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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Light Fixtures With Ageless Charm

The word "chandelier" means candleholder which came from "chandelle," French for candle. These elegant light fixtures have been lighting spaces for people since 14th century French medieval churches first used them for illumination. Suspended from the ceilings, chandeliers use two or more candles, or electric lights, to light the area in its vicinity. The first chandeliers were made from wood, but eventually they were being made from high quality components like iron. By the 16th century, cast iron chandeliers were found in many European palaces, as they were seen as a symbol of supreme wealth. Chandeliers grew quite popular after the story of Galileo Galilei observing one swinging, which led to his famous discovery known as the Law of the Pendulum. When the turn of the 18th century came, beautiful wrought iron chandeliers could be found in numerous homes of the rapidly growing merchant class. Today, many people looking to stylishly enhance their living space turn to the use of iron chandeliers for lighting.

Cast iron light fixtures tend to last considerably longer than those made of other materials. Iron chandeliers are perfect for those who live near the ocean, where the salty air can advance the deterioration of light fixtures. Iron is also a natural material, free from all the chemicals sprayed on light fixtures that are made of other materials, in hopes of making them last longer. Many homeowners and renters would agree that decorating a room to look more charming can be difficult if there is a very limited space to work with. Iron chandeliers can definitely increase a room's elegance, as well as, its overall visual appeal while leaving homeowners enough space. This prevents the feeling of being confined in any way. Anyone seeking to transform their living space can surely benefit from purchasing a cast iron chandelier. They can effortlessly create a focal point in any style of room that they are occupying, beautifully illuminating their surroundings and enhancing the environment's ambience.


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