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Friday, March 29, 2013

Metal Window Box Planters

If you are an avid gardener in search of a unique way to extend your horticultural experience to your living areas and happen to have access to a suitable window, then check out how metal window box planters can benefit you.  

These beautiful planters, made of wrought iron, have a very rustic, Mediterranean feeling about them.  They would fit very well in any type of garden, and would even be useful for an apartment dweller whose space to do outdoor gardening is limited, but has access to a window that opens on a porch or balcony.  In that case, a flower or herb filled window box could turn an otherwise inhospitable balcony into an inviting place to catch a breath of fresh air.  A cascade of petunias and oregano might even draw a few butterflies and would certainly enhance the window view.

This type of planter is very popular with avid gardeners because they provide a healthy environment for an annual’s root system and discourage root rot.  They are meant to be used with a liner of some type, typically a fibrous liner made of compressed fibers called coir.  However a new alternative is available called Moisture Mat Liner, made by Braun Manufacturing, a leader in horticulture products. This liner is sold by the foot, in five-foot wide rolls.  It still offers a superior environment for a plant’s roots, but it is much more efficient for water retention than the widely available fiber liners, and promises to be much more durable as well.  Durability has always been an issue with the usual coir liners, causing the gardener to have to seek out replacement liners annually that will fit the wrought iron baskets and boxes that are such a highly regarded and beautiful garden accessory.  This Moisture Max liner, available in a mossy green, promises to be a welcome improvement for lining this type of container

On a patio, these metal window box planters will help bring the beauty of your garden right up to your home’s eyes on the world and provide a lush addition to that patio’s décor.  Imagine how nice it would be to look out of your kitchen window this summer and see and smell the herbs you’ll be adding to tonight’s dinner.

No matter the size of your window, you should be able to find a metal window box planter that will be the perfect fit for your window.  They are available in a rainbow of colors and finishes, from rusty to vintage yellow and green. The sizes range from 30 inches long on up to 45 inches.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these lovely planters, please visit A Rustic Garden by clicking here.  If you like these planters, you will love the other products featured there, a unique marketplace for vintage home and garden gear, everything from iron trellises and gazebos to rugs and fountains..


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