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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rustic Chic Home Decor for Christmas

Every year the Christmas holiday brings cheer and happiness when the family is brought together to celebrate. But more often than not, frustration and anxiety can accompany the yule tide season due to all of the preparations, cooking, and shopping. Decorating should never be a bother, in fact it should be considered one of the most enjoyable rituals of the holiday season. Rustic chic home decor is quickly becoming popular this year. This decor has proven to be both creative and the least tedious compared to loose tinsel and fragile glass ornaments.

Mantels and tabletops

Mantels can be easily transformed for the holiday season. To add light to the main room, line the mantel with different size mason jar candle lights. These lights are a traditional rustic chic decor item and can easily be made to match the main decor by tying colored ribbon around the jars. These are complemented well when surrounded by fern and pine cones. Pine tree planters made from barn siding can be reclaimed for mini junipers. These planters look great next to the mason jar candle lights, or can be displayed on either side of the door to greet guests with the pleasant aroma of Christmas. Bark or trunk section candle holders are a wonderful addition to any display. No rustic chic mantel can be completed with leather-denim combination stockings. Burlap or knitted stockings detailed with hemp or even brass buttons can be used for a more chic look.

Wall Decor and Lighting

Empty mirror frames can be reinvented as illuminated sculptures with the addition of large lights. An intricate white frame can be laced with white lights for an elegant piece to bring life to a bland wall or hallway. Metal Holiday cut outs compliment theses sculptures as well as worn chipped paint candle chandeliers. Decoupage letters in festive colors look beautiful displayed along the wall, and can be arranged to spell out a warm holiday greeting. These also work well as table top decorations.
Wall Decor and Lighting

Tree trimmings

Shaped bark or small cross sections of tree trunk ornaments add a natural warm feeling to any tree. these, along with stitched fabric tree, heart, or star shaped ornaments look magnificent hanging on the tree. Twig garland wrapped around the tree adds a rustic flair. Yarn and hemp wrapped glass ball ornaments pair well with this look, especially when a combination of sandblasted glass ornaments blended into the mix. Some of the most unique ornaments include glass light bulbs filled with fern or cotton to resemble snow. Pine cone owls and music note cutouts also pair well and add diversity to this style.
As for the tree skirt, off white burlap or similar fabric can make the ornaments stand out. A colored plaid patterned felt can be used to add a bit of color. To top it all off, either a bulky sand blasted glass star wrapped with thick wire, or a large white bow with long streamers detailed with fine curled brass wire.

The right rustic decor can greatly improve the warmth of being at home with your loved ones for the holidays. Have fun and let your imagination run can't go wrong!


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