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Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Decorate Using a Heart Trellis

Indoor and outside, there are many possibilities for using a heart trellis for decorating. Now that spring has arrived, many people are looking for new ways to give their home and yard a fresh new look. A trellis is a great way to add a fresh look and texture to the home or yard.

Growing Vines and Flowers 
A trellis can be the centerpiece of a person’s backyard. Once the trellis has been placed in the yard and stabilized, growing vines and creeping flowering plants can be added to make the trellis even more beautiful. One can choose among a certain of vine-like ivy to add green to the trellis or a blooming vine with flowers of various colors and sizes to add a burst of color to one’s yard. If you take the time to add flowers and vines to the trellis, it will appear as if it has been a feature in one’s yard for many years.

Background Piece
By attaching a heart trellis to a fence, one can use it as a background piece for a larger display. In front of the trellis, a centerpiece of flowers or plants can be created using decorative planters. One might decide to create a line of small bushes or flowering shrubs with the hearts peeking out at the top. Using this type of trellis and creating a display can turn a backyard into a magical and romantic escape from day to day life.

Inside the Home
If one enjoys thinking outside of the box, they could use a trellis as a centerpiece inside the home. The trellis can be affixed to a wall. There are many ways to make this decoration even more beautiful. One might consider painting inside the hearts or adding family photographs such as newborn babies and wedding photos. Adding a trellis inside will showcase the owner’s artistic skills and innovativeness.

With the purchase of a trellis, there are many design opportunities available. It can be used as either a focal piece or a background accent piece in a larger design. No matter where it is placed, a trellis will bring beauty to a home and yard. 


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