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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On Trend: Decorative Marquee Letters

Monograms have been popular for centuries as a way to personalize items. That same principle has more recently been applied to decorative marquee letters. These letters, which are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and colors, are frequently used to decorate a nursery with the baby's initials, make personalized signs or as a fun way to add a unique touch to rooms or even appliances. Here are some of the many options available when it comes to marquee letters.

Choosing Letters
- Material
The first consideration that must be made is that of material. The material of marquee letters will help set the style and tone of the letters and lend to the overall style of the room or item being decorated. Rough-hewn wooden letters will provide a more rustic feel, while polished metal ones will give a more formal feeling to the room or item being decorated. There are many options available, from inexpensive cardboard letters that can be personally decorated to high-end metal or composite letters that are professionally finished.
- Colors or Finish
Depending on the choice of material, the color or finish options can be endless. Wooden letters can be spray painted or hand painted in any color option on the market. Metal letters are a little more restrictive and usually involve choosing a matte or polished finish rather than a specific color, though choosing between silver, gold or brass may still be an option.
- Size
Some companies offer a wide range of sizes while others only offer a few sizes or just one size choice. It's important to choose a letter size that is appropriate for the room or sign in consideration. Along with the question of what size to pick may also come the question of upper case or lower case letters. The vast majority of marquee letters are upper case, but sometimes lower case options can also be found.

Just like monogrammed handkerchiefs of a bygone era, decorative marquee letters serve to personalize a room, sign or item. These letters can add just the right finishing touch to any area.


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