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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Frame Your Yard with short wrought iron fence

Decorator's and artists know that a photo or painting can be transformed from something ordinary into something extraordinary when it is placed in a magnificently attractive frame. Fencing can act as framework for your property and dramatically increase its beauty.

A short wrought iron fence can serve multiple purposes when placed around the perimeter of your yard. It can make a yard a safer place for children and small pets by restricting them to the area inside the fence. On a street where one lawn merges with another, an attractive iron fence can define property boundaries. When a home is located on a spacious piece of property, adding fencing to define the lawn area can make the house and yard the focal point of the property.

A wrought iron fence doesn't totally block the view from either side of the fence. An unobstructed view promotes a sense of spaciousness in much the same way the wrought iron furniture does within a home. It defines and restricts yet allows light to flow through.

Framing a yard with a wrought iron fence can help create a private outdoor space. Wrought iron fences provide the ideal support for climbing vines. Once the vines are established, they can be so thick and lush that they make the area inside the fence a private space.

Sometimes, it's good to color outside the lines to express individual style. A magnificent flower garden can be grown on both sides of an iron fence. The beautiful gate that offers entrance into the yard may be the only unadorned space along the fence. There's a diverse selection of iron gates that enable homeowners to make an impressive design statement or decoratively express their individual design style.

To unify the fence with the landscape, wrought iron trellises, topiaries, arbors and gazebos can be incorporated into the landscape design. Smaller spaces within the boundary fencing can be fenced to create an herb garden or a flower garden. Adding wrought iron outdoor furniture to the garden space creates an even higher level of cohesiveness within the landscape.


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