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Saturday, May 27, 2017

5 Step Wood Vintage Shelf Unit Made From Antique Ladder 56"t

If you love the look of vintage wood and want to add an interesting piece in a home, the
5 Step Wood Vintage Shelf Unit Made From Antique Ladder 56 t, is the perfect addition. The antique ladder, built with five shelves is a multi-functional unit that makes an interesting conversation piece. Standing close to 5-foot tall, it has a purpose for every room in the home.

The Ladder is in the color of Rustoleum Warm Caramel. Customize the ladder to look older or give it a rustic appeal. Choose the desired color to add to the caramel as a thin layer of color, and get a similar look to the appearance of sanded rustic boards. A thicker coat of a preferred color of a Satin finish will allow some of the caramel to show through. Still keeping that aged antique look but in more of a solid color.

It is the perfect choice for small apartments since it is less than 2-feet from the wall to the front of the bottom shelf, which would be the largest depth. The use of the five shelves can range from the porch to the bathroom. Upgrade the country appeal to a covered front porch and use it to hold planters of flowers and mini buckets for digging tools. Add an on-porch herb garden, so all of your fresh herbs are close.

Bathroom linens, candles, and specialty soaps would be within reach and neatly kept on display. In the kitchen, old antique cookbooks, glassware, and old kitchenware would have a home. It would also maximize space in a bedroom to double as a bookshelf, phone-charging station, hold photos or keep keys, change, and a wallet in one location.
There are many ways to use the 5 Step Wood Vintage Shelf Unit Made From Antique Ladder 56 t. while adding a vintage look within the home.


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