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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to Add a Woodland Theme to Your Garden

A woodland theme in a garden is unique attractive and peaceful. Getting that specific woodland feeling is not always easy. It requires balancing garden decorations with plantings and outdoor furniture. The smallest details can sometimes make a large difference when attempting to create this theme. It is possible to take a few steps to add a woodland theme to any garden.

Choose the Right Plants
Choosing the right plants can make it simple to add a woodland theme to any garden. Pick several bushes and shrubs with woody branches that will show through the foliage. Include something like a birch tree on the back borders. Use ground covers like Vinca or ivy to fill the spaces between plantings. Plant some ferns in shady areas for a true woodland look.

Rustic Wooden Furniture
Getting a woodland theme in a garden requires thinking about rustic furniture. The best option is to add a bench or some chairs made from wood that has a natural appearance. Teak is a good and sustainable option although any wooden furniture will do. Place the furniture in an area where there are tall plantings nearby. Avoid furniture pieces that have a highly modern or unnatural appearance in order to maintain the theme.

Include Some Garden Animal Art
Something that can tie the entire woodland theme together is some animal art spread throughout the garden. These small art pieces look like the animals normally seen in woodland settings. Some moose garden decor can add a whimsical feeling to the space while also reinforcing the theme. These pieces of art are interesting and fun. Just a few of these pieces of art are enough to quickly transform the space into a woodland themed garden.

Add Some Moss
A final detail that will create a true woodland theme in a garden is moss. The garden should have patches of moss growing in many areas. Moss can be used as a low and attractive groundcover in tight spaces. It will grow easily on rocks, fixtures and fences. Moss can be purchased already growing. It can also be encouraged to grow by spreading a special liquid mixture on different surfaces in the garden.


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