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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Small Trellis

The revival of the trellis is at the forefront of every fashionable home and garden because it provides a classic design with modern options. Bringing the elegance of this ornament into your home or garden will add special charm that no other accessory is able to provide. There are so many fun ways to incorporate this artistic decoration any where and it can also be very functional. Creative options are at your disposal when you add this artistic framework. There are also so many options when choosing your trellis that there is sure to be a particular color, design, or material to fit your unique tastes.

In a garden, a trellis will look great against a wall or fence, especially with flowers or vines climbing the curved design. This would be considered the most common use of trellises. The very same bends and curves that make a trellis so great for climbing plants are exactly why a trellis doesn't require any. They make great outdoor decorations all by themselves. Great things happen to your garden when you add one.

Trellises are also great for indoors- especially small ones. They look particularly creative about the home because of their whimsical placement. In the case of an indoor trellis, there is also no need for a climbing plant. However, it is always an option. Use your very own trellis to buffer out an awkward corner or make it the centerpiece of your entryway. You can even use it as a decorative screen for the fire place.

Separate areas of your outdoor living space in a non-intrusive and creative way by adding a small trellis. This method is more temporary than a wall and a lot better looking. With vines growing full on the design, there can be complete segregation of the entertaining area from where you keep the pool supplies. If you choose not to add climbing plants, you can keep another area visible while making sure the flow of your outdoor living area is intact.

A small trellis outside with a lush blanket of clinging vines will also hide unsightly and unavoidable things in the yard or garden. For example, the air conditioning unit can be huge eyesore. Place your small trellis decoration in front of it so that the vines will begin to grow. In no time this grey mass of machinery is hidden, yet still accessible. Other things that need hiding can become a part of your garden with the simple purchase of a trellis. Add privacy to a window or circle a few around a tree stump and you get a huge difference in the appearance and feel of your yard with one simple step.

As you can tell, the trellis is a trendy, creative, and worthwhile investment that you can customize any way you would like. These ornaments truly do make all the difference when decorating. Explore every option available to you so you can customize your world with this beautiful accessory.


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