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Friday, December 19, 2014

Garden Obelisks Are a Unique Addition To Your Yard

An accessory that can add personality to any yard is an obelisk. These structures are tall networks of metal that can be used by themselves or that can act as trellises for plants. They are unusual and very attractive. A garden obelisk will make a unique addition to any yard for several reasons.

Create Height in Any Part of the Yard
An obelisk can do the difficult job of adding height quickly in any part of a yard. An obelisk can be erected in just a minute or two by driving the legs into the soil. Plants can then be trained up the obelisk in order to add depth and height to the space. This is especially effective when the plant flowers or produces fruit along the length of the obelisk. The obelisk can change the appearance of the entire yard.

Make Distinctive Shapes
A number of obelisks are currently available that allow anyone to create distinctive shapes in a garden. Some obelisks are tall and straight. Some have rounded tops. A few are spherical. Vines and other plants that grow along the outside of these obelisks will create an usual shape that contrasts against the more natural plantings in the rest of the area.

Create More Space for Plants
Space is at a premium in some gardens and yards. Limited space can make it difficult to grow the selection of plants everyone wants. A garden obelisk provides more space for plants. The obelisk allows plants to start to grow vertically and away from the ground. Installing one is a way to accommodate large plants and vines in a garden where there is little space on the ground.

Add Interest with Obelisks and Other Accessories
Some of the obelisks that are available have special features that can make the yard or garden more interesting. There are designs available that can act as a real sundial when aligned correctly in the yard. Other models have a special space in the top where a mirror ball or gazing ball can be placed. This can create an unexpected point of interest in any yard.


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