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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Creative Way to Display Christmas Cards

When the Christmas season arrives, you will probably start getting an abundance of cards in the mail or delivered to you at work. Instead of tossing them on a table, use a few creative ways to display Christmas cards. 

As you get each card, tack it on a bare wall so that you can make a tree. Start at the bottom so that you know how many cards you can have for the limbs of the tree. It's best to add several cards at one time so that you can see where the limbs will be on the wall.

Use a white or tan cork board, glue green ribbon along the edges, and create a small tree on the board with the green ribbon. Cards can be hung from the limbs of the tree. This is an idea for small spaces or if you don't receive a lot of cards through the year. You can also use several boards in different rooms of the home, creating various festive shapes on the boards. Hang shutters that have been painted in Christmas colors on the wall, and place all of the cards you receive in each slot of the shutters.

Create garland and a card holder in one piece when you get thick pieces of ribbon and attach clothespins at even intervals. Attach buttons to the tops of the pins, and decorate them with Christmas pictures. When you get cards, hang them from the pins to create a festive garland that you can display on a mantel or wall. If you have a plant that has lost all of the leaves, consider placing it on a table in the living room and tying the cards to the branches with colorful ribbons. This will give you a decoration for the season while using the plant in the winter.


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