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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Benefits of Using Chandeliers with Real Candles

From as far back as the days of the cavemen, light has been a necessity in order to perform tasks in the dark. From fiery torches and oil lanterns to candles and battery-operated flashlights, light has been used through both natural and artificial forms. Over the past several centuries, especially in medieval times to today, different forms of lighting have been used as both a necessity and objects of decoration. One of the main types of lighting decorations has been and still is the chandelier.

In general, one might think of chandeliers as being large, jeweled decoration pieces that hang from ceilings in medieval castles and royal palaces. This is not always the case. In fact, chandeliers come in many sizes, colors, and shapes and can be hanged in any room of any home or business. In modern times, they are used mostly for interior designing purposes and usually operated with electric light bulbs. In some cases, some people prefer to remain old-fashioned by appreciating rustic chandeliers with real candles that are meant to be burned manually. Aside from using them as decoration pieces, a person will discover other, more important benefits of using them during certain situations.

One benefit that this kind of lighting brings is that it saves money on one’s electricity bill. In addition, a person can choose whether they want the candles to be scented, unscented or of specific colors or designs when buying replacements. There are also candles that are made with all natural cotton wicks that produce less smoke so one can keep their chandeliers lit for hours and never worry about filling a room with smoky residue.

When a person is experiencing a power outage, lighting candles on a chandelier will also help a room be beautifully lit up, leaving the person to forget that his or her electric lights are not even working. One trick that is very helpful is to have a mirror facing the chandelier so that when the candles are lit, the light will reflect through the mirror, making a room appear to be even brighter. Remember, no matter what these beautiful pieces of art are being used for, everyone should read the warning labels on real candles before lighting them. If warning labels are not provided, then there is a lot of information online to learn about the proper safety tips of burning candles.