, and the correct material depends on your garden's environment. If you live in a area with tough climates such as high winds or strong storms consider investing in a fence made of metal, particularly one made of strong iron or steel. On the other hand, if your garden is located in an area with relatively mild climates, a light metal fence with wooden fence posts would be more than adequate.


Selecting the height and area of a garden fence is one of the most important decisions when choosing a wire garden fence. In order to ensure adequate coverage, it's important to go a little bigger than needed. Plants can sometime grow taller and wider than anticipated, and leaves that hang over a fence can become damaged from animals or the elements. Similarly, the coverage area of a fence should be a bit wider than your garden space. Giving the plants a bit of room to breath is wise, and having the option to plant more if needed is also very convenient.


After choosing the correct size and material for your wire garden fence, the final (and fun) step is choosing the look of your fence. The style of the fence should match your garden's overall aesthetic, and serve to elevate the beauty of your plants. Some go for a more traditional style that places function over form, while others prefer high end and ornamental designs. While the typical wire fence, with the standard rectangle-shaped design is serviceable and effective in keeping wildlife from grazing on ornamental landscaping and vegetable gardens, there are some very pretty forms of woven wire fencing that can be very attractive, and put you in mind of a fence that might have graced your grandma’s garden, along with whimsically designed gates that are downright decorative.   Whatever you choose, make the process fun and exciting!

So there you have it, a few tips to keep in mind when purchases a garden fence. Again, the most important aspect of a fence is its material, so make sure you select something that lines up with your needs. Keeping the above tips in mind will lead allow you to select a fence that will last for years and years. 


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