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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Different Types of Planters

All PlantersWhile the use of planters goes back to ancient times, the different types of planters used today are not the same as those of days gone by. Planters today mostly consist of five types: ceramic and terracotta pots, urns, tiered planters, hanging baskets, and window and railing boxes. Within these five categories, you will find a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit the style or décor of your home and garden.

Ceramic and Terracotta Pots

Available in a huge variety of patterns and colors, ceramic and terracotta pots are the traditional type of planter. Because they are so porous, you can also easily decorate your ceramic or terracotta pots with paint. However, they are best for smaller plants because they tend to get heavy and you will want to take them indoors during the winter to prevent chipping or cracking. Also, if they are not sealed against moisture before being placed outdoors, this type of planter will disintegrate quickly.


Though urns are more commonly made of a poly resin these days, they were once made of concrete or metal. Urns are great for decorative purposes, such as lining driveways, because they raise the plants off the ground and give people a better view of the flowers or other beautiful plants inside.

Hanging Baskets

For those who have a lot of plants, extra space can be found by going up. Materials such as plastic, reed, or wire weaving give hanging baskets a natural drainage system which is great for plants that need a soil of low-to-medium moisture. The plastic baskets come with a hanger attached, while the reed and wire baskets usually require you to provide your hanger.

Tiered Planters

Wall-mounted or placed to rest against the wall, tiered planters can be very decorative by nature. They have several small shelves that can hold young plants. Tiered planters can become a conversation starter and make any room look more attractive.

Window and Railing Boxes

Usually, either wooden or plastic and rectangular, most window and railing boxes are securely mounted with screws. Others straddle the railing snugly without screws, allowing you to move them as needed for watering, better sunlight, and replanting. Great for vegetables, herbs, or flowers, you can put almost any plant in a window or railing box.

Planters used to simply be a round pot that you place a plant in. These days, there are so many different types of planters that it makes choosing the right planter a difficult task. From hanging to railing planters, from round to rectangle, and from tiny to extra-large, the variety of planters is staggering. Hopefully, this article will help make finding the right planter to suit your needs easier.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Wrought Iron Garden Edging Fence

The Importance of Wrought Iron Garden Edging Fence For Lawns and Gardens

When someone has a garden, it is essential to separate the flowers, herbs or vegetable plants from the grassy areas on a lawn. With wrought iron garden edging fence, pedestrians won’t walk on newly seeded areas or small plants accidentally. Also, using this variety of fencing will keep someone from pushing a lawnmower over the delicate plants.

A Metal Gardening Fence Is Traditional and Durable 

Instead of using flimsy wooden fences or decorative stones around the vegetable plants and flowers in a garden, choose a strong metal fence that will last a lifetime. Decorative metal edging is traditional and looks fantastic in all neighborhoods. Metal fencing for gardens varies in size, but the sections will typically interlock, making it easier to install. Gardeners can place the items along the curving areas of their flower beds, or it is possible to use the devices on the corner sections of a garden.

Metal Garden Fencing Has Attractive and Unique Scroll work 

To have a unique lawn, search for handmade metal edging fence that was made long ago. The twisted metal may have beautiful scroll work with images of animals, fruit or flowers. It is easy to install metal garden fencing because there are sharp spikes that will stick deeply into the soil, and a gardener can remove the fence easily to place it in a different area.

How to Order the Right Amount Of Metal Gardening Fence

Many gardeners prefer to leave their gardening fences a natural color, but it is easy to apply chemicals that will protect the metal from rusting, or a gardener might want to paint the fence a different color. To have the right amount of fencing, a gardener should measure her flower beds carefully.

Keep Animals Out of a Garden With Protective Metal Fencing 

By installing permanent metal fencing, a gardener can protect her edible plants from invading animals, including deer and rabbits. Many animals won’t try to chew through metal fences, helping to protect the flowers, fruits, and vegetables from damage.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Options Galore with Woven Galvanized Wire Yard Fence Gates

Woven Galvanized Wire Yard Fence GatesFences are often designed to keep things in or out, but they can also just be for decorative purposes. The gate is an important part of the entire fencing structure because it makes it functional and secure. They are a great way to add to the curb appeal of a home.

Traditional Design

Woven galvanized wire yard fence gates offer a traditional look. These specialty gates match well with many types of fencing and yard decor. They and are very functional and add a homey feel that welcomes people in.


Galvanized fencing and gates are made to withstand the weather. The animated process provides a protective coating, making it rust resistant and keeping it looking new for many years. The durability of the galvanized material makes it the preferred choice for a gate.

Endless Options

Wire gates have many uses around the home. They are a great way to help enclose a yard, driveway, vegetable garden, or flower garden. Woven gates make a wonderful flower trellis and are useful when growing vines.

Keeping Pets Out

People work hard on their gardens and pets can destroy them in just a few minutes. The answer to this problem is a wire yard fence and gate. They provide ample protection while maintaining an open air feel.


Ornamental wire gates can be customized according to width and height. This is particularly useful for spaces that otherwise would be difficult to find a good fit. The gate needs to accommodate the space properly, so it latches securely.

Looks do Matter

Fencing increases property values. Studies have shown that putting up a fence does help when it is time to move. It reflects pride of ownership while setting the home apart from the crowd. The fact is that houses with fences sell faster than those with no fence.

Easy Installation

The woven galvanized wire yard fence gates are custom made and come ready to install. All the customer has to do is unpack it and set it in place. A gate is a finishing touch to any fence. A woven wire gate provides protection and is aesthetically pleasing.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lori Daniels – Sculpted Wall Art

Lori Daniels - Sculptured Wall ArtLori Daniels is a Midwestern artist based out of Illinois. She takes antique decorative ceiling tins from the Victorian era with natural motifs such as leaves, trees and fruits and transforms them into modern wall art. She often arranges these tins into wall collages on raised panels, creating greater depth to the piece. Being a collector of these antique tins for over thirty years has given her a wide variety of material to work with. She is a well-established and respected artist in the creation of unique works of art from these reclaimed architectural pieces.

Lori Daniel’s sculpted wall art has been described as modern bas relief sculpture in which she paints and glazes the solid reliefs. This requires an intricate balance of chemical conditions to create the vibrant color of the final artwork and no two pieces come out exactly the same. When in the process of glazing, temperature and humidity play a role, as well as the condition of the relief itself. When finished, these glazed tins can have upwards of ten layers of paint and glaze on them. Some of her work is in tile form and some is arranged into collages that can perfectly accent a wall and make the surrounding space pop with color and depth.

Her work, “Fire Fall 1,” is an example of a tile-shaped collage full of red, yellow and brown fall colors painted and glazed to give the impression of the vibrant fall season. Her “Cinnamon Colors” wall art is a large panel of rustic-looking cinnamon colored antique ceiling tins that would create the perfect accent in a southwestern style room full of similar colors. She also makes a large variety of twelve-inch single tile artwork that can be combined with multiple tiles in different ways to create the desired visual effect.

Each of Lori Daniel’s sculpted wall art pieces is unique in that they come from various buildings each with a story to tell. Lori’s artworks are hand-crafted and signed by the artist herself. Her pieces create the perfect centerpiece to a variety of rooms. Wall art is intended to add an extra dimension to a wall in a room. For depth and color, this can be found in Lori Daniels – sculpted wall art.

Wine Racks & Bottle Trees

Wrought Iron 5 Bottle Wine TreeWine Racks & Bottle Trees may just be the key to adding a bit of pizzazz to traditional wine bottle storage. Wine bottles have the ability to be a classy decoration in any home or even garden. Through the use of a wine rack or bottle tree, these elegant glass bottles can be displayed whether full or empty!

Wine racks come in a variety of different sizes and unique styles. Whether wood, metal, or plastic, a wine rack can be a perfect addition to a room. Considered by many to be a sensible investment, most wine racks are not purely designed just to look good. Many wine racks maintain a design that allows the bottle to rest at an optimal position to best preserve and enhance the overall flavor of the wine. A win-win to free up storage space, and have a great-tasting glass of vino.

A bottle tree, on the other hand, is used to store or display empty wine bottles. Like a wine rack, bottle trees come in a variety of different styles and sizes. In the deep south, bottle trees are often a commonly seen garden or yard decoration. They are viewed as a fun, simple and unique approach to reusing empty wine bottles. Not only is a bottle tree a unique way of recycling, but decorating one can be a fun family activity as well. Empty bottles can be painted colorfully to enhance some yard décor, bring attention to a particular area, or left untouched to compliment a more natural feeling. Also, bottle trees are not just for outdoor decoration; they can freely be used indoors to add an elegant and thought-out display of favorite wines throughout a home.

Whether a colorful addition for decoration or sensible storage component for optimal taste, Wine Racks & Bottle Trees are the perfect addition to customizing a home inside and out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hang It Up

A Homeowner Without a Lot of Space for Artwork Can Hang It Up Instead 

Hang it UpWhen a homeowner has a small garden or home, it is still possible to decorate with 3-D artwork. Instead of trying to place a sculpture on a wall, they can hang it up on the side of a building or fence. Rustic artwork will make it easier for someone’s friends to find a home when they are visiting. There are numerous types of hanging wall and ceiling art, including:

• Bird feeders
• Metal pot racks
• Signs
• Metal shutters
• Decorative wall sculptures
• Old iron pieces
• Stars
• Architectural fiber stone
• Glass objects
• Birdhouses

Protect the Artwork That Is Outside a Home 

When a homeowner is selecting artwork for the outside of a building, it is imperative that it is durable. Metal objects will last for many years, but some wood objects are also suitable. If a homeowner selects a wooden piece of artwork, then they should paint it first before coating it with a waterproofing material such as shellac.

Types of Exterior and Interior Wall Art 

Decorative metal artwork that is used on walls is available in an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes. It is possible to find these interesting objects:

• Artwork that looks like a moose
• A rustic metal flamingo
• Recycled metal fishing signs
• Metal flowers and butterflies
• Vintage school locker doors
• Animal horns
• Windmills
• Old keys

When a homeowner prefers fiber stone artwork, there are still many objects to choose from, including pieces that fit over a doorway or fireplace.

Where a Homeowner Can Place Their Wall Art 

Great places to hang wall art inside or outside a home include:

• On a garden shed
• Next to a patio
• On a wooden fence
• On the trunk of a tree
• Above an entranceway
• Near a gate
• From a tree branch
• Near a stairway
• Above a couch
• In a hallway
• From a fence post
• Inside a Gazebo
• Next to windows

A homeowner can use their imagination to create a unique ambiance. When a homeowner is on a budget, they can hang one piece of artwork at a time.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Holiday Lawn Decor

Choosing the right holiday lawn decor is as much about you expressing your personality as it is about helping people feel welcome when they visit. From the stash of carved pumpkins you put at the door for Halloween to the wreath made of hearts for Valentine’s Day, your decorations play a vital role in your celebrations.

Not sure what kinds of decor are out there? Usually, holiday lawn decor is designed specifically to fit into the motifs of each given holiday. For example, your Thanksgiving decorations will probably feature a harvest theme, which could include cornstalks, pumpkins and gourds, and turkeys. Christmas items usually feature a manger, angels, Christmas trees, or snowmen. Valentine's Day brings hearts and roses. And at Easter, you'll see your fair share of beautiful eggs, rabbits, and colorful baskets.

Additionally, each holiday item will be made of specific types of materials. Wood, wrought iron, plastic, and fabric count as just some of the materials you’ll find. Choose the type of material that best fits your home's architectural style as well as your personal style.

Finally, it’s best to plan your decor ahead of time. Not only will you need to look at your budget, but you’ll also want to assess how much time you have for upkeep. The best decorations for you won’t break the bank and may not require a lot of upkeep after they’re put up.

Remember that when you’re decorating your front lawn for each holiday, you want the look to be complete. Don’t forget to search for decorations for your windows, your sidewalks, and your front porch. In fact, when planning out your displays, it might be helpful for you to make a sketch of where you want each item to go. Be sure to pencil in any particulars about each item as you add it to your planning chart such as price, dimensions, whether it’s part of a set, etc.

This gives you a visual representation of how each will look in your yard. It’ll also tell you if you’re staying on budget, while still allowing you to express your tastes and individuality.