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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Three Different Styles of Wrought Iron Gates

A wrought iron gate can instantly add a measure of class to a property. Installing it makes a statement about quality and heritage. With all the types available, it can seem hard to choose just one. Here are three basic styles of wrought iron gates to work with. 

The Classic Arch design works well for almost any placement. In this design, a long piece of iron attached to the top of the gate defines a graceful arch over the entire piece. Pickets can be crafted to be longer in the middle and shorter on the sides to fill the entire arch. Some prefer to use a straight line of pickets and leave the arch area open. For driveways and other double gates, the arch is often split at the high point to form two perfect half-arch gates.

One of the most romantic styles of wrought iron gates is the arbor gate. In this design, the gate is enclosed within an arbor that wraps over the top. The arbor supports vines or small trees that are planted at its base. As they grow, they create a lovely little tunnel that people pass through while using the gate. Arbor Gates are an excellent addition to gardens or walkways. They provide a bit of natural beauty and some privacy as well.

An ornate gate has designs worked into the wrought iron. It is a style that combines utility with style. This is a wonderful choice for people who wish to personalize their gates. Many different decorations can be added to the gate in many different places. Some people prefer a large design in the arch area. Others like to use decorative finials on top of the pickets. The options are endless.

Wrought iron is durable and attractive. It adds value and security to a home. Take some time to consider different options. Choose the right gate, and it will enhance a property for years to come.


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