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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Garden Archway Trellis

Trellises have been placed in formal, rustic and casual gardens for centuries. One of the most attractive designs in trellises is the garden archway trellis. It looks wonderful in traditional Victorian gardens or fanciful rustic gardens. When placed over stepping stones or a garden path, this trellis evokes a kind of nostalgia for the days when quaint garden accessories provided a sense of tranquility.

Archway Trellis Designs for Your Garden
Most trellises today are pre-built. However, they are manufactured in a variety of shapes and designs. Materials of manufacture may also vary widely. For example, a truly rustic trellis might be manufactured from wrought iron or wood. These are the most durable and attractive. The delicate designs from which wrought iron can be fashioned makes trellises spectacular additions to gardens.

Enter Through an Archway Trellis
An archway trellis can be placed in front of a gated entrance or it can stand alone as a picturesque garden accessory that accents a magnificent floral garden. Some wrought iron trellises are ornate in design and allow for more creative ideas on where they attract the most attention. Choose one with a gate attached. Place two small wrought iron benches on the outer sides of the trellis for a cozy retreat to read a book or take in the fresh air and sunshine.

An Archway Trellis Captures a View
Here's a tip to insure that an archway trellis provides a glorious view a garden needs. Stand beneath the trellis. Then, imagine the trellis as the lens of a camera. What view is most idyllic? Perhaps in a very rural area, the view might be a giant dome of blue sky or an emerald field. In a smaller, cozy garden setting, the archway trellis might highlight the conical shape of an evergreen, a tree covered in bright blooms or a riot of colorful flowers. An archway trellis is very much like an artist's canvas. It creates a beautiful view or it can be any view the gardener wishes to share with the world. Make a signature garden statement with an rustic archway trellis.


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