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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wrought Iron Gazebo - Arbor

The timeless beauty of wrought iron makes it a desirable material for use in outdoor decor today. Outdoor rooms and impressive curb appeal are features many homeowners desire. A wrought iron gazebo - arbor is the ideal starting point for creating a beautiful outdoor retreat or a magnificent focal point in a garden or landscape design.

A wrought iron gazebo is a beautiful structure. It's beauty can be enhanced when a gorgeous flowering vine is allowed to grow upward on the structure or trail down from exquisite wrought iron hanging baskets. The interior space is an ideal location for a garden sculpture, a wrought iron bench or outdoor fountain.

A bonus feature of a wrought iron arbor or gazebo is its ability to be transformed into a place of beauty throughout the seasons. Flowers and vines beautifully adorn the structure during the warm months of the year. As the temperatures drop, mums, pumpkins, corn stalks and various other autumn type decor can be used to create a seasonally appropriate focal point on the lawn or in the garden. A gazebo can become a magical, mesmerizing outdoor feature when decorated for the holidays. Decorating it with a winter theme makes the structure an attractive part of the landscape throughout the winter months.

Garden arches are attractive nestled into a garden design. They are also lovely at the beginning of a walkway that leads to the door or into the garden. Wrought iron brings a vintage touch to a garden. The type of flowers used in conjunction with wrought iron garden structures can determine the atmosphere of the garden. Adding a couple of structures together can provide a sufficiently sized space for creating an outdoor entertainment area.

A gazebo can be designed as a personal retreat. To acquire the privacy a retreat needs, curtains made of outdoor fabric can be added to the structure. Vines can be used as a living curtain, but it takes some time for the plants to grow. Generally, plants do not provide the amount of privacy that most people desire in a personal, meditative-type outdoor retreat area. Can you picture what your perfect gazebo would look like?


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