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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wrought Iron Gazebo - Arbor

The timeless beauty of wrought iron makes it a desirable material for use in outdoor decor today. Outdoor rooms and impressive curb appeal are features many homeowners desire. A wrought iron gazebo - arbor is the ideal starting point for creating a beautiful outdoor retreat or a magnificent focal point in a garden or landscape design.

A wrought iron gazebo is a beautiful structure. It's beauty can be enhanced when a gorgeous flowering vine is allowed to grow upward on the structure or trail down from exquisite wrought iron hanging baskets. The interior space is an ideal location for a garden sculpture, a wrought iron bench or outdoor fountain.

A bonus feature of a wrought iron arbor or gazebo is its ability to be transformed into a place of beauty throughout the seasons. Flowers and vines beautifully adorn the structure during the warm months of the year. As the temperatures drop, mums, pumpkins, corn stalks and various other autumn type decor can be used to create a seasonally appropriate focal point on the lawn or in the garden. A gazebo can become a magical, mesmerizing outdoor feature when decorated for the holidays. Decorating it with a winter theme makes the structure an attractive part of the landscape throughout the winter months.

Garden arches are attractive nestled into a garden design. They are also lovely at the beginning of a walkway that leads to the door or into the garden. Wrought iron brings a vintage touch to a garden. The type of flowers used in conjunction with wrought iron garden structures can determine the atmosphere of the garden. Adding a couple of structures together can provide a sufficiently sized space for creating an outdoor entertainment area.

A gazebo can be designed as a personal retreat. To acquire the privacy a retreat needs, curtains made of outdoor fabric can be added to the structure. Vines can be used as a living curtain, but it takes some time for the plants to grow. Generally, plants do not provide the amount of privacy that most people desire in a personal, meditative-type outdoor retreat area. Can you picture what your perfect gazebo would look like?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Benefits of Wrought Iron Pot Racks

The kitchen is considered the heart of a home. It is the room of a home where families gather, cook, and entertain. Due to this, many homeowners will invest money in kitchen upgrades and renovations and see an enormous return on their investment in the future. Although there are many different accessories, appliances, and fixtures that can be added to a kitchen, Wrought Iron Pot Racks are becoming a popular option due to the enormous benefits they offer.


Of course, pot racks are most often associated with a place to store pots and pans. When hung on the ceiling in a secure manner, these racks can store numerous pots and pans. Owners can save space in their cabinets and drawers and only utilize the racks for their cookware. This will increase the amount of space available for storing dishes, utensils, containers, and other kitchen elements but also allow the homeowner to have an easier access to their most used cookware pieces.


Today, a kitchen must also be appealing. Fortunately, most homeowners will incorporate decorative elements into their kitchen renovations because they enjoy large quantities of time in the space. Many of the wrought iron pot racks not only serve a purpose but also look very appealing in a kitchen space. Homeowners can find these pot racks in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and themes so there is an option for every homeowner's personality and decorative style. From a western-themed pot rack to a garden inspired rack with tulips or sunflowers, there is an option for everyone. For a traditional look, homeowners can choose a standard wrought iron piece with only a few hooks for pots and pans.

Although there may be an expense associated with kitchen remodels and updates, adding these features will increase the overall value of a home in tremendous ways. With a low investment, homeowners will enjoy a more appealing and functional space.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Unique Garden Decor

Outdoor living is an important element for many homeowners today. Fortunately, the construction of decks, patios, and porches has increased the amount of time homeowners spend outdoors relaxing and entertaining. However, with the addition of these spaces, it is imperative to add decorative accents, furniture, and accessories. Fortunately, there are many unique pieces that can be used in the garden and landscaping of a home. From large fire pits on a patio, to wine racks & bottle trees, the possibilities are endless.


Homeowners will utilize their outdoor spaces for relaxing with their immediate family members most of all. However, the addition of this outdoor space offers additional space for entertaining family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. It will be important to have serving dishes, trays, and beverage accessories. Wine racks are a fun option to incorporate into an outdoor living space with shelter such as a screened porch or covered patio. Although most people would not think of adding a wine rack or wine cooler to these spaces, they are actually functional pieces that serve a purpose and look very appealing.


Of course, every space of a home will require some unique accents that only serve to make the space more appealing. Bottle trees are becoming a popular option today. These appear to be like trees but constructed out of a weather resistant materials. They are placed in the ground and then bottles of wine can be placed on the limbs to offer a unique and very interesting piece of outdoor decor. Although the wine bottles can be purchased in different colors, most people will utilize their wine bottles from home, clean them, and place them on their bottle tree.

Decorating an outdoor space may be challenging to some. However, with all the options on the market and online, finding unique pieces such as wine racks & bottle trees serve a purpose and look good too!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Urn Planters

Making your garden or home look a little more lively isn't always easy. Plants make a great way to create a more natural look in your home, but unfortunately plant potters are often cheap, plastic affairs. If you're looking for a great way to spice up your home's interior, exterior,  or garden, investing in a garden urn is sure to be a hit. Urns are sturdy, elegant planters that look great both as a standalone product or as part of a larger decor motif. Check out urn planters today for an excellent alternative to the world of garden beds and blasé plastic planters.

Planter urns are made of cast iron, making them resistant to damage from the elements, accidents, and vandalism. Planters and pedestals are virtually indestructible, making them all the more worth the purchase. This makes these planters excellent for not only home gardens, but as a great accent piece in front of your law firm, for instance. These planters look great with ferns, flowers, and small bushes, making them very versatile as a decorative tool for the gardener in your family.

The cast iron construction is sure to receive compliments from your neighbors. The dark color looks handsome next to well manicured shrubbery, and the texture provides an air of sophistication to the urn. It blends in seamlessly in any environment, whether you decide to pair it with the wood accents of your house, a matching cast iron fence, or even brick work.

Urns come in many elaborate forms; one of the perennial favorites is urns designed to serve as not only planters, but fountains. Additionally, planter urns come in many different styles, with some looking more Victorian, while others have more of a modern flair.

As you can see, urn planters are excellent additions to any garden. Coming in sturdy, weather resistant cast iron, you're going to love the sleek, classical look of these planters. These planters are practically unbreakable. If you're looking for a decorative centerpiece for your home or garden, it's time to consider investing in an urn planter today.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Metal Birdfeeder Lawn Stake

There are many amazing and beautiful birds flying our skies. This spring thousands of birds, (comprising hundreds of species) will find their way...flying over and around our neighborhoods in search of food. Birds flying south for the winter or your favorite returning nesters all need reliable sources of food for raising families and basic survival. That's where good people come in. People like you.

Providing nature with a helping hand is one of the kindest ways to enjoy nature's beauty and bounty for years to come. Birds in particular bring us beautiful music and amazingly awe-inspiring visuals. Knowing these creatures need us is the heartwarming beginning to a wonderfully natural relationship with Mother Nature.

Birds are always on the lookout for seedlings and other smaller forms of food sources. Whether warmer or cooler months are in your backyard, birds need a tasty meal. Metal bird feeders with lawn stakes are excellent options to keep on hand. Providing convenient feeding troughs for these amazing creatures is as easy as purchasing a metal bird feeder lawn stake.

The great thing about this type of bird feeder is its total convenience. Birds love them for the continuous food resource container they are. Bird feeders with lawn stakes can be easily transported or relocated for the purpose of feeding more than one type of bird.

An easy-to-fill bird feeder cup trough makes pouring seeds and other bird treats a no-hassle event. Simply place in gardens, along pathways or next to watering holes to create the perfect feeding haven for your favorite birds.

Sturdy metal stakes help to keep food trough filled, stable and upright for landing birds. Some metal bird feeders are designed with attractive and ornate wire designs which add lovely finishes and attract birds giving them a perfect place to land. Metal frame is great for weathering the elements, too.

Whether you have one metal lawn stake bird feeder or many, birds will come when you fill them up with their favorite foods. Isn't it time we gave back to nature what nature has so generously provided us? Go ahead. Get you that feeder. You will be glad you did.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fiberstone Fountains and Birdbaths

Are you looking for some new decor that will brighten up your yard? Adding a beautiful birdbath could be just what you need. Birdbaths come in many different shapes and sizes, so you have many options to choose from. Few things set off a garden like a top notch birdbath. If you shop around, you'll find that there's something for everyone. Perhaps you are interested in a 20 inch aquatic bird bath or a 72 inch Cecilia Fountain, we have what you need.

There is a wide variety of high quality Fiberstone Fountains Birdbaths. There are numerous advantages to making a birdbath out of Fiberstone. This material features sand and stones encased inside a fiberglass surface. The birdbaths are then specially painted to make them appear as stunningly beautiful aged stone. Fiberstone makes the birdbaths more durable, less fragile, and more beautiful than other types of birdbaths. It is also lighter, making it easier and safer to move around. With concrete birdbaths, homeowners are faced with a major hassle if they decide to move them to a different spot in their yard. Fiberstone makes the process much more convenient. Homeowners can rest assured that these birdbaths are built to survive the elements outdoors. They will be a beautiful addition to your yard for years to come.

There are many different sets of Fiberstone fountains and birdbaths to choose from. There are birdbaths featuring angels and cherubs, dolphins, and gargoyles. If you prefer a simpler touch, there are also plenty of no frills birdbaths to choose from, such as the finch bird bath bowl.

One thing is for sure...if you're looking to find that special piece to set off your garden, you should consider a Fiberstone fountain or birdbath.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Add A Welcome To Sign To Your Yard!

Home gardens are on the rise. Home gardeners are turning more and more to growing their own food on their own land. This is the case even if you have just a small lot or area behind or adjacent to your home. You do not have to live in the soil rich Northwest to enjoy a plentiful garden where fresh vegetables and sometimes fruit can be plucked directly from your own land. As prices for vegetables rise, the luxury of buying organic produce becomes more and more difficult to swing on a budget. Home gardening has become not only a cost effective means of procuring robust vegetables but also allows the home gardener to indulge in a productive hobby that benefits in more than one way.

Many gardeners are also artists; the two passions often intertwine. Creating a garden that not only produces vegetables and a sense of creation and pride in eating well, but one that can also be a place of creativity involving the arts, is possible. For example, decorating the backyard and making it an inviting space for friends and family to lounge is an artistic project that will provide countless hours of relaxation and connection to others. Decorative and artistic stepping stones, bird feeders, stylistically designed and hung table umbrellas, and strung Christmas lights are just some of the simple projects you can work on that will artistically liven up and personalize your garden/backyard space.

A welcome sign for your home or garden is another excellent way to personalize your space. A welcome sign is a signal that friends are welcome. It also signifies your touch of artistry and your value for connection. There are numerous welcome signs that can be purchased to add that extra touch to your space. Think about what sort of message and feeling you want your sign to convey to all who pass. Find just the right yard and garden welcome sign to convey your welcoming message.

Overall, enjoy your garden and yard space. It is an extension of your inside home and an area you are sure to reap the benefits of for many seasons to come! So open your garden gates and welcome your friends and loved ones in.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Oak Leaf Tracery

Whether a home or business, the style of architecture used in designing the building says much about the personality of the builder as well as the occupants. Styles of architecture are prone to change, but despite this there are some decorative pieces that seem to stand the test of time. In current architecture, one of the most popular styles of decorative pieces is oak leaf tracery.

Constructed of fiberstone, these beautiful pieces use a mixture of sand and stones that are cast into the surface to create a look of aged stone. While they are thought to be very heavy, in fact it is the opposite. Because they are reinforced with fiberglass backing, the pieces are in fact very lightweight and far less fragile than concrete. Most pieces are mounted on walls, though in many cases they are incorporated into a building to give an added spark of interest and design. Many are mounted on walls featuring ivy or other plant life, allowing the vegetation to be displayed within an interesting architectural setting.

However, for those wanting an added spark of beauty and finesse, many oak leaf tracery pieces are constructed using mirror glass. This allows for a greater use of natural light, and are often incorporated into the style of the building. These pieces are finding a huge amount of popularity with homeowners, who are using them on outside walls, inside as decorative pieces and many other uses.

One of the great things about these pieces is that each is billed as a one-of-a-kind. No two are exactly alike due to their unique makeup, allowing a person to be the talk of the office or neighborhood after installation. Costs for these pieces vary, with most falling between $200-$300 dollars. It can take up to four weeks to get a piece when ordered, so planning well ahead of time is a good idea if this is going to be a major part of the building. For those who want a unique item that adds a touch of flair to their architecture, these pieces are sure to do all that and more.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Inexpensive, Rustic, Metal Yard Decor

The changing seasons are nice, but if you want to have some things in your yard that bloom all year long and attract wildlife, then consider metal flowers and bird feeders. The rich paints used for these items really give them a lifelike look. They are built on a stake, so all you have to do is push the stake into the ground, and your yard decor is installed.

The blooming, yellow sunflowers are 67 inches tall. Each  recycled metal sunflower is sold individually.

The bird feeders are really elegant, and they are almost certain to entice any nearby birds to perch on them and eat, delighting you the whole while. There are bird feeders with bowls to place the bird food in, and the birds can easily perch on the bowls' edges. These feeders are 41 inches tall. Here, you can choose from pearl white or emerald green feeders. The green feeder has a dainty ball balanced on the very top of it, and the white feeder has a nice little decoration at the top too. With these feeders, you can be sure that there are many places for birds to land.

There is also the bird feeder that looks like a delicate green flower but also serves the purpose of being a bird feeder too. This one is a bit taller than the previous feeders at 44 inches tall.

Last but not least are the watering can bird feeders standing at 43 inches. As they are so pretty and delicate looking, you could choose to arrange a few of these alongside some of the sunflowers to create a life like bouquet of sorts.

The items described above are all quite affordable, and for about $100, you could create a nice little area in your front or back yard that serves as your year round garden, no matter what the weather is like. The flowers can also be used to build a sort of fence. It won't function quite like a real one, but it will look pretty, and it may help to work as a barrier of sorts. Beauty is yours, and so is the neighbors envy!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tin Birdhouse on a Stake - Rustic Metal House for the Birds

When it comes to garden decor, larger isn't always better. This is especially true when the exterior space around a home is quite limited. That is what makes something as attractive and practical as a tin birdhouse on a stake - rustic metal house for the birds such a great find. The meticulous attention to detail evidenced in the metal spiral that is incorporated into its design makes this a very attractive form of garden art.

There's an amazing number of ways to incorporate a small birdhouse into your lawn or garden design. In areas where narrow pathways separate houses, a birdhouse on a stake is the ideal size to place at the front of the pathway. It will not obstruct the path, but will attract birds activity to the area.

A tin birdhouse on a stake can also be a wonderful addition to a spacious lawn or garden area. When space allows, it's a good idea to add a garden bench in the area near the birdhouse. This will provide the perfect spot for relaxing and doing some bird watching. Spacing several birdhouses throughout a large garden area will increase the number of feathered visitors to the area.

Residential areas are not the only place that a tin birdhouse on a stake would look lovely. People notice the landscaping around a business. Making the area more attractive is a good way to draw attention to a business. A small birdhouse included in the landscape design is a visual demonstration of one's appreciation for nature. This can make a good impression on people passing by.

A rustic style birdhouse has an endearing simplistic quality to it that makes it an appropriate choice for any type of landscape or garden design. Selecting a color that complements a home's exterior color or that is compatible with the color scheme of the flowers in the garden makes the birdhouse a subtle addition to the design. Selecting a contrasting color, will make the birdhouse a more noticeable feature in the garden.

Show some love for our feathered friends and look good doing it...get your tin birdhouse today!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

12 Inch Square Antique Ceiling Tin Art Provides A Vintage Inspired Look To Decor

Patterned after unique designs found in historic buildings, 12" square antique ceiling tin art gives a vintage look to any room. Earthy, hand crafted colors like gold, shades of green, rust and various brown shades all work together to create this antique look. Because the colors are mixed by hand, they show just a hint of modern finesse.

The look of this fascinating tin patterned work is reminiscent of ceiling tin work done in the 1890's. Some of the best patterns are based on designs found during the art deco period, which was mainly in the 1930s and 1940's. Intriguing geometric designs were popular themes during this period, along with floral themes and repeated patterns.

Many Uses For Tin Ceiling Tiles

In today's decor, tin ceiling tiles help to add a vintage look to kitchens when they are featured in the form of creative back splashes. They look beautiful, yet are easy to wipe clean as well. They are also found being used as unique wall hangings and even showcased as beautiful table tops. Any place where a homespun, rustic look is desired, 12" square antique ceiling tin art fits perfectly.

These vintage inspired tiles add a rustic look to patios. They look beautiful when paired with wrought iron furnishings and with metal fire pits. Rustic tin helps fashion a warm and relaxing outdoor ambiance while it also helps to make any patio the place where everyone wants to gather.

When Art Deco Design Was Popular

During the period of popular art deco design, this type of craft signified wealth, glamour and luxury. Today, the look is considered to be more of an antique, vintage inspired look that brings back fond memories of a simpler time. The intriguing patterns and colors draw the eye immediately to the place they are featured.

To highlight interesting architectural style, or to simply showcase a vintage design, tin art tiles are a great choice. Tin ceiling tiles create a clean look with a sophisticated flair. They are perfect for any room that needs a little something extra to draw attention to its best features.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rustic Mushrooms Home Decor

Fun and amusing decor can showcase your playful nature and help bring a personal touch to your living area. Even if most of your decorative pieces are conventional, a fanciful piece of art will add visual interest and act as a conversation starter. If you are hoping to add a touch of whimsy to your home, garden or patio, rustic mushrooms home decor may be just the accent piece your space needs.

Three mushrooms stand in a cluster, ready to protect wandering garden gnomes from sun and rain. This piece is made of cast iron, making it both heavy and durable. If placed outdoors, you won't need to worry about it blowing over from a stiff breeze. The brown finish looks great and protects against the elements, as well. Indoors, the mushrooms can adorn an entryway or serve as a quirky bookend. At seven inches tall and four inches wide, this piece will not dominate a room. It will blend in until an astute guest notices it and appreciates its Seussian quality. The piece is coated in a warm brown finish that will not clash with your decor, indoors or out.

If you are hoping to create a rustic appeal to your living space, the mushrooms would be complemented by reclaimed-wood furnishing and art, hand-woven rugs and Native American-inspired throws. They would also look lovely on the mantle of a native stone fireplace or nestled beside the kindling.

No matter where you decide to include these mushrooms, they are sure to bring a light-hearted, fun feel to a room, garden or lanai. Let them stand alone as a statement piece or display them with other rustic artwork to create a nature-themed grouping. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a friend with an eccentric style, these rustic mushrooms are a fine choice.