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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Traditional Beauty of Wrought Iron Garden Fencing

No matter what size a garden is, or where it's located, a metal garden fence not only protects plants from damage but it can also add to the overall appearance of the garden and the adjoining property. Wrought iron fencing is quick and easy to install and is available in more than 10 different colors. Because of the large variety of hues available, many property owners like to color-coordinate their fencing with the paint color of their house or building. 

One type of metal fencing for gardens that is a favorite of homeowners everywhere is a wrought iron large hoop & spear fence. This fencing features an old-fashioned hoop design that is accentuated by multiple horizontal metal rods. Another popular variation in wrought iron is sunburst design garden fencing, a great addition to any property. Whether it's used for bordering or edging in gardens, the sunburst design in this fencing always looks good.

New Orleans-style wrought iron garden fencing with its multiple vertical rods bisected by top and bottom horizontal rods is an attractive type of fencing that lends an air of elegance to any property it adorns.  A somewhat whimsical yet very attractive garden fencing design is the pineapple pattern. This type of fencing features wrought iron pineapples accented by curved lines that intersect with angular iron rods.  Pineapples are considered a symbol of welcome, very appropriate for an entrance area.

Garden fencing that features a braided heart design is very popular in gardens of all sizes. A pattern of braided iron hearts co-mingles with multiple vertical rods, creating a pleasing and romantic border or edging for any size or type of garden, especially those with a country theme. A wrought iron lattice fence adds a sense of elegance to any garden area. This type of metal garden fence features a diagonal lattice base that is topped with customized hoops and vertical rods.  Another classic metal garden fencing design contains an ace of spades motif that features spade-shaped iron pieces and rounded scrollwork sandwiched between horizontal rods.

One of the most popular designs for metal garden fencing is wrought iron decorative Mexican-style fencing. This wide type of fencing consists of several hoops with scrollwork and spears intersected with top and bottom vertical rods.  It has a very traditional, “Old World” look, which is entirely appropriate for wrought iron fencing in any application.  Some of the other types of metal garden fencing that are available are decorative heart swag fences, turnip metal border fencing, large iron head board fencing and connecting Fleur De Lis metal fencing.

Whether it's for a small garden located in someone's back yard or for a large commercial or community garden, the installation of a metal garden fence can help to protect the plants that are growing there as well as add to the overall appearance of the garden.


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