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Monday, May 25, 2015

What Can I Do With Ornamental Garden Fencing

Your property may have some areas that are used in different ways. It’s a good idea to separate these areas with easy-to-install fencing that protects valuable garden plants and makes a clear separation from other uses. Ornamental garden fencing makes an attractive and flexible way to delineate these areas, for your changing needs. Fencing is available in 36”, 42” and 48” heights for a variety of purposes.

Separating Vegetable Gardens
If you enjoy planting a vegetable garden each spring, you know the amount of time and work you must invest in getting your plants to fruition. Keeping these areas safe from children’s play and damage from pets can be a challenge. Ornamental fencing allows you to protect your forming vegetables while providing decorative interest on your property.

Containing Flower Gardens
Your flower garden can provide a visual display of blooms that adds a natural, decorative note to your outdoor areas. However, these plants can be easily damaged by play activities or digging by pets. Garden fencing creates a barrier to protect your delicate flowers, so their beauty can be preserved throughout the growing season.

Delineating Play Areas
Keeping children’s fun confined to play areas can be a challenge. Ornamental fencing is an excellent option for setting boundaries to keep kids out of landscape plants that could be damaged or could cause injury. Decorative fencing can also ensure that children don’t run thoughtlessly into the street. You can choose from 36”, 42” or 48” fencing to provide the right amount of containment for your needs.

Outlining Walkways
Another attractive use for fencing is to outline walkways that allow access to areas of the property. The use of fencing along the walkways provides a neat and organized look. Fencing along these areas also ensures that landscape plants are protected against foot traffic.

Ornamental garden fencing can be used in many different ways to give your property order and definition. See how ornamental fencing can be used for your particular needs. 


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