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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Uses and Appeal of Decorative Wire Fencing

Tired of boring chain link fences that look like everyone elses? Want to create a vibrant and interesting accent to your yard that fits your life style and personality? Then decorative wire fencing could be for you.

Decorative wire fencing is an inexpensive alternative to regular chain link fencing or heavy wrought iron fencing. Its unique and attractive appearance will add creative modern or rustic touches to any yard, whether for your home, office, or park. Wire fencing is strong and durable, yet also light weight and flexible, so it can be made into many different designs.  This type of fencing is often overlooked when a homeowner is considering different types, yet it has a unique, timeless appeal and an awful lot of bang for your buck.

Want to show everyone your home is your castle? You can design your own monogrammed driveway gate inviting guests onto your property, use decorative smaller fences to line your walkways and keep animals out of your flowers, or have an intricate arbor leading into your own secret garden. The creative landscaping possibilities could be endless.

There are many different designs to choose from to create your own unique look and make yourself stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Some companies even offer custom made and handmade designs and sizes to fit any space or shape. Apply colorful paint to liven up your yard, making it more noticeable; use classic colors to keep your yard sharp and modern, have an antique look for the rustic, country feel, or mix and match the designs you prefer.

Are you concerned about your yards privacy? Set up wire trellises that can be attached to the top of your fence or around your house as support for climbing vines and flowers to grow on, or have shrubs and climbing vines planted at the base of your wire fence surrounding your yard creating a private garden, a naturally growing enclosure, and a wind break.

Do you have a pool that needs to be surrounded? Quick and easy installation of wire fencing gives you the safety and durability you need while keeping your pool area, yard, and garden cohesive, with corresponding styles. There’s no need to have those tacky, plastic pool fences when you can use matching wire fencing to tie your yard together and keep it looking beautiful, as well as safe.

Looking to sell your home? According to Better Homes and Gardens, “Curb appeal starts with quality landscaping that enhances the style of your home.” Adding decorative wire fencing with beautiful accent gates and trellises may increase your home’s value by creating wonderful curb appeal. Outdoor living enhancements, such as arbors, pergolas, and landscaped garden settings also appeal to buyers and can be created with wire fencing.

Wire fencing also has many other uses. Give you dog some space, but keep them protected with an open dog run. Enclose your pasture or field, keeping your animals in and unwanted animals out. Create a safe, fenced play area for your children. Separate a property line with neighbors, for your home or your office.


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