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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Uses and Appeal of Decorative Wire Fencing

Tired of boring chain link fences that look like everyone elses? Want to create a vibrant and interesting accent to your yard that fits your life style and personality? Then decorative wire fencing could be for you.

Decorative wire fencing is an inexpensive alternative to regular chain link fencing or heavy wrought iron fencing. Its unique and attractive appearance will add creative modern or rustic touches to any yard, whether for your home, office, or park. Wire fencing is strong and durable, yet also light weight and flexible, so it can be made into many different designs.  This type of fencing is often overlooked when a homeowner is considering different types, yet it has a unique, timeless appeal and an awful lot of bang for your buck.

Want to show everyone your home is your castle? You can design your own monogrammed driveway gate inviting guests onto your property, use decorative smaller fences to line your walkways and keep animals out of your flowers, or have an intricate arbor leading into your own secret garden. The creative landscaping possibilities could be endless.

There are many different designs to choose from to create your own unique look and make yourself stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Some companies even offer custom made and handmade designs and sizes to fit any space or shape. Apply colorful paint to liven up your yard, making it more noticeable; use classic colors to keep your yard sharp and modern, have an antique look for the rustic, country feel, or mix and match the designs you prefer.

Are you concerned about your yards privacy? Set up wire trellises that can be attached to the top of your fence or around your house as support for climbing vines and flowers to grow on, or have shrubs and climbing vines planted at the base of your wire fence surrounding your yard creating a private garden, a naturally growing enclosure, and a wind break.

Do you have a pool that needs to be surrounded? Quick and easy installation of wire fencing gives you the safety and durability you need while keeping your pool area, yard, and garden cohesive, with corresponding styles. There’s no need to have those tacky, plastic pool fences when you can use matching wire fencing to tie your yard together and keep it looking beautiful, as well as safe.

Looking to sell your home? According to Better Homes and Gardens, “Curb appeal starts with quality landscaping that enhances the style of your home.” Adding decorative wire fencing with beautiful accent gates and trellises may increase your home’s value by creating wonderful curb appeal. Outdoor living enhancements, such as arbors, pergolas, and landscaped garden settings also appeal to buyers and can be created with wire fencing.

Wire fencing also has many other uses. Give you dog some space, but keep them protected with an open dog run. Enclose your pasture or field, keeping your animals in and unwanted animals out. Create a safe, fenced play area for your children. Separate a property line with neighbors, for your home or your office.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wrought Iron Garden Gates - Beautiful and Functional

Wrought iron garden gates are an ideal way to make a garden look its absolute best while simultaneously providing protection for the garden that cannot be equaled by any other form of gate. These gates can easily be coupled with a wrought iron fence to provide a barrier that most garden pests simply cannot penetrate. In addition to guarding against damage to the garden from animals such as deer or rabbits, wrought iron provides a rustic look and feel to the garden, giving the entire area a character all its own.

There are many advantages to using wrought iron garden gates in conjunction with a fence made of the same type of material. The most obvious advantage is the protection that this type of material provides for the contents of the garden. Many animals that enjoy munching on vegetables grown in the garden cannot get to the food source as easily when it is surrounded by this type of fencing. Therefore, gardens may be better protected from certain animals that typically prey on vegetables and other garden contents.

While wrought iron is effective at providing a high degree of protection, many individuals choose to use it because it provides a rustic appearance to the area. Using this type of material for a garden creates a specific ambience and gives character to the entire space. This type of material is perfect for houses that are older or that allow for a more rustic appearance. This type of fencing is also perfect for locations that typically experience weather conditions that may cause problems with more lightweight materials. Locations which are subject to frequent severe storms or high winds are perfect for wrought iron, as many other types of fencing which is constructed out of wood and other materials may not be able to stand up to these conditions as well.

Growing a garden is one of the most rewarding experiences that individuals can have. Not only does a garden provide the opportunity to allow people to grow something with their own hands, it also provides a great source of healthy food that is free from many of the pesticides or other products that may be contained in produce purchased at the supermarket. Installing a wrought iron garden gate in conjunction with a fence constructed from the same material is one of the best ways to protect the garden and make it look great in the process.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Easy to Install Fence Saves You Time and Money

Installing a new fence has always been time consuming and difficult, but many fence manufacturers now offer solutions that make it much easier. Some of these simple to install designs make the process faster by concentrating more on functionality, while excluding any frills. There are numerous pre-assembled and ready-to-install fencing options on the market.

A popular easy to install fence has always been metal. They come in a range of panel designs and materials that include wrought iron, aluminum, and other metals that are prefabricated. Installation of this type fencing consists of simply setting the posts and attaching fence panels. Many metal systems feature panels and posts that have been pre-drilled with connecting holes, which makes assembling the components easy to do. It is also faster because there is no need to measure anything during the fence installation process.  At some on-line stores, there are even videos  you can watch that explain the process of installing these fences step by step.

Fencing is used by homeowners for a variety of reasons. Not only can it add to the appearance of a property, it can also enhance protection. Fences are often used as containment for pets or for keeping wild animals off the premises. Before purchasing any type of fence, it's important to accurately establish a boundary and fence line. This makes it far easier to measure and calculate how much fencing will be needed.

Selecting the type of fence to install usually depends on its purpose and your style preferences. The surface in which the fence will be placed can also be a factor. Some forms of fencing may not be preferable for certain conditions or terrain. Regardless of the fence size or shape, be sure to check whether your area requires a permit before fencing can be installed.

Many people choose an easy to install fence around their garden to deter rodents and deer, while protecting flowers and plants. You'll find garden fencing available in a variety of sizes and materials to match your budget and design needs. It's recommended to choose a durable material that is waterproof. Make certain the fence you choose has holes small enough to keep out unwanted animals, and also consider any maintenance and upkeep required. Wire fence is highly durable and easy to care for.

Metal fences are manufactured for residential and commercial use. Some models can be installed very quickly and will require little in the way of future repairs. Typically, wrought iron or aluminum is an attractive fencing option when only separation is desired, as they don't offer much privacy. The advantage is that ornamental fences allow outsiders to view the landscaping features of your property.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Customer Created a Beautiful Water Feature Using a Metal Planter

This gardener has created a wonderful retreat. A winding cobblestone pathway surrounds their water feature made from a metal urn planter purchased from A Rustic Garden.

The vertical height of the fountain is perfect  in relation to the space. Sometimes it is hard to find correct size and design for the focal point that is cohesive to the surrounding area and structures.

The picture is deceiving in a way. You can not see the hours of planning and hard work that would have gone into this unique garden project. What you do see is a beautiful setting that will be enjoyed for many years.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wrought Iron Wedding Arches - A Bold and Beautiful Statement

By using the imagination and the right choice of a decorative wedding arch, even the simplest beach wedding can be transformed into a memorable outdoor event. Many types of arches are available, but for the most part these arches are rather flimsy, and impermanent, merely decorative. The lighter types of arches would probably be of no further use after the wedding, while a wrought iron wedding arch would live on to be a treasured garden accent for many, many years to come.  These iron accessories are sturdy, solid and versatile enough to be used either outdoors or inside. For a garden wedding, few would disagree that a wedding arch is an indispensable.


A wedding ceremony can be even more memorable with the right backdrop, scenic setting and accessories. For instance a wrought iron wedding arch can be used as a focal point that unconsciously captures the eye and imagination of each guest. The decorative, distinctive lines of these arches add beauty and character to every photo and bring unique charm to that Big Day.

The arch is going to be center stage, where the main activities of the day will be featured. As a showcase accessory, the bride and groom will want to be sure that the type of arch they choose be well matched to the degree of formality that the ceremony merits.

There are many different looks that can be established with a wrought iron wedding arch. The consumer may want to create a rustic, country setting for an outdoor ceremony. An arbor that has an open skylight view or a simple round top design would both be ideal choices. If the wedding is going to be very formal then there are still a number of wrought iron arch styles that will be perfectly suited for the task at hand.

Flourishes, flowers and other decorative features can be integrated into almost any of the wrought iron arches that are available. The choice of style will be a reflection of personality, as well as fashion sensibilities, and can help set the mood and beautify the setting.

Today it is easier to create iron arches that are even more unique than in the past. While pure white arches are still a great favorite among brides it is now possible to customize the arch with a special color or patina.

The arch can be left unadorned for a strikingly modern appearance. The uncluttered and streamlined effect of a simple wrought iron arch generally requires little embellishment. Florists may seek to soften the edges of the arch with selective placement of potted palms, woven ribbons or even by using balloons.

Some brides will choose to add palm fronds, roses, ivy or other decorative touches. These choices are usually going to be made by the bride or wedding planner. In some instances, delicately scented roses, carnations or other lovely flowers and vines may cover the entire sides and top of the iron arch.  Furthermore, a wrought iron arch, if not used in a permanent location for the ceremony, can be added to the purchaser’s landscape, since its beauty and usefulness would enhance anyone’s garden and serve as a permanent reminder of its initial use, to celebrate a memorable wedding.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Traditional Beauty of Wrought Iron Garden Fencing

No matter what size a garden is, or where it's located, a metal garden fence not only protects plants from damage but it can also add to the overall appearance of the garden and the adjoining property. Wrought iron fencing is quick and easy to install and is available in more than 10 different colors. Because of the large variety of hues available, many property owners like to color-coordinate their fencing with the paint color of their house or building. 

One type of metal fencing for gardens that is a favorite of homeowners everywhere is a wrought iron large hoop & spear fence. This fencing features an old-fashioned hoop design that is accentuated by multiple horizontal metal rods. Another popular variation in wrought iron is sunburst design garden fencing, a great addition to any property. Whether it's used for bordering or edging in gardens, the sunburst design in this fencing always looks good.

New Orleans-style wrought iron garden fencing with its multiple vertical rods bisected by top and bottom horizontal rods is an attractive type of fencing that lends an air of elegance to any property it adorns.  A somewhat whimsical yet very attractive garden fencing design is the pineapple pattern. This type of fencing features wrought iron pineapples accented by curved lines that intersect with angular iron rods.  Pineapples are considered a symbol of welcome, very appropriate for an entrance area.

Garden fencing that features a braided heart design is very popular in gardens of all sizes. A pattern of braided iron hearts co-mingles with multiple vertical rods, creating a pleasing and romantic border or edging for any size or type of garden, especially those with a country theme. A wrought iron lattice fence adds a sense of elegance to any garden area. This type of metal garden fence features a diagonal lattice base that is topped with customized hoops and vertical rods.  Another classic metal garden fencing design contains an ace of spades motif that features spade-shaped iron pieces and rounded scrollwork sandwiched between horizontal rods.

One of the most popular designs for metal garden fencing is wrought iron decorative Mexican-style fencing. This wide type of fencing consists of several hoops with scrollwork and spears intersected with top and bottom vertical rods.  It has a very traditional, “Old World” look, which is entirely appropriate for wrought iron fencing in any application.  Some of the other types of metal garden fencing that are available are decorative heart swag fences, turnip metal border fencing, large iron head board fencing and connecting Fleur De Lis metal fencing.

Whether it's for a small garden located in someone's back yard or for a large commercial or community garden, the installation of a metal garden fence can help to protect the plants that are growing there as well as add to the overall appearance of the garden.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Installing Wrought Iron Fencing

A wrought iron fence is a great way to make ones' home look more distinguished and at the same time, more whimsical. As a cost-effective form of landscaping, installing wrought iron fence secures a property within its boundaries while appearing attractive at the same time from either side of the fence. A truly decorative form of functional fencing, a wrought iron fence allows a homeowner to have the security of fencing and gates for entry without sacrificing views of the yard, gardens, or home decor.

A wrought iron fence is a great addition to any landscape for any homeowner who wants to improve their homes' overall appeal without doing invasive renovations. Any home can look wondrous with a wrought iron fence, with cottage homes, homes with ample gardens, and houses that have small yards benefiting the most. Large homes with ample property space can take advantage of a larger wrought iron fence, and when installing wrought iron fence can include a large gate to complete the attractive look.


Wrought iron fences come in several styles, so each installation can be truly unique to the yard and homeowner it represents. These fences come in plain styles or can include decorative designs throughout the fence to add whimsy. Wrought iron fences also come in a variety of heights, from a low fence for decorative purposes to more intimidating heights that keep intruders at bay while looking attractive at the same time. There are mid-height wrought iron fences as well for homeowners who want seclusion as well as a decorative appeal. 

Since wrought iron fences can prove to be somewhat expensive and can be difficult to install, installing wrought iron fence should be done by a licensed and bonded fencing contractor, unless you are very handy and have done your homework. This way, a homeowner has a stronger guarantee of their wrought iron fence being installed securely and professionally. There are some areas of a wrought iron fence that can be installed by the homeowners themselves, but as a general rule a fencing contractor should be consulted to properly estimate and install a wrought iron fence correctly.

Cost varies for wrought iron fences, depending on the style, height, and length the actual fence needs to be for the homeowner. Also affecting price is individual locations, as wrought iron fencing materials can be cheaper in some areas than others. In the end, the decision to build a wrought iron fence can be a great one, and allow a homeowner to appreciate their home and property that much more.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wrought Iron Garden Fences

Two types of ironwork fences are traditionally used for garden fences. These two types of fencing, wrought iron garden fences and cast iron garden fences, are sometimes confused because cast iron may be used to reproduce wrought iron fencing. Indeed, cast iron pieces may be used within wrought iron designs, particularly to add finials, decorative figurines, or even top railing to wrought iron fencing.

Wrought iron is produced by artisans (or even artists) by drawing, hammering, and welding mild iron. This is a traditional blacksmithing skill. Wrought iron fencing tends to resist rust and is easily made to fit a given space. Factory produced wrought iron sections can be combined with shop built sections for specific projects. Some wrought iron fences are quite elaborate and may be expensive.

Pouring molten iron into molds, usually made of sand, produces cast iron. Cast iron fencing is usually factory built. Cast iron is usually brittle, difficult to weld, and more prone to rust than wrought iron. Cast iron is suitable for producing figurines and reproducing historic wrought iron pieces. Roosters, dogs, cats, or figures of children can be cast in molds to add charm to a wrought iron garden fence. Custom built, one of a kind castings produced in small shops are often made in gravity sand molds. This technique is suitable both for producing artistic decorations and reproducing missing finials on older fences. 

Some older wrought iron garden or cemetery fences are very valuable and may require some security considerations. Modern wrought iron garden fences may also be quite expensive if they are particularly well crafted and consideration should be made for their security. Information on this subject is available online.

Frequently, used wrought iron railing and fencing can be found in salvage yards. It may be possible to find used wrought iron fencing to use for your garden fencing. Be sure to remove any rust and repaint with a paint made for use on iron fixtures. Good quality black wrought iron may not require paint. If wrought iron has the original black surface it should not be sanded or wire-brushed in such a way as to remove the black oxide surface, as this surface resists rusting. Clean the surface carefully and paint with a good quality anti-rust paint.

If you wish to create a garden with quality wrought iron garden fencing, or if you need to repair an existing one, there are still artisans who specialize in this kind of work. An alternative would be to learn the skills involved and do it yourself. This is a major undertaking and could lead to a profitable business.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rustic Garden Gates Can Enhance Any Entryway

It is once again springtime on the calendar. With the warmer weather and longer days fast approaching, the pleasant season brings many outdoor gardening and landscaping improvement opportunities. Projects for enhancing any area throughout your property, while increasing visual appeal to your home, can be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner by choosing to install eye-catching and high-quality rustic garden gates. Their aesthetically pleasing characteristics add charm to any location. 

Today’s home gardening ideas include a wealth of opportunity to incorporate eye-catching garden gate designs and concepts, while maintaining durable construction for optimal border and boundary demarcation. While enclosing a flower garden or property line, or when lining a walkway or footpath entrance, rustic gates add an inviting and quaint additional feature to any outdoor perimeters. The varying styles and sizes offer elaborate decoration, subdued sophistication or antique ornateness, manufactured to compliment your specific design preference. Selecting from an elegant arbor design or flower garden gate adds the perfect entrance and archway to accent the existing floral beauty.

Durable and  easy to install, rustic garden gates provide easy protection and enhancement to any hard to reach area, such as over-water deck routes or alleyways. Produced with master craftsmanship skills, these characteristically rustic gates are ideal for animal enclosures, offering a secure custom slide-latch closing mechanism while adding to the overall definition and separation from other outdoor areas. Each gate’s construction allows for many years of enjoyment and usage while resistant to weather and element deterioration. The construction of a wrought iron garden gate includes rugged and sturdy hinge operations available in a number of decorative closure styles and designs. With a broad selection of gate decor, varieties include two-door center-closing gates as well as single-door side-closing features, providing further flexibility when it comes to  installation. Gate sizes also accommodate a range of 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ interlocking matching fencing, opening up a world of fence/gate combination possibilities while adapting to any existing structures. Installing a decorative gate to a low garden fence improves the garden focal point and enhances the aesthetic features of the entire design. 

Skillfully customized and handcrafted wrought iron garden gates offer a smart, long lasting and attractive investment decision for significantly improving the surrounding exterior environment. Any location’s outdoor atmosphere is equally as important as the interior; exterior domains represent the true first impression for arriving guests and clientele. Choosing to include any rustic gate concept to a business or personal space creates a welcoming and charming touch, while combining a fair price and minimal installation time.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wrought Iron Gates Throughout The Ages

Although the more common use of iron has been around since the ancient Iron Age, the widespread use of ornamental wrought iron gates did not make an appearance until the Middle Ages. Nowhere is this more evident than throughout most of the major cities of Europe and many North and Latin American cities. Typically, they can be most seen in cemeteries, Baroque palaces, Gothic cathedrals, private cottages and churchyards.

Visits to the cities of New Orleans, Louisiana and Miami, Florida will attest to the cultural influence of a European lifestyle. Elegantly fashioned wrought iron gates are commonly found in many places in gateways, windows, door entrance ways and balcony railings. Some residents have them installed as a matter of security and privacy; however, other people may consider it a matter of elegance. In either case, ornamental wrought iron gates give an air of prestige to those who have them on their property.

Common Use

Traditionally, giant wrought iron gates with adjoining smaller gates have been used to help ensure security to residences, properties and even city gates. Until fairly recently, in northern Florida’s world famous Old World city of St. Augustine, imposing ornamental wrought iron gates have guarded city streets since the earliest Spanish conquest.

Today, iron gates can still be seen throughout the old colonial city and other modern cities as well. Wrought iron fences, stair railings, pool enclosures, outdoor furniture and decorative garden/patio adornments commonly form part of the landscape. Their highly elegant and finely detailed lines enhance even the most plain looking homes and gardens for following generations to enjoy.


Although wrought iron is longer lasting than other synthetic materials, it does require some maintenance such as a coat of paint once rust begins to set in. However, it has an ability to endure through any climate for years to come as can be seen in many wrought iron structures from the Middle Ages.


Whether in rustic, ancient, Gothic or Baroque designs, wrought iron gates are available in a wide selection of styles and colors. Primarily sold in black, bronze and white colors with various accents such as a “distressed look” for ancient styles, customers virtually know no limit where tastes and designs are concerned.


Tough, easily malleable and welded, wrought iron is an iron alloy with a low content of carbon. Until the development of steel, wrought iron was the world’s most commonly used form of malleable material. Their use during the early Industrial Age was mostly seen in the construction of battleships, trains and steam ships. However, reaching the climax of industrial utilization in the early 1860s, the introduction of mild steel soon replaced wrought iron as the prime industrial material.

When thinking of wrought iron gates, a person may envision seclusion, privacy, security and a sense of quintessential Gothic foreboding. However, another person may visualize elegance, finery and charm. To someone else, wrought iron gates signify both a practical and ethereal mindset and are gladly incorporated into their lifestyle, whatever it may be.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wrought Iron Fence Sections Can Enhance Your Landscaping

Wrought iron fencing is synonymous with privacy, protection and safety. They are supplied in many styles. Wrought iron fence sections are often ornamental in design, and offer durability, decoration and strength unmatched when comparing with many other fencing products. When considering all the different types of fencing on residential properties, nothing quite stands out like wrought iron.

Metal fencing products have long been notable for their elegance. One factor that has always been a disadvantage to homeowners is price. Today's wrought iron fence sections allow buyers to have elegant fencing at prices that are far more affordable. Wrought iron is used in both residential and commercial applications. Although they are fully welded, this type of fence can be modified for pool or residential perimeter use. Typically, commercial fence panels offer thicker pickets and rails for heightened security.

Most wrought iron fence panels are constructed with a bullet or pyramid design. A more recent trend is adding a metal ball on top of each post. Some homeowners opt for a pineapple post decoration, as it is a well-known symbol that conveys a message of welcome. Although wrought iron fencing is often regarded as an enhancement, it also has many security and privacy features. You can choose the size and height you prefer in a number of architectural designs.

If you are purchasing custom wrought iron fence sections, the color you choose primarily depends on the type of home you have. Two of the most popular color categories for fence panels are black and white. If choosing black, you'll need to decide whether you desire a matte finish or high gloss sheen. Before deciding on a color, it's important to consider the upkeep and maintenance associated with your choice. A professional fence company can help you select a quality original paint that can withstand the elements.

Wrought iron fences have become one of the most effective for security purposes. It is almost impossible to damage or tear down this type of fencing. Those with sharp posts are very difficult to scale. As with any other home security effort, a determined and resourceful intruder can still find ways to invade a property. However, with a wrought iron fence in place most potential intruders will more than likely not make the effort.

Choosing to customize your wrought iron fence panels is an excellent choice. It provides homeowners with an opportunity to design and showcase something unique on their property. Wrought iron fencing is often combined with brick fencing to achieve a desired level of privacy such as vision and noise screening. An additional benefit to wrought iron aside from the visual appeal it offers is the fact that it adds to your property's value.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things To Consider When Purchasing Iron Fencing And Gates

There are many things to consider when purchasing iron fencing and gates. When looking for an iron fence that will enhance the beauty of your property once it has been installed, it’s important to consider all aspects of the fence including the costs for installation.

One of the first things to consider when searching for iron fencing and gates is the style of the fence. Iron fences can have styles that vary widely, and a person should look at many different options in order to determine which one would best complement the style of architecture on the rest of the property and what function the fencing and gates will ultimately serve.  Is the fencing going to serve as merely a demarcation of property lines, is it going to be installed to enhance the security of the property or is it going to function as an important design element to beautify the area it surrounds?  The benefit of iron fencing is that it can do all of these things and do them well.

Once a person has selected the style that they want, color would be the next consideration. Iron fences are available in a wide range of colors.  Depending on the style and function of the fence, color can either make the design pop, or blend into the landscaping.  A trusted company can paint the iron fence in order to make it look elegant, rustic and classy.

Iron gates are available in many different styles. Usually, people select a gate that matches the style of iron fence that they've chosen. One should also consider whether they want a single or double gate, and whether they want it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the fencing, or if they would rather have their gate be more decorative, and act as an accent piece to embellish an entryway to a garden or patio.  In some cases, they may want to consider a gate that incorporates a trellis into the design, so that the landscaping surrounding the gate can include climbing shrubs or vines that can further dramatize and enhance the beauty of gate.

Some people purchase iron fencing and gates because of their classy style and appeal; however, some people purchase them for privacy and for additional security for their property and home. A person who is purchasing an iron fence for enhanced security and protection may want to choose an iron fence that is higher, while a person who is purchasing the fence for its looks and appeal might choose a lower fence. Iron fences come in various heights, and a customer can purchase a fence that is as low as 3 feet or a fence that is higher than 7 feet.

Side posts add style to any iron fence, and there are usually many different side posts to choose from. Side posts are particularly sturdy and durable in order to give the fence added strength in the locations where one part of the fence connects to another.

The cost of installing an iron fence and gate can vary widely depending on a number of factors including the size of the property, the type of iron fence and gate that the customer has purchased and the terrain on which the fence will be installed.

Usually, a company that specializes in iron fences and gates will give its customers a free price quote that will include the costs of the fence, the gate and installation. Sometimes, a company may give their customers certain discounts and deals for particular types of fences.

If  you're intrigued by the beauty and utility of these fences and gates and would like to see some lovely examples of them, click here.  A Rustic Garden is a great source for a wide variety of items to enhance and personalize your home and garden.