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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Create an Outdoor Oasis by Installing Wrought Iron Deck Railing - Hoop and Spear Fence Rails

For some people, relaxing at home is their most enjoyable activity on the planet. Their favorite pastimes might include curling up with books in overstuffed chairs, playing fetch with their dogs, or grilling delicious foods for loved ones. Outdoor spaces, such as decks, are amazing places to entertain family members and friends. Any homeowner can create an outdoor oasis by installing Wrought Iron Deck Railing - Hoop and Spear Fence Rails. The following benefits of this type of deck railing are undeniable.


When shopping for deck railing, a homeowner can’t go wrong with wrought iron. This classic kind of material will likely look as stylish ten, twenty, or thirty years from now as it does today. Utilizing hoop and spear fence rails in the design of a deck provides intricate detail.


When entertaining outdoors, keeping family members and friends safe is many homeowners’ top priority. Installing a sturdy deck railing can prevent an owner and his or her loved ones from experiencing frightening falls off of a high deck. Investing in a safe rail is of particular importance for a homeowner who has small kids or elderly relatives.

Defined Space

Defining a space indoors is often easier than outlining a space outdoors. For instance, a wall often separates a homeowner’s master bedroom from his or her master bathroom. Installing a beautiful railing on a deck is a wonderful way to create a segmented area to entertain guests in. The perfect deck rail can transform a dark space into a spacious outdoor room.

Regardless of whether they typically grill hamburgers and hotdogs, sip glasses of lemonade, or sunbathe on their decks, homeowners need reliable deck railing. Installing Wrought Iron Deck Railing - Hoop and Spear Fence Rails can provide people with stylish, safe, and defined areas in their backyards.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Add a 36" Garden Iron Ball Yard Sphere to the Landscape

36" Garden Iron Ball Yard Sphere - A Landscaping Statement
Adding interest to the lawn or full landscape can be as simple as locating a 36" Garden Iron Ball Yard Sphere as a focal point. This is an idea that has great potential for recreating the overall landscaping design.

The 36" Garden Iron Ball Yard Sphere can be used without decoration to create the ultimate ultra modern contrast or it can be decorated for use as topiary. Topiaries have become a popular trend when covered with English Ivy, Boxwood or flowering plants like Clematis.

Tips on Using a Garden Iron Ball Sphere
A Garden Iron Ball Sphere can be placed on a weather-proof metal or ceramic stand. To do this, weight the bottom of the sphere with a bag of potting soil. Leave the top of the potting soil bag open and plant white annual or perennial flowers and vines that will stretch toward the interior structure of the sphere and create a fantastic looking "snow globe" touch for the landscape. Choose variegated vines in green and white for more effect. Plant the vines around the flowers, so the garden iron ball has a balanced look.

Use Two or More 36" Garden Iron Ball Spheres
If one garden iron ball sphere can make a dramatic landscape statement, consider what two or three of these will do. Set them apart about three feet at the base of the garden so that shrubbery can "peek" through the. Use three of these at curved angles around the edge of a rock garden or place them at the rear of the garden area if there is low lying shrubbery or flowers toward the front of the garden. These also look quite stately set beside rose bushes when they are in bloom.

These 36" Garden Iron Ball Spheres make excellent additions as a trellis or a natural hanging planter. Place the sphere atop a tall, wispy stand to create the trellis or add a wrought iron chain and hook for a planter. Fill the inside of the sphere to grow flowers, strawberries or tomatoes.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Metal Topiary

Add Some Art to Your Garden or Landscaping with a Metal Topiary
While many practice topiary, they may not exactly be familiar with the term. Topiary is the art of turning plants, like shrubs and trees, into a sculpture. However, if you do not feel your talents like in shrub sculpting or tree sculpting, you can still include art in your garden with a metal topiary.

The metal topiary comes in many different shapes and sizes. They are designed to give shape and support to many various types of plants. Vining plants do very well in metal topiaries and will take on the form of the metal shape without too much trimming.

When using these in your landscape or garden, consider the area and what shapes you want to highlight. You may even want to group different sizes of like shapes together. For example, a tall square topiary of different sizes could be an artistic rendition of a cityscape.

The important thing to remember with the metal topiary is that they do not need a lot of maintenance. However, you will need to maintain the plants inside them. The best way to get your plants to follow the shape of the topiary is to allow them to grow 3 to 4 inches or more in length. You will then want to bend them inside to help take on the shape of the form.

If any of the plants are not taking shape, you can use garden ties to secure them. Once the plant inside your metal topiary has grown to maturity, you then just need to trim it using the form of the topiary as your guide.

Metal topiaries can give your creative side some exercise. What makes the metal topiary the perfect addition to your garden, however, is the fact that it can stand alone as an art piece. Many people simply place them in the garden and never plant anything inside them. If you like, you can even add some character to them by painting them in whatever color you desire. The fact is that when it comes to your landscaping or garden, you cannot go wrong when choosing any one of the metal topiaries.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Iron Shutters and Convenience

It isn't hard to shop for iron shutters on the Internet or in person. That's great news for people who are fans of these hinged panels, too. People who want to find top-quality shutters online can enjoy many diverse options in retailers. Shops that specialize in decorative home products tend to have extensive selections of shutters.

There are many benefits to getting window shutters for property owners. People who want to invest in particularly sturdy and resilient shutters tend to gravitate to wrought iron choices. Shutters that are made out of wrought iron are often extremely sturdy and durable. They can be notably attractive and appeal as well

Shutters can help any property in a multitude of ways. They can assist people who want to control indoor temperatures with more ease. Individuals who want to increase warmth in the wintertime can rely on shutters. People who want to enjoy cooler air in the summertime can do the same thing. Shutters can be significant assets for people who spend a lot of time relaxing at home.

Shutters can also reduce sunlight in homes. Sunlight can be quite annoying at times. It can wake people up prematurely in the morning. It can make people feel like they have to squint. It can sometimes even cause discoloration of furnishings, wallpaper, and paint. Individuals who want to minimize the amount of sunlight that gets into their homes purchase shutters of all different varieties.

These window treatments offer privacy benefits, too. Many people live in fear of others being able to see inside of their homes easily. That's why they often depend on shutters to give them additional protection.

Iron shutters offer practical advantages. They also offer numerous aesthetic benefits. These shutters often have elegant and sophisticated styles. They often have classic and old-fashioned styles as well. People who are shopping for these shutters can enjoy many interesting choices. These shutters exist in all different sizes, too. People should assess shutter length and width before making any purchases. Some shutters are suitable for larger windows. There are also many that are appropriate for smaller ones.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Garden Obelisk

How a Garden Obelisk Adds a Decorative Element to an Outdoor Space

When someone wants to add structure and height to a lawn or garden that has little perennial plants, using a first garden obelisk is a good idea. Creating an attractive garden requires using different decorative elements, including structures made of stone, wood or concrete. Some obelisks are designed to stand alone to add beauty to a garden or lawn while others are made for providing support for ivy or other trailing plants. Gardeners can find basic obelisks anywhere, but they may want a unique vintage or antique item instead. These antique or vintage obelisks are commonly designed of steel or iron that is covered with paint to help the metal last despite inclement weather conditions.

Metal Obelisks Will Last for Many Years

A gardener can find cheaply made wood or straw obelisks in gardening stores, but these items do not last. After a few rainstorms, the items will disintegrate, but an obelisk made of metal will last for many years. Finding iron obelisks isn’t easy because few artisans are making the items, but it is possible to find a one of a kind obelisk in some stores. To find a fantastic obelisk, look for a tall and narrow tapering object that has four sides. A gardener may have seen similar objects used as pillars near buildings or as monuments at cemeteries.

A Large Obelisk Makes a Statement In a Home’s Lawn or Garden 

When a gardener puts an obelisk in their garden, it is a real statement piece that attracts the eye. Many gardeners choose to put one of these decorative objects in the middle of a lawn or garden. The best obelisk for a garden will look great on its own, and it will also look fantastic when it has leaves or flowers climbing its surface. Obelisks are similar to garden trellises or topiaries, and a gardener may find the items located next to each other in a store. A metal obelisk might have unusual features and designs such as scrollwork or geometric shapes.

Bring Style to Your Home with a Cast Iron Pedestal

If you are a homeowner who wants to add some style, but lacks the funds to hire a designer or purchase the most expensive décor, take things one step at a time. To add a little style without going over your budget, consider bringing in a cast iron pedestal. You might just be amazed at what it can do for your home.

A cast iron base can quickly change the look of a display item. For example, a small statue or a vase that sits in the corner, or even on the mantelpiece may not even be noticed. Placing it on a cast iron stand can make all of the difference. You can be guaranteed that it will always be one of the first things a visitor notices when it's displayed in this manner.

You also can use these pedestals as the base of a table. Two placed together with some barn boards attached to the table will give your home a rustic look you desire. If you prefer a more modern look, consider putting a metal piece with glass on top. There are so many options to consider and cast iron is the perfect material to go with just about any style.

One of the greatest benefits of using cast iron is that you can use it in its natural state or you can paint them to match any color you wish to highlight. Of course, you also have the option to utilize these pedestals in your outdoor area. Many often use them on either side of the doorway on the porch or to highlight entrances, whether it is your driveway or the entry into your garden.

A cast iron pedestal is just another option for the homeowner who wants to decorate on a budget. Their versatility makes them one of the most sought after items and their low cost makes them even more appealing. The only downside is that once you order one, you will realize that you need to place another order for more.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Arbors & Gazebos: Architectural Accents for Your Outdoor Space

Arbors and Gazebos are often used in landscape designs as a support system for climbing vines or as a display area for hanging baskets and potted plants. While they work well when used in this manner, there are other ways these structures can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Wrought iron structures can be used as architectural accent pieces in your exterior design. A gazebo designed with a dome top is impressive on its own. It doesn't need vines or plants growing on or around it to become a stunning focal point of a landscape design. For a more simple landscape plan, a mission style gazebo can provide visual interest without overpowering the landscape.

Arbors can be a functional, decorative or multi-purpose feature in a landscape design. Custom designed arbors can be made in widths that meet specific needs. A driveway arbor looks impressive, especially when it features exquisite detailing. Arbors are available in styles such as Gothic design, rustic and amazingly ornate styles. Their diversity makes them an appealing feature to add to any landscape or garden design.

A decorative arbor is an ideal way to add beauty to an outdoor space. It can be placed at the beginning of the walkway leading to the front door or used as an entry gate into an enclosed area. An arbor can be a subtle part of exterior design, or it can be an eye-catching component of the landscape.

Any outer space can be made more beautiful with the addition of a gazebo. They are truly a statement piece that elevates the level of elegance and increases the functionality of an outdoor area. Gazebos can be used to create an intimate outdoor retreat. They can also be used as an entertainment area. With the variety of gazebo designs that are available, there's a style to complement almost any type of home or landscape.

Arbors and Gazebos can be embellished with lighting to make them an even more excellent part of a landscape or garden design. The intricate detailing on these structures is exceptionally stunning when illuminated.