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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Everything to Know About Wrought Iron Fence Prices

Wrought iron is a classic choice for fencing. It is effortlessly elegant, extremely versatile and durable. It has always been the top choice for elite homeowners, so it is no surprise that more property owners are looking at wrought iron for fencing solutions. Finding general pricing information for this decorative style of the fence can be frustrating and confusing. Costs can vary widely depending on several factors.


Wrought iron fence prices can be drastically different according to the detail and ornamental designs on the fencing. Primary wrought iron fencing averages out to around 30 dollars per foot. The more elaborate the design, the higher the cost. Fencing with heavy decoration can cost as much as 170 dollars per foot and add a gate may add on an extra 500 dollars.


There are two basic methods of installing a new wrought iron fence. Some opt to hire a professional installer, while others choose to assemble their fence. Costs associated with hiring a professional can be steeper, depending on the skill of the homeowner. Installing a wrought iron fence without the necessary skills and knowledge can result in damage to property and the fence, which will make for a higher final cost. A professional can accomplish most installs in around 12 hours. Labor costs range from 60 to 100 dollars an hour.

Additional Costs

Apart from the cost of labor and the actual fencing, there are several hidden costs associated with wrought iron fence prices. For one, construction supplies can be quite costly for those who choose to install their fence. These costs are already factored into a professional installation. Depending on the ruggedness of the land the fence will occupy, tree and rock removal costs can add significantly to the final price of installation. Professionals do not include these costs in their estimates, so homeowners may elect to take care of these removals even if they are hiring a professional for the actual install.

While initial costs of a wrought iron fence may be more than other materials, splurging on this type of fencing pays off in the long run. It is far more durable than other fencing options, requires less maintenance and provides an attractive boundary divider. Choosing wrought iron over other types of metal fencing or wooden materials significantly increases the value of property. This is an investment that is well worth making.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Homeowners seeking unique, elegant decorating ideas frequently turn to wrought iron wall decor to meet their needs. Wrought iron has a timeless, classic appearance and has been a favorite design element for centuries. Wrought iron is a highly flexible art medium that can be fashioned into everything from minimalist contemporary designs to authentic baroque reproductions. Whatever the design, wrought iron always presents a strong appearance that dresses up any room. Some wrought iron decor items also pull double duty as plant hangers, magazine racks, bookshelves, and candle sconces and are also used for interior and exterior window shutters.

From ornate to tastefully simple, wrought iron wall art complements any home decor style as well as express personal feelings and preferences. For instance, those who consider themselves highly patriotic can choose a hanging wrought iron star to show their spirit, while homeowners who want to craft a warm, friendly ambiance can hang front door plaques welcoming guests to their home. Religious households have the option of choosing wrought iron decor with messages such as, "God Bless Our Home," and those with a preference for whimsy in their household decor can opt for wrought iron wall hangings that depict old-fashioned dress forms. There's even something for those who love the great outdoors -- wrought iron hangings in the shape of wild animals such as moose provide a rustic, woodsy element to the home environment and those who prefer ocean vistas can choose from hangings featuring depictions of fish.

Wrought iron hangings are one of the best weapons in the arsenal of designers seeking to capture that elusive, shabby chic look in home interiors. Sweetly simple wall hangings with clean, classic lines in abstract shapes inside of rectangular or square wooden frames provide that carefree country looks that so many aspire to create. Wrought iron wall art isn't all about monochromatic appearances, either. Those who prefer spots of color in their interior decor can choose wrought iron wall art that's been painted to reflect the natural look of flowers, butterflies, and birds. There's a place in the most home and office environments where wrought iron wall art is the perfect decor choice.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wrought Iron Fencing Panels

Pros and Cons of Owning a Wrought Iron Fence
The wrought iron fence is used in many applications, both commercial and residential. This is an alloy that has very little amounts of carbon in it, which means that it resembles steel. When installing fences made of this material, one should think of the following pros and cons.


When compared to materials such as wood and vinyl, wrought iron is very durable. It has a very high tensile strength, which makes it hard to break and hence better than other materials when it comes to the provision of security. Maintenance is also easy, especially when a painted finish is applied.

The beauty of wrought iron panels is the fact that they can be warped into many different shapes and forms. The alloy is malleable and elastic, something that makes it ideal for front of the home fencing. People that stock the material normally have these drawings for the benefit of any customer who may come looking for inspiration.
Easy to install
When this fence is compared to alternatives such as live fences, it comes out as a natural choice. The process involved is simply deciding the design that is wanted, having it custom made and digging up holes that will support the structure.
This is the type offense that will look great whether it is placed on the front porch or in the garden. For the front porch, the wrought iron fencing panels will be ideal because they demarcate the property without making the owner look secretive. The beautiful aspect of the designs also raises the curb appeal of the home. Slightly taller variations of the fence can be used in the garden.
This is a fencing material that many people shy away from buying because of the cost. However, if a critical look is taken at a price compared to the length of time and the security, the fence will offer, homeowners will find it incredibly worth the cost. For maximum durability, the fence should be treated to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rainfall and snow. Even though the material by itself will not offer 100 percent privacy, it can be blended with other fence types to close off unwanted eyes from roaming the compound.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Your Rustic Yard Decor

Rustic yard decor does not have to be wince-inducing. It can and should call forth the imagination of the homeowner, and delight the eye of guests or even passersby. Even a garden gnome peeking out of a patch of herbs or a path made of cat-shaped pavers can brighten someone’s day.

Some of the most attractive items that make up rustic yard decor used to serve an important purpose in a bygone era but are either no longer needed are broken or were salvaged from a structure that was demolished.

Some flowers and plants thrive in just about anything they are put in, so a homeowner shouldn’t hesitate to fill up an old, footed, leaky bathtub, galvanized metal buckets, copper laundry pots or old sinks with flowering plants and place them in a sunny or shady spot in the yard. Just displaying old items against an otherwise bland house, garden shed or garage wall draws people’s attention. These can be part of an old, wooden fence, hand-wash agitators, wagon wheels of different sizes, stoneware jugs or old milk cans.

Old lumber can be used to build a bench, an outdoor dining table, a fence or gate. The gate and fence can give a truly rustic look with the application of chicken wire, which is attractive yet does the job of keeping varmints out of the yard or garden.

Signs or advertising cards from country stores can be hung up on the walls of the house to spruce up a deck or a patio. These old signs and cards advertised everything from tobacco to soft drinks to shoes to laundry bluing. Their artistry is surprisingly excellent, and since they were often made out of tin, they could be kept out in the weather.

Old window panes removed from homes that wanted to make their windows more energy efficient can be put together to make a garden or potting shed, and old bricks from a torn down factory can be used as paving stones. These bricks are often a lot less expensive than brand new ones, and some decorating experts claim that they’re more durable.

Rustic yard decor makes use of quirky items that are old and new. Creating a rustic yard is just the thing for a homeowner who longs to let their imagination run wild.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Woven Galvanized Wire Yard Fence Gates

Fencing comes in a variety of materials and styles; all meant to fit the specific needs of the customer. Because a fence becomes a part of the landscape, choosing a style that defines the owner's needs is as important as matching a fence's material to its function. Considerations include whether a fence is meant to safely contain animals, to keep rodents out of a garden, or to decoratively define a home's style. There are other uses for fences, but containment, exclusion, and decoration tend to be the primary reasons for requiring fencing. Because there has been a resurgence in hobby farming, and an increased interest in raising chickens in urban settings, fencing has become not only functional, but also a reflection of design, and, at times, nostalgia.

One of the more visually defining styles of containment and yard fencing is woven galvanized wire fencing, which has a retro look, reminiscent of Grandma's garden, and is also quite economical. Choosing galvanized wire in which a coating of zinc overlays the steel wire guarantees a product that can endure the seasonal elements, with little to no rusting. A woven wire style means that parallel steel wires are cross-sectioned and made rigid by vertical steel wires, in which the lower level spaces are closer and tighter together than the uppermost levels of the fence. The woven wire fence is produced in a variety of heights, and also has differing sizes of wire spacing.

 Choosing the height and the loop width of the fencing is determined by the fencing purpose. Another important piece of the fence design is the choice of fence gate. Woven Galvanized Wire Yard Fence Gates can be bought already manufactured, or can be custom created to enhance either the fence design or the landscaping needs, or both. Having Woven Galvanized Wire Yard Fence Gates provides not only access to the fenced-in area but also creates options in design, whether intricate or basic. For durability, functionality, and design options, a woven galvanized wire fence and gate provide an economical option for fencing needs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wrought Iron Metal Gates

How to Use Wrought Iron Metal Gates Inside and Outside a Home

Anyone who needs a gate for a home can choose one made from durable wrought iron. People all over the world use different wrought iron metal gates outside or inside their homes to create a beautiful ambiance. Wrought iron is a sturdy metal that homeowners can paint or coat with a waterproof substance. Craftspeople can bend wrought iron into different shapes before adding finials to a gate’s posts to create a design that is appropriate for using in various locations outside or inside a home. Here are a few ways to use gates made from wrought                                             iron.

One: Place a Gate at a Driveway’s Entrance

Homeowners can protect the privacy of their home by installing a metal gate at a driveway’s entrance. It is possible to have gates customized to the correct width and height to keep out people, vehicles, and animals.

Two: Small Gate Installation Inside a Home

To keep pets and children away from a kitchen while preparing a meal, install a small metal gate at the entrance way. A wrought iron gate is more attractive and will last longer than a flimsy wooden gate.

Three: Entrance to a Field, Orchard or Garden

A homeowner may want to have protective fencing around a garden, orchard or field, but they still need access to the space to harvest vegetables, fruit or grain. Instead of having an ugly wood fence as an entryway to a fenced area, choose a beautiful wrought iron gate.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Decorate With Rod Iron Gates and Fences

Own Metal Fences

Anyone who wants to decorate the exterior of their home or business can use beautiful rod iron gates and fences that are either brand-new or repurposed item. Metal embellishments made of thick iron rods are beautiful, durable and unique. If a property owner wants their home or business to stand out from the other buildings in a neighborhood, then metal fencing and gates are a perfect choice. Iron is a strong and long-lasting material that property owners can paint to create an enjoyable ambiance around their lawns or garden. While visitors might have a difficult time finding a home or business that looks like all of the other buildings in a neighborhood, a metal gate and fence makes it easier to find an address.

Beautiful Metal Gates

Some property owners might have a concern about the price of metal fences and gates because the items are more expensive than wood or vinyl materials. However, the metal will last much longer than wood or vinyl when the items are treated with a waterproofing substance. Metal embellishments are an investment that can increase the value of a property on the real estate market, making it easier to sell a property. An additional benefit of metal fences and gates includes that the items are designed and made by hand rather than by a machine. Craftspeople can bend the iron rods into a variety of shapes, creating an artistic effect that adds a fun element to a business or home.

Metal Lasts Longer

Rod iron gates and fences will not degrade in natural sunlight or rain the way that vinyl and wood materials disintegrate. After a property owner installs metal fencing and gates, the items require very little maintenance each year. Vinyl fences can develop holes, and property owners must repair or replace the items. Insects such as termites or ants can invade wood gates and fences, causing severe damage to the items each year. Both metal and vinyl materials might burn or melt when there is a fire in the area, but metal gates and fences can resist flames.