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Saturday, May 27, 2017

For the Home

The Advantage of Adding a Vintage Look to Any Design Style
For The HomeWhether decorating the interior of a home or a yard space, design is all about the accessories. On trend, this year is the addition of vintage pieces that reflect the best of rustic charm while still complementing the architecture and design style of the home. When people hear the word "vintage," they automatically think "old." However, nothing could be further from the truth. Vintage decor' depicts no particular era which allows individuals to mix and match styles, pieces, and looks while still reflecting their individual tastes.

Materials Used

Two of the most common materials utilized when including vintage elements in home decor' are metal and wood. The elements add interest and texture to any home's interior or exterior. They also ensure that spaces exude a certain warmth, elegance, and charm. Currently in use are also reproductions which tend to be more affordable than many antique pieces.

Enhancing Style With Vintage Pieces For the Home

The accessories selected for the home should complement the basic decorating style of the space. That means that if a room or outdoor space is filled with contemporary furnishings and elements, adding wrought iron or wooden vintage pieces sparingly would provide a focal point juxtaposed against the stark styling of traditional, contemporary design. Whether selecting a wooden ladder that serves as shelving or a black, wrought iron candelabra to go over a dining room or patio table, such pieces would be just enough to turn a dull space into a vibrant, inviting place.

Expanding the Living Space to the Outdoors

Indoor/outdoor living is a trend that has grown in popularity over the past several years. By incorporating some of the interior home accessories outdoors can easily expand the living space yet maintain the design flow. The same is true for bringing the outdoors in. For example, utilizing an extra section of exterior wrought iron fencing indoors as a wall ornament would bring outdoor elements inside creating one large room once the doors are opened.

Vintage pieces, especially wood and iron, are an excellent way to add an element of charm and historical flavor to the interior or exterior of any home. Utilizing such elements adds interest, texture and a focal point to any space. Whether selecting authentic antiques or reproductions for interior and exterior spaces, mixing the old with the new is not only right on trend but also ensures any space is truly distinctive.


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