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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Using Wrought Iron Brackets for Hanging Baskets

Home renovations have reached all new levels. They started repurposing furniture and other items to decorate the home, save money and provide a greener way of doing things. About the same time, people began taking elements of the outdoors in to provide a more relaxed setting. For instance, water fountains, hammocks, and trees made their way inside the home. In more recent years, people have taken to bringing the indoors out. Outdoor kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and theater rooms have become the norm. In whichever way people decide to use their homes, two things ring true: the importance of choosing the décor and how best to use the home to increase entertainment.

Whichever the intention of the homeowner—building an outdoor room, bringing outdoor elements in or finding new uses in the home—wrought iron brackets for hanging baskets help to make it happen. Beyond choosing the perfect furniture for outdoor entertainment, it’s important to maintain outdoor elements. The back yard and front yard typically feature exquisite gardens. However, while people build their outdoor rooms, less space is available for these gardens. Without plants, the backyard would be bare. To remedy the situation, places need to be reserved for plants. Hanging baskets provides an excellent way to showcase plants.

However, hanging baskets helps those who wish to bring the outdoors in as well. Keeping plants in the home offers numerous benefits. For starters, it increases the amount of oxygen in the home. It has been shown that plants reduce poor air quality in the home, and plants help to lift the spirits. Using hanging baskets provides a way to store numerous plants in the home—in any room imaginable.

Besides holding plants, hanging baskets can be used in other ways as well. One of the most basic methods for storage is using all available space. This includes the use of walls. People have taken to keeping their dirty laundry and other items on the wall. Hanging baskets can be used to store any item desired—remote controls, books or potpourri.

It’s the simplest things in life that seem to bring the most amount of enjoyment. Hanging baskets should be included amongst the simplest things for their usage makes the home more functional and more enjoyable.

Monday, May 25, 2015

What Can I Do With Ornamental Garden Fencing

Your property may have some areas that are used in different ways. It’s a good idea to separate these areas with easy-to-install fencing that protects valuable garden plants and makes a clear separation from other uses. Ornamental garden fencing makes an attractive and flexible way to delineate these areas, for your changing needs. Fencing is available in 36”, 42” and 48” heights for a variety of purposes.

Separating Vegetable Gardens
If you enjoy planting a vegetable garden each spring, you know the amount of time and work you must invest in getting your plants to fruition. Keeping these areas safe from children’s play and damage from pets can be a challenge. Ornamental fencing allows you to protect your forming vegetables while providing decorative interest on your property.

Containing Flower Gardens
Your flower garden can provide a visual display of blooms that adds a natural, decorative note to your outdoor areas. However, these plants can be easily damaged by play activities or digging by pets. Garden fencing creates a barrier to protect your delicate flowers, so their beauty can be preserved throughout the growing season.

Delineating Play Areas
Keeping children’s fun confined to play areas can be a challenge. Ornamental fencing is an excellent option for setting boundaries to keep kids out of landscape plants that could be damaged or could cause injury. Decorative fencing can also ensure that children don’t run thoughtlessly into the street. You can choose from 36”, 42” or 48” fencing to provide the right amount of containment for your needs.

Outlining Walkways
Another attractive use for fencing is to outline walkways that allow access to areas of the property. The use of fencing along the walkways provides a neat and organized look. Fencing along these areas also ensures that landscape plants are protected against foot traffic.

Ornamental garden fencing can be used in many different ways to give your property order and definition. See how ornamental fencing can be used for your particular needs. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to Choose The Right Garden Arbor

Adding a garden arbor or pergola is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to beautify a home's grounds. The problem is that few homeowners take the time to plan out arbor installations beforehand. When picking out garden arbors, it's important to mull the following before settling on a specific model.

Physical Dimensions

Selecting the appropriate width and height for an arbor is arguably the most important part of the process. A good arbor should be at least as large as a standard door. Furthermore, it shouldn't be so tall or wide that it stands seems awkward or out of place.

Architectural Style

A good arbor compliments the property that it graces rather than clashing with it. For example, a classic Victorian would look beautiful with an ornate arbor leading to the back garden. On the other hand, a Cape or saltbox would be better served by a simpler design.

Functional Considerations

While many arbors look just fine without any adornment, most homeowners plan on adding creeping vines at some point. Some plants are relatively heavy and need a beefier arbor to support their weight. Consider just how sturdy any given arbor will need to be over the long haul.

Materials & Construction

An arbor can be fashioned out of just about any material imaginable. Some are simply better than others for certain purposes and layouts. For instance, a wrought iron arbor can take a beating and support weight far better than a wooden one while providing design flexibility.

Cost and Overall Value

Last but not least, one must consider budget and life expectancy when picking out the best arbor possible. While most arbors are pretty cheap, some offer better ROI than others. For example, wooden arbors will require more maintenance than metal varieties and won't last as long.

An Arch for All Seasons

After carefully considering each of the preceding factors, the average homeowner should have a solid idea of what will work best for them. No matter how picky a homeowner may be, there are at least a few garden arbors out there that will suit their discriminating tastes. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Decorate With Wood Pot Racks

Wooden décor is extremely popular in interior design at the moment. Items constructed out of reclaimed, rustic wood are particularly in demand. For the person who wants to add instant style to his or her abode, incorporating wood pot racks into his or her home is a very good idea. These beautiful home décor items work well in all rooms of the home.


Spring is the time of the year for purchasing beautiful floral hanging baskets. For many people, a sunroom is a preferred place to display baskets of foliage and flowers. One can accomplish this task by buying wooden pot racks. Numerous hanging baskets can be hung from one of these handy types of racks. Simply hang this stylish home décor item directly in front of a large window. With this convenient tool, one can easily enjoy gazing at beautiful hanging baskets indoors.


Obviously, the kitchen is a great place to hang wooden pot racks. To create a modern, but rustic, design, one can pair a reclaimed wooden pot rack with a glass mosaic backsplash, chrome cabinet hardware, and quartz countertops in the kitchen.

Laundry Room

Many people tend to neglect decorating their laundry rooms. However, adding some personality to this often drab space may make washing clothes more enjoyable. A wood pot rack is a great place to hang wet clothes.

Dining Room

One may wonder how a dining room can be accessorized with a wood pot rack. While this fixture might not be popular in this area of the home, it can make a beautiful, bold statement. Wooden pot racks can be used as the base for an interesting, rustic chandelier in the dining room.

Many people get anxious about decorating their homes for a variety of reasons. Some people lack knowledge about home décor. Others worry about spending too much money. Thankfully, one type of item looks fabulous in all styles of homes. Wood pot racks are versatile, stylish, and easy to maintain. They can transform a dull space into a showroom.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beginner's Guide to Iron Planter Boxes

Iron planter boxes are a picturesque way to spice up a garden or backyard. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be tailored to fit any space. They are also an easy way for a beginning gardener to add variety to their garden.

How to Use Planter Boxes

Iron Planter Boxes are durable, simple to use and add a dash of rustic charm to any garden. There are several effective ways to plant flowers in planter boxes:

1. Place an already planted flowerpot into the planter box. Depending on the size of the planter, several flowerpots may fit. Arrange them in a way that is attractive and colorful. Use bark, moss or other materials to fill around the pots, giving them a uniform appearance.

2. Line the planter box with a moisture mat liner. Liners ensure that the soil stays moist and that plants stay insulated. When a planter box is lined with a moisture mat liner, plants don't need to be watered as frequently. If a flower dies or wilts, it is easy to change liners and add fresh plants to the planter box.

However a gardener decides to use their planter box, it is always important to take good care of the plants and give them regular attention. Fill the container with quality soil, leave at least an inch at the top of the container to allow for watering, remove faded growth, and regularly feed the plants liquid fertilizer. This ensures healthy flowers that last.

The Types of Planter Boxes

There are many types of planter boxes; from classic window boxes to wrought iron plant stands. Gardeners with limited space might want to plant in metal hanging baskets or wall basket planters, which add style to a small garden. People are looking to decorate a large backyard might want to use wrought iron plant stands or wrought iron urns, which range in style from whimsical to traditional.

Planter boxes are a great addition to any garden. If they are planted correctly and cared for properly, they can become a focal point of any outdoor space.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Decorating With Plant Stands: Wrought Iron

The trend of creating beautiful masterpieces outside the home in an effort to expand the home’s use shows no sign of slowing down. There are major television shows dedicated to finding people who are willing to turn over their backyards to create these pieces of art. These major renovations include tranquil streams of water, curved pergolas, privacy screens, fire pits, intricate decks, phenomenal barbecues and everything else imaginable. Redesigning the backyard for outdoor living provides a place to getaway, couple alone time and a place to entertain guests. It’s truly amazing what people accomplish.

Creating outdoor living spaces can take on numerous designs. One thing seems to ring true no matter which design is used: Outdoor living spaces need a place for cooking, an area for eating, and a place to lounge. Creating outdoor kitchens are easy to do. This depends on how grand a kitchen a homeowner decides to design; however, a barbecue and a smoker are sufficient. An eating area may include a deck and outdoor lawn furniture or wicker furniture. Seating areas for the purposes of lounging may include lawn chairs, benches, hammocks or couches.

Creating an outdoor living space includes substantial wood and stonework, but it is important to maintain a sense of the outdoors with essential elements. For instance, it’s important to include plants in the outdoor living space. This can be done by keeping plants on top of flat furniture or storage units, tiered gardens or otherwise strategically placed around the yard. Whether a homeowner is seeking to put plants inside the home or cleverly showcase them outside, using plant stands wrought iron if a beautiful way to maintain and show them. Adding plants to the home helps to freshen the air, and plants aid in raising the spirits. Incorporate other elements, such as water to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Creating a place of beauty inside or outside the home extends its usage. There are many benefits to creating outdoor living spaces. For instance, clean-up is far easier to achieve outdoors than indoors. Venture outside, and imagine what can be created there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cool Ideas For Using Country Antique Decor

If you love the country antique decor look, then there is a variety of ways to make these items work in your home. For example, you can dress up an antique ladder to create shelves to hold planters, quilts or wine racks. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating in a country styled theme. Antique ladders can be found online in a variety of colors and styles.

Antique Country Decorating Tips

Decorating the home is an excellent way to display your unique style and tastes. Antique iron shutters are a great way to change the look of the outside of your home. Antique milk jugs are a great way to make wood-topped, functional and stylish side tables. Vintage chandeliers will create light while adding to the existing country theme.

The country theme found inside your home can be extended to the outdoors. Choose urn planters, arbors and gazebos that are from the past. This will ensure your country theme is complete throughout your decorating scheme. A unique garden bench will complement the existing country hardscape. Iron fencing is an excellent way to define the boundaries while giving you the ability to view natural wildlife.

Complete your country theme inside the home with accessories such as pillows, tablecloths and wall art. Repurpose antique furniture to create your country dream home. Vinyl hardwood floors are a great way to finish your country theme throughout your home. Vinyl flooring is available in planks that are easy to install with the adhesive already on the back of the planks. The cost of vinyl flooring is approximately $200 per room.

Vinyl flooring is also available in a wide range of shades to complement any decorating scheme. Handmade quilts can be used to make beautiful wall coverings or as a focal point. Each room in your home should have a focal point where the eye naturally falls. A large, homemade quilt can easily be found online or at antique markets. A country theme is easy to achieve and should not cost you a lot of money to create the design of your dreams.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Elegant Lighting for Outdoor Living

The residential design world of today has seen a growing trend in people turning their yards and acreage into outdoor living space. From outdoor kitchens, complete with stove and refrigerator, to outdoor lounges with plush furnishings and stylish decor. No matter what type of space is being created, the one element needed for any outdoor space is great lighting.

Some outdoor areas can rely on the natural light from the sun, moon and stars. However, in most residential climates, the weather is not perfect all of the time but people still want to get optimal use out of the space. Lighting becomes essential during inclement weather.

There are many options when determining the right outdoor lighting including price, type of light, type of space and desired energy-efficiency. One elegant option is the outdoor candelabra chandelier which comes in a vast array of styles and designs. They are most often made of wrought iron but are sometimes made out of antlers or wood or synthetic materials that withstand the harsher weather.

Chandelier candelabras the advantage of being flexible in the brightness and saturation of light they provide. These lighting accessories can be made to use standard light bulbs or even energy-efficient LED bulbs. They can use faux-candle lights, with either regular or LED bulbs. The number of candles can also vary depending on the size, shape and number of tiers to the piece.

Some people prefer to make their own outdoor candelabra chandeliers. Some have been made from a combination of scrap metal and mason jars while others have used electrical wire and wine bottles. Making outdoor lighting can be a laborious endeavor but for the do-it-yourself lover or handicrafts aficionado it could become their "raison d'etre".

There are many other options for outdoor lighting including ground lighting, free-standing or post lighting and even other varieties of hanging lights. In order to choose the best lighting for any outdoor space, consideration must be given budgets for money and time both, the design and layout of the space, the desired lighting effect and atmosphere as well as the use of the space.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Why Use Wrought Iron Hanging Wine Racks

Decorating a home beautifully often means finding a balance between functional features and decorative items. Storage is often a primary concern when dressing up a space as well, and home décor can suffer when a space is cluttered. Some of your items may need to be stored away out of sight, but other items can be beautifully displayed through the right storage features. When it comes to storing your extra wine bottles, displaying them is often preferred. An excellent idea is to invest in wrought iron hanging wine racks to display your bottles in a decorative way.

Wrought iron is a gorgeous material that complements many homes with beautiful results. The rustic look of wrought iron can be used to enhance homes with décor that ranges from traditional to modern. The material can be used sparingly for emphasis or in many aspects of the décor for a broad impact. When you select wrought iron hanging wine racks for your space, you can place these features in a prominent location in your kitchen. They also look fabulous as a display and storage element in a dining area or next to a built-in bar. There are several beautiful styles to choose from, and they may give you space to store several bottles of wine or more in a decorative way.

Leaving bottles of wine laying on your counters is not ideal, and you may not want to store them away in a cabinet hidden from view. Placing a decorative hanging wine rack on your wall gives you a convenient and attractive way to display your wine bottles. This frees up cabinet and counter space, and it helps you to make better use of your wall space while solving a decorating dilemma at the same time. There are many lovely styles available to choose from, including some with a more ornate design as well as others that have a simplistically elegant look. You can learn more about some of the many gorgeous styles of wrought iron wine racks designed to hang on walls today, and you may easily fall in love with several stylish options.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4 Types of Garden Signs

Now that spring has finally arrived, many people are busy working in their gardens. Some people are planting vegetable gardens while others are planting flower gardens. Regardless of the type of garden they are working with, they might wish to add some color and character to their spaces. One way to accomplish this task is by purchasing primitive garden signs. Many types of these signs are available on the market today.


Welcome signs are popular for the garden. If a person has a sitting area in his or her garden space, buying a welcome sign adds a homey, personal touch. Even if a gardener doesn’t have a seating area in a garden, he or she can add interest to it by investing in a unique welcome sign.


Initialed items are in high demand right now. When one visits his or her favorite retail establishment, he or she will probably see jewelry, clothing, and accessories containing initials. One can also purchase garden signs with initials as well. To create a rustic look in a garden, one should search for designs made out of distressed wood or metal.


Besides welcome and initial primitive garden signs, one might be interested in buying whimsical ones too. This type of sign is fun; and, it sometimes contains interesting pictures. This type of sign might even include a popular phrase written in a foreign language.


Identifying garden signs are extremely practical. They can be used to label the various sections of one’s garden. For instance, a flower garden might contain identifying signs for roses, petunias, daffodils, and geraniums. Or, a vegetable garden might have signs for potatoes, peas, squash, and turnips.

Regardless of whether someone wants to create a unique statement in his or her garden or label the components of his or her garden, he or she can do so by purchasing garden signs. These beautiful, decorative markers will look lovely in any garden for many years to come.