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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why Wrought Iron Plant Stands Are a Good Choice for Any Home or Garden

Plant stands can add something special to any home, garden or patio. They also serve the important purpose of supporting your plants so that they get proper drainage. Plant stands come in many types of materials today. Wrought iron plant stands have several beneficial properties over other materials that make them a perfect choice for any home or garden.


Plants in containers can become very heavy. This is especially true after adding in the weight of the water saturating the soil and new growth. Some plant stands made from lesser materials are not going to be able to withstand this weight. They will slowly warp or even break from the strain. Wrought iron stands are incredibly strong. They can support the largest plants or multiple containers without any problems.

Design Elegance

Although wrought iron is very strong and durable in the final state, it is also highly malleable when someone is using proper techniques to create plant stands. This means that the stands available can be created in many different elegant designs. The metal can be woven into elaborate shapes and patterns to create distinctive pieces anyone will enjoy. The elegance of the designs is one of the reasons wrought iron stands are so popular today.

Long Lasting

Wrought iron is a durable metal. It is perfectly suited to spend time outside. Constant exposure to water from rain or watering plants will not affect it like wood. The reality is that wrought iron plant stands can last for a lifetime if they are cared for correctly. This means removing any rust that develops, keeping the surface clean and occasionally treating the surface if necessary. The iron can take on a patina over time that gives the stand an interesting appearance.


Something every gardener is concerned about is a plant stand tipping over. This can happen due to strong wind, weak materials or a poor design. Wrought iron is a very heavy and dense material. It has a significant amount of weight. This means that plant stands made from wrought iron will be exceptionally stable when placed outside on a level surface. It will be very difficult for wind, rain or a heavy plant to knock the stand down.


At May 5, 2015 at 12:10 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I think you're right about wrought iron plant stands. You can customize them really easily and they can withstand quite a bit of weather. My wife is really big into plant stands around the patio and in the garden. She loves her flowers a lot too, so I think she'd definitely want a stand that's sturdy.


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