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Friday, December 20, 2013

Metal Border Edging Fence

Creating an inviting home exterior take a lot of thought and very close attention to detail. All aspects of the exterior of the home must be taken into account if one is to have a house with curb appeal. Such aspects include the home's exterior materials, the use of any green material such as shrubbery and plants and the kind of fencing that one puts up. The right exterior fencing can be used to add just that splash of pizzazz to any exterior space.

Homeowners have many options when choosing exterior fencing. Many types of fencing are available including wooden fencing and metal fencing. A metal border edging fence may be the ideal choice in fencing for many homeowners. The metal border is highly attractive. It often comes in a wide variety of finishes and colors. This type of fencing can also custom made to the individual homeowner's taste.

When considering the type of metal border fence that may suit one's needs, multiple aspects should be taken into account. A larger home might be nicely set off with a large fence, one that is in keeping with the scale of the rest of the home. Such fences are typically available in a wide variety of types and styles. Someone with a more modest home may prefer a fence that on a much smaller scale. A small scale fence, one that reach only a few inches in height, can add an interesting and decorative touch to any front lawn.

Other considerations should apply. If you have outdoor pets, let for railings that will not catch on the pet's collar. Homeowners with small children may want to be quite aware of fencing that has intricate details where the child's fingers can easily be caught.

In all cases, look for fences that will blend in well with home's style. A properly chosen border edging fence can add years of enjoyment to your front yard for you and your guests.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Metal & Stone Fountains & Birdbaths

Your backyard should be a place of pleasure and relaxation. Many people carefully plan out their backyards. Doing so allows them to get full use of this space. The ideal backyard design is one that meets a person's specifications and lets them show off their interests to others. People who love wildlife may wish to consider ways to express this feeling on their own property. One really nice way to do so is with a birdbath.

A birdbath serves multiple purposes. The birdbath can be used as way of adding a sculpture to a backyard or any space used for outdoor recreation. Even a terrace in the city may benefit from placement of a birdbath there. A birdbath is also a great way to attract birds and other wildlife. Birds are often drawn to the chance to drink water in a clean setting that is protected from predators. Many other kinds of wildlife also like to drink out of a birdbath and use the bath's water in other ways, including as a means of cleaning their feathers or fur.

Birdbaths come in many different types. The right type for one's needs depends on various factors. These factors include the size of the space, the kinds of items in the backyard and overall look that the homeowner intends to convey. Birdbaths are usually crafted of metal or stone. Some types use both kinds of materials. Metal & stone fountain birdbaths are highly attractive as well.

A stone birdbath is aesthetic in a backyard that already has other types of stone ornamentation such as a stone wall or a stone based patio surface. The rustic look of the stone birdbath will fit in nicely with the other stones used. Look for stones that have the same look as the other stones in the yard. A metal birdbath works well in backyards and outdoor spaces that already use metal as a theme. If you have a metal bench or metal railings on your deck, a metal birdbath will blend in nicely.

Look for the type of fountain and/or birdbath that works with your personal taste and style. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dog & Cat Paintings, Your Pet

Our pets are such big parts of our lives. They give us so much joy and companionship each day with their presence. They bring us laughter with their antics. They bring us comfort when we are feeling down, and they often serve as confidantes.

A beautiful way to show how much you love your pet is by capturing their likeness in a painting. Dog & Cat Paintings demonstrate your affection for your canine and feline family members, provide a lasting tribute to them and look beautiful within your home regardless of your decor.

How does the process of having dog & cat paintings created work? The process is a fairly simple one. When you send a photo to the artist, she then proceeds to transfer that image to canvas via paintbrush and paint. At the end of the process, there is a beautiful piece of art featuring your pet.

Even long after your beloved cat or dog has sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge, you will still have the warmth and reassurance of their painting with you. It is a beautiful way to always remember someone who meant so much in your life.

Not only is this a way to capture your own furry companions in a timeless fashion, a pet painting can also be a great gift option. Pet lovers of all ages can appreciate having something featuring the personal likeness of their cat or dog on it. In fact, a pet painting can be the perfect gift for the person who is especially difficult to shop for because he or she seems to have everything.

Whether you purchase it for yourself or intend it as a gift, a pet painting can be a beautiful addition to any home. It is an item that can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fowl Fun

Times, they are a changing. In the past, people would plant and tend flowerbeds to make their yards more colorful and attractive. In present time, there are increasingly more ways to add personality and color to your yard or garden. In that light, really big fowl for fun loving people is a pretty cool option.

Large, ornamental, metal yard art is an increasingly popular means of making your yard more colorful and attractive. Imagine an 8-foot tall rooster standing watch in your garden, yard, or even greeting guests at the foot of your drive. No watering or weeding to complicate matters. For those choosing this means of decoration, rest assured, he comes in two sections for easier placement. Smaller 14-inch roosters are available as well. These would be wonderful additions to those with smaller yard areas or those who have balconies and want quirky and colorful decoration. All are made with re-purposed colorful metal from used cars, old barrels, etc.

If this option doesn’t appeal to the senses, there are other really big fowl choices. Try attaching a rustic head, wings, and tail feathers to a pumpkin. This creates a large turkey with a pumpkin body, and it makes an attractive and whimsical yard or balcony decoration. If that’s too seasonally festive, rustic tom turkeys made of tin are available in two sizes. One measures 13 inches tall by 13 inches wide, and the other measures 21 inches tall by 21 inches wide. Multi-colored tin turkeys are also available.

From the country to the city really big fowl for fun loving people provides attractive focal points for both indoor and outdoor environments. The variety of choices, colors, and models along with their affordability add to their desirability.

Wanna play chicken?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cast Iron Wall Art

Whether you have a small, simple flower bed or a huge sprawling garden, there is always a way to spice up your back yard just a little more. One popular choice for adding a little flair to a garden is cast iron wall art. A great feature of all wall art is that it does not take up space in the actual garden, so it leaves more room for plants, sculptures, buildings, and other large decorations.

There are several varieties of wall art, but cast iron is one of the most popular because it is so long lasting. Unlike flimsier metal art or wood decorations, cast iron wall art is less likely to be damaged by weather over time or blown off of a wall by strong winds. Cast iron is a very sturdy and heavy material, and most can tell just by feeling a cast iron product that it is not going to get broken or damaged any time soon.

When it comes to varieties of cast iron art, there are plenty of choices if you want something functional. A popular and functional pick is an adorable cast iron hanging hook, which can come with a design, picture of animals, or words that you find inspiring or relevant. Hanging hooks are often available in a more vintage or old-fashioned look, since cast iron was as popular in the past as it is now. Cast iron welcome bells are also a big favorite for the front porch, since they provide a cheerful ding to alert you when visitors arrive.

If you're hunting something purely decorative, the possibilities are endless. From hanging eagles to smiling suns, cast iron decorations can come in an infinite number of designs and motifs. While the majority of cast iron artwork retains its gorgeous natural black color, many wall decorations also come in several lovely colors. If balancing the colors of your garden or adding a little splash of excitement is important, there are still a ton of cast iron pieces available that can fit your theme.

Don't sacrifice quality or durability when hunting for good wall art. Cast iron is the highest quality and most durable choice when it comes to decorations that will stay beautiful even after years of weathering.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Using Architectural Antiques to Decorate Your Home

Do you own a period home or wish you did? Architectural salvage has become a unique way to enhance the period you are trying to accomplish in your decorating. In the past only shabby chic or cottage style used architectural findings to decorate and the result was often less than finished. Now you can use clever groupings or a re-purposed antique to finish a room and highlight the age of your home.

What Are They?
When thinking of architectural antiques you may focus on something as simple as a window and window frame re-purposed to frame a picture or a mirror. Much more to the point would be a balustrade, column or pediment, even from an exterior, moved interior and used either to refinish the interior or highlight is by being used as a plant or sculpture stand. Similarly, people re-purpose wrought iron fixtures, lampposts, court room benches, and even tin ceilings and Tiffany chandeliers.

How to Use Them 
These elements do not have to be purposed to your specific period. It all depends on the look you are trying to accomplish. For instance, you may live in a modern house but wish for a gingerbread type Victorian. In your living room, you have Victorian furniture. A grouping of porch posts, corbels and other gingerbread, hung artfully on the wall, perhaps a framed Victorian window with a landscape of a Victorian house behind it, and you have accomplished your look.

Where to Look
Salvage houses sell pieces found in breaking down homes, and antique stores even sell windows and shutters in addition to valuable pieces like fountains and wrought iron. With the internet, many more options are available on eBay and through search engines. It can be part of the fun of using architectural antiques to go on a search of flea markets and yard sales to find your elements.

The delight of using these elements is the unique ability to design for your own home in a way that will not be replicated in another place.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Artist Lori Daniels Sculptured Wall Art

To the artistically inclined, the definition of “art” or “art form” can take many shapes. Whether it’s cooking, sculpting, writing or painting, there are many variables that make an interest or activity a form of art. Artist Lori Daniels and her sculptured wall art is one such example, boasting eclectic overtones and vintage finds that add dimension for visual interest but which focuses mainly on color.

Midwest-based artist Lori Daniels has created what many critics and fans call “one-of-a-kind artwork” along with “antique picker” Steve White, resulting in unique pieces of sculptured wall art that needs to be seen in order to be appreciated. “Color is everything,” states Daniels. “I still want to know what certain colors ‘taste’ like, being that a great love of nature runs through all my creations. I eat, breathe and smell color.” When focusing on artist Lori Daniels sculptured wall art, many attributes are evident including size, variety, objects of antiquity and glazed surfaces – but what stands out in each and every piece is a dynamic fusion of color. Some colors fuse while others contrast, but each is ready to become a focal point in a decorating scheme.

With 30 years of collecting antique ceiling tin affording Daniels and White the opportunity of turning antique architectural salvage into a new and different art form, future generations have been exposed to a gorgeous example of creativity going to the next level. Art aficionados that have bought their works often find the perfect spot in their homes for the pieces, leading to multiple purchases – they seemingly can’t stop at just one purchase. And as lovely and charming as they are on websites exhibiting the works, they are much more beautiful in person.

“Each piece created is truly one-of-a-kind along with its history and building location,” concludes Daniels. “As I started painting and selling my tin creations, the demand for more unusual ceiling tin art in flat and collage designs far surpassed my ability to produce it. A respect and love of art and antiques of the past fuels my goal of preserving our unique vintage finds for more art lovers to come.”

Friday, December 6, 2013

Country Antiques and Home Decor

Authentic, vintage country antiques and home decor items are more in demand than ever before. The charm of old Americana and early American art, furniture, tools and home furnishings continues to delight. Homeowners and interior decorators searching for those rustic, handcrafted pieces recognize the inherent charm of pieces crafted decades and even centuries ago. They also recognize those old pieces as highly collectible. Not only do those delightful treasures create a warm, comforting ambiance, they promise to become valued works of American craftsmanship and art.

Items like antique corner shelves are gracing contemporary kitchens, showcasing old, cherished family photos and vintage kitchen tools. They also make excellent candle sconces to be used when the power is lost in a winter storm. Old time pine tables, crafted by hand by homesteaders and settlers in the early days of America are also in great demand. A rustic old pine table with the natural patina of aging makes an excellent telephone stand in a foyer or hallway. Paired with an old-fashioned dial phone, the look is truly enchanting.

Handcrafted items are especially desired by those with an eye for appreciating unique home decor. A willow plant stand handcrafted from natural willow branches makes a delightful accent for a sun room as a plant stand, book stand, or a place to set a hot teapot. With something so uniquely designed, the options are unlimited. Wherever it is placed, its provocative design will surely be a conversation starter.

Even parts of furniture make interesting room accents when used creatively. An old bureau or dresser drawer can be transformed into a game board, a wall accent for photos, or a shadow box. Paste a large photo or image inside and it becomes a lovely wooden frame. A vintage child's schoolroom desk easily becomes a telephone desk complete with a seat. In a child's bedroom, it is the perfect place to do homework.

The hunt for marvelous country antiques and home decor can start online or at a local flea market. With a little imagination and creativity, old antiques can quickly become the newest chic.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Properly Utilize Holiday Lawn Decor

Homeowners enjoy showcasing their holiday spirit throughout the year. This is especially true around Thanksgiving and Christmas. For these occasions, homeowners enjoy placing holiday lawn decor on their property. Many homeowners utilize these decorations for weeks to add an aesthetically pleasing scene to their lawn. Unfortunately, not all homeowners handle this task properly. Poor decoration placement and super saturation can leave any front lawn setup looking tacky rather than spectacular.

Lawn decorations are available for virtually all holidays. This includes Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and plenty of others. These days, numerous retailers and websites sell such decor to homeowners. An individual should focus upon finding high quality decorations at affordable prices. After all nobody needs to spend a fortune to exhibit their holiday spirit on their lawn. With that in mind, not all lawn decorations are created equal. Keep quality and durability in mind.

Mistakes are easy to make when it comes to decoration placement on a lawn. Often, homeowners throw together a scene that they think looks good. The end result doesn't always look so pleasing. Success comes to the homeowner that avoids stuffing their lawn with fleets of giant flashing decorations. It's important to keep the lawn looking clean, elegant, and carefully crafted. Otherwise, the effort might not be admired as we'd hoped.

Decorations for a given holiday should relate to that holiday, and everything needs to mesh well. The lawn should look well-cared for too, afterall, a clean lawn with a decent amount of decorations can look great.

In the end, holiday lawn decor is used on thousands of lawns for each major holiday. October, November, and December bring about the most decorated properties for obvious reasons. Decorations add a nice touch to what otherwise might be a plain home fronts. Make sure to shop for beautiful, tasteful decor for your unforgettable lawn display.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Home or Garden

As the holiday season approaches, winter brings more time inside. Many people are wondering what the best gift ideas for their home or garden will be this year. Here are just a few ideas that will liven up the new year and make your home or garden flourish.

Unique gift ideas for your home or garden can come in many forms. One popular idea for winter decoration and useful tool in wintertime is a silver tea set. These elegant items are great for socializing with friends and add a sophisticated centerpiece to any room. Giving your living room the feel of a cozy cottage or English clubhouse will have guests surprised and enjoying themselves, and with the right tea and a few cucumber sandwiches the makings of a perfect afternoon are at your command.

Pleasant thoughts of spring splendor being right around the corner might entice one to dream of a wooden structure to grow wine grapes on. Why not make your own wine next year? Not much space is needed for the project, and the results of creating a homemade wine can be fun for everyone. Just think of how much fun it would be to impress your family and friends at the unveiling!  What a great way to show off your gardening abilities and keep guests entertained.

Another wonderful gift idea for a home is a good bookshelf. Nothing adds elegance or warmth to a room so much as a good set of books, a comfortable armchair, and perhaps a cat or two to keep one company with one's latest volume or magazine. Bookshelves don't have to be expensive and are often easy to place in any room by fitting them neatly to the shape of a wall. A sturdy bookshelf will also easily hold potted plants and other nice decorations.

With these ideas in mind, know that the possibilities for wonderful gifts in a home or garden are limitless and extend as far as your imagination can take you. Giving thought to your dream home can often be a great way to make your dreams come to life.