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Friday, December 13, 2013

Fowl Fun

Times, they are a changing. In the past, people would plant and tend flowerbeds to make their yards more colorful and attractive. In present time, there are increasingly more ways to add personality and color to your yard or garden. In that light, really big fowl for fun loving people is a pretty cool option.

Large, ornamental, metal yard art is an increasingly popular means of making your yard more colorful and attractive. Imagine an 8-foot tall rooster standing watch in your garden, yard, or even greeting guests at the foot of your drive. No watering or weeding to complicate matters. For those choosing this means of decoration, rest assured, he comes in two sections for easier placement. Smaller 14-inch roosters are available as well. These would be wonderful additions to those with smaller yard areas or those who have balconies and want quirky and colorful decoration. All are made with re-purposed colorful metal from used cars, old barrels, etc.

If this option doesn’t appeal to the senses, there are other really big fowl choices. Try attaching a rustic head, wings, and tail feathers to a pumpkin. This creates a large turkey with a pumpkin body, and it makes an attractive and whimsical yard or balcony decoration. If that’s too seasonally festive, rustic tom turkeys made of tin are available in two sizes. One measures 13 inches tall by 13 inches wide, and the other measures 21 inches tall by 21 inches wide. Multi-colored tin turkeys are also available.

From the country to the city really big fowl for fun loving people provides attractive focal points for both indoor and outdoor environments. The variety of choices, colors, and models along with their affordability add to their desirability.

Wanna play chicken?


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