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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Small Wooden Ladders

Four Ways to Use Small Wooden Ladders to Decorate a Home

Anyone trying to decorate the home can benefit from using a variety of small wooden ladders. It is possible to use a vintage or antique ladder inside or outside a home to create an attractive ambiance. In many cases, the ladders that someone finds to use in their home is a homemade item from long ago that was stored for many years inside a garage or basement, but it is now available for a new use. While this type of ladder is not safe for climbing, it is the perfect accent piece for any room in a home. Here are a few ways to decorate a home with a wooden ladder.

One: Wine Bottle and Wineglass Rack

A ladder is a perfect choice for a rack that will hold bottles of wine and wineglasses. Some individuals want to place the ladder on the ceiling of a kitchen while others want to hang it on a wall, but it looks fantastic either way.

Two: Bookshelf 

When a ladder has wide steps, it has enough space to hold an assortment of books in a living room or home library. It is possible to hang a decorative ladder on a wall to hold lightweight books in a child’s bedroom.

Three: Plate Shelving Unit 

By creating a deep groove in each of the ladder’s steps, it is easy to place a decorative plate on the surface. This is an excellent way to use a ladder in a dining room to display vintage plates.

Four: Holder for Flowers, Vegetables, and Herbs

To use a wooden ladder outside a home, protect its surfaces with a waterproofing material. Choose pots that are the correct size for the steps to hold herbs, vegetables or flowers.

Homeowners can Paint or Stain a Wooden Ladder 

Before using a wooden ladder in their home, some individuals want to change its appearance with a new coat of paint or stain, but the best way to bring attention to this accent piece is by keeping it in its original condition.

The Rustic Grace of a Metal Candle Chandelier

Lofted at an appropriate height over a dining or living area, the candle chandelier grants a feeling of calm, calling to mind an earlier age. Gentle light flickers from above, casting a warm glow over the proceedings below. It's a happy feeling. It harkens back to an earlier, simpler time.

Candles of various colors and shapes are available to compliment the surroundings in a way that light bulbs never will. A beautiful candle chandelier becomes a focal point for any room, proving a source of fascination for guests at any event.

Also, scented candles can be used for an extra dimension of atmosphere and warm, welcoming hospitality. Cinnamon or vanilla scent can add an ambiance that guests might not even recognize at first. The aroma combines with the scent of the foods for the gathering, creating a complex scent-scape that's unforgettable.

Perhaps the best place for a candle chandelier is in an open-air setting. It can become the focal point of a patio or garden veranda. It draws eyes upwards, adding a sense of increased space to any enclosed area.

If drip candles are used, the melted wax gradually accumulates on the arms of the chandelier. This adds yet more rustic flavor. The cooled wax can easily be removed as needed. However, it is recommended that a catch-pan or other cover be used on the floor or furniture beneath the chandelier if drip candles are used. It's also wise to advise guests - and especially children - of the possible hot wax falling from on-high.

Combined with the complimentary decor, a large rustic candle chandelier sets a tone of peace and simple elegance. Candle chandeliers are available in various styles and colors to suit any decorating style. Installing the chandelier on a pulley enables quick lighting and extinguishing of the flames and replacement of the candles.

Some find solace in watching waves or trees gently blowing in the wind. The experience of gazing at a lovely metal candle chandelier imparts a similar sensation. It's the feeling of simple wholeness that tells one "This is home."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Using Victorian Wrought Iron Urns In Modern Times

While the use of urns, trellises, gazebos, and gates have been used even before the Victorian era, it wasn't until the Victorian époque that wrought iron urns gained in popularity and continued to do so, even until this very day.

Victorian Wrought Iron Urns

The new kid on the proverbial block in decorative accents became the iron urn. As guests arrived in their horse-drawn carriages during the 1800s, what first caught their sight were statuaries, fountains and by then, the famous iron urn. No self-respecting property owner would consider having a home without this item in particular.

Typical novels of that period, of which were the classic literary works created by Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins, commonly used garden surroundings to convey the times in which many of their Victorian literary works were set. In essence, the wealthier the characters of their novels were, the bigger were the gardens which they had on their estates. Moreover, so were the iron                                                                               urns used as decorative pieces in that garden.

Today's Decorative Use Of Iron Urns

Victorian garden scenes, today, remains a challenge for homeowners and condo owners alike as they search for ways to have their bit of greenery within their home environments. As such, the use of urns today continues being a focal point in interior designs.

Green is ever with us, and looking at certain trends in decorating, it always will be. Whether it's using an urn as a planter base or stand, or simply as a corner accessory to delineate the arrangement of other furniture, urns continue being the mainstay of many interiors or exterior garden settings.

Some homeowners even use them in more creative ways than simply as a recipient of soil to place their plant in. One owner, in particular, used her iron urn to help stabilize her large-sized Christmas tree. Lifting the tree higher than the floor creatively enabled her to place her gift boxes and packages in a more visually enhancing arrangement underneath the tree.

Yes, it was during the Victorian age that iron urns came of age for the wealthy. However, no matter our economic class today, we still seem to cling to that which was commonly popular back then. It seems we've gone back into the future--and we love every minute of it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Best Unique Garden Products for Your Backyard

A backyard often reflects one's personal style and taste. Make it a welcoming space to relax and enjoy. Unique garden products will enhance any yard to create a look that is both comfortable and whimsical. Take a closer look at some of the exciting choices.

Wind Spinners

An eye-catching wind spinner can add dynamic height and dimension to flower beds or gardens. They are designed from heavy-duty material and come in a variety of shapes and bright colors. When a breeze picks up, everyone will be captivated by the kaleidoscope of colors and movement that they create.


Statues are a fun way to bring out the individual personality of a homeowner. Children love them because they are lightweight and often resemble the real thing. Whether it is with gnomes, animals or birds, statues can bring life to spaces by adding character and color. Place a family of ducks next to a pond or position a quirky gnome to peak out from behind a tree. Occasionally, move them around to keep guests wondering where some new friends will pop up next.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a versatile way to have rhythmic music play in the background. Large chimes produce a low bass tone while small chimes offer a higher pitch. Place different sizes close together to create a beautiful array of relaxing sounds. Wind chimes are designed in endless themes and colors. Hang from a tree, gutter or trellis to fully appreciate the pleasing tunes on a breezy day.

Turn any backyard into an outdoor oasis with fun and exciting garden products. Add charming characters and colors to bring out the unique personality of the space.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Add a Victorian Garden Gate to Your Yard

When it comes to designing a look for your garden or back or front yard, sometimes it's hard to know what theme you should choose. That’s why choosing a Victorian look for your garden is always a good idea. Victorian gardens add a feminine and classic look to your area that is always positive. Turning your garden or yard area into a Victorian garden is simple. The first thing you’ll want to have is a Victorian garden gate.

Where You Should Put a Garden Gate

First of all, you need to have an area where the gate can go. For example, you might consider putting a gate between two bushes that open up onto your sidewalk or front steps. Garden gates of any kind can look perfect in the back of your yard as well. For example, you might install a gate as you go into your vegetable or flower garden.

How to Choose a Victorian Garden Gate

There are many different styles of garden gates from the Victorian era to choose from. A big part of deciding on a particular garden gate is deciding how big is needs to be. You might have a double door gate or a single entry gate that opens on the right or left. The choice is yours. For larger areas, it's naturally a good idea to choose a bigger gate that has two doors and encloses in the middle.

Most garden gates that are of the Victorian style will be rather low to the ground. They may be two to three feet high, for example. But if you have a large garden or entryway where you want to put a gate, you can have one as tall as your head or even taller. Big garden gates like this will be made out of iron almost all of the time. Smaller gates may be done out of metal that is less durable.

Most Victorian gates like this are black. But again, you may choose to have a different color, such as dark green, navy blue or ruby red.