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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Statues Folk-art Yard Decor

Are your outdoor areas dull? It's true that even after investing a great deal of time, effort and expense into making the outdoor areas of your home look their best, it can still seem that something is missing. You may feel that you need more than just a nice lawn or outdoor furniture.

Statues based on traditional folk-art used in order to enhance yard decor have a long history in traditional American property enrichment. The themes vary widely, but some are more common then others. Here are the major categories of folk-art statues typically used for yard decor.

Birds - We all enjoy seeing birds around our property, so why not make them a permanent fixture with outdoor statuary? Roosters are a great and widely used image for folkart statues, but everything from the exotic Tuscan to the common cockatoo can also be had. You can even still buy that all time lawn art classic the Pink Flaming! Regardless of what type of bird you choose, whether it's one carefully placed bird or a whole flock, incorporating our fine feathered friends as folk-art yard decor is always a popular choice.

Small Animals - We love those cute little critters that roam through our yards, but unfortunately they are unreliable visitors who tend to be shy. With yard decor consisting of folk-art statues, you can make our woodland friends into permanent outdoor fixtures. If you have a pool or a pond on your property, statues of frogs and turtles would be especially appropriate.

Large Animals - Although less common as folk-art statues for yard decor, the larger woodland creatures can make quite a positive impression. Drivers will really turn their heads as they pass your house if you have deer, bears or a buffalo on your front lawn.

Don't forget elves, gnomes, flowers and plants, they all make your yard come alive with 3D folk-art figures that your visitors will long admire and remember. In your search for that something extra that can really bring the outdoor areas of your property to life, don't neglect to consider statues folk-art yard decor.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Aluminum Flower Urns and Fountains

The familiar phrase, "less is more" is quite appropriate when it comes to garden and landscape design. There are so many beautiful plants and flowers available and such an abundance of garden decor that there is a temptation to purchase too many items for one area. A small outdoor space does not require small decorative accessories. In fact, a large collection of small items can make the area look cluttered or visually chaotic. A carefully chosen selection of medium and large decor items will make a small garden look more elegant and visually interesting.

Aluminum flower urns and fountains can be used in any size garden or incorporated into any landscape design. A large flower urn can be used as a centerpiece in a garden. A couple of large flower urns placed on either side of a pathway will create an grand entrance into the garden.

Medium size aluminum flower urns are ideal for creating container gardens. A variety of finish options open up numerous opportunities for creating magnificent and complementary flower combinations. Herbs and ornamental grasses also look very impressive in an aluminum urn. The light, airy foliage of a fern looks stunning against a gloss black or aged pewter urn. Once again, the theme of "less is more" comes into play. One or two visually impressive plants or small shrubs placed in an aluminum flower urn is all that's needed to make a bold, artistic statement in any garden or landscape design.

An outdoor area can immediately be transformed into a tranquil space with the addition of a fountain. Aluminum fountains are an ideal focal point for a garden. An irresistible
area conducive to relaxation can be created with aluminum flower urns, a fountain and some luxuriously comfortable outdoor furniture. Trellises can be included in the design plan to provide some privacy or to create secluded areas for meditation.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Modern Woven Wire Gate

Woven wire yard fence gates are becoming more popular for those who require the sturdiness and durability of fencing, but without closing off the world. The woven wire is much more inviting, whereas a wood gate is so cumbersome and seems to scream "keep out!"

Some may think of this type of fencing as ugly or old-fashioned, but new designs are coming out that are both modern and ornamental. You can even get creative with the woven wire by weaving plants through it. This is especially advantageous for those with a particular propensity for curb appeal. If you spend all your time gardening and perfecting your landscaping, why hide it with wood fencing? Woven wire yard fence gates leave passersby with the distinct impression that the owner is a creative soul.

Even if you aren't huge on the landscaping aspect, you can easily see the advantage of using a less common type of gate. Wood fence gates are so boring; woven wire stands out as something unique. If you have a large property, clearly mark the entrance and welcome your guests with something refreshing.

Aside from its curb appeal, woven wire has proven itself time and again to be extremely effective in keeping out unwanted pests and predators. Keeping in livestock is easy, and a woven wire fence easily opens and closes for herding and grazing purposes. Its galvanized coating also keeps it from being worn down by extreme weather and sunlight. Animals may chew and claw at it, but woven wire lives on and on. Its woven design gives way to some stretching rather than breaking over time.

Woven wire fence gates are also very easy to install. You can usually buy most gates already put together; they just require adding hinges to your existing gate. This is an easy solution to any gating that may be required on the property.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fence & Gates

Fences and gates for every type of property are highly functional and can serve as decorative pieces. Available in different finishes and sturdy metals, there are styles suited for everyone’s preferences. Here is an overview of the many styles of fencing and gates for a property.


Interlocking gates and fences are available. The typical gate is approximately 52 inches wide. Most gates are designed to go with 4’ interlocking fences, which can vary in length. Interlocking fences are easy to install and require little or no digging in order to be successfully installed. Hole punched flat bands cause an interlocking effect. Open holes allow the staking spears to be inserted into the fencing with ease.


All tall fences are made to last for a lifetime. These fences come in different varieties, including interlocking, are come with connecting stakes. Fencing stakes approximately 14 feet or more in height enhance the security of the property. For additional support, extra steel posts can be installed throughout the area. Gap distances are just over 3 inches, making it perfect for small animals. Sturdy fencing contains an anchor in every section and is quite simple to install.


Lawless arbors and lawless arbor gates come in a sturdy, wrought iron. Elegant in design, the arbor can be situated in a garden area or work to complement fencing currently existing on the property. Vines and flowers can be draped about the fencing. Some use it as a divider in town-home neighbors properties are in close proximity. Most fencing averages around 80 inches wide in length.

Center divide

Center divide fences can range between 3 and feet tall in height. The center divide piece comes with a hinge to either side. The typical center divide width is approximately 40 inches in width, the size of a typical fencing section. Some gates can have a rusted appearance for effect while others can possess a glossier finish.


Ornate gates accentuate the fencing on a property. The ornate gates are used in gardens, historic sites and country areas. Smart placement of rocks and other shrubbery add a sense of elegance and charm to the space. Most stand over 40 inches tall with a width of 33 inches. A five inch opening just above the ground prevents animals from entering or exiting the premises.

Fences aren't just for basic security. They can be used as accent pieces to create a charm. Experimenting with different variations of fences is perfect for creating the perfect look for a property. Interlocking, ornate, tall, lawless and center divide fence & gates come in different metals and finishes.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun Statues & Outdoor Decor for Your Patio & Garden

More often than not, it can be difficult to buy the proper decor to really set the outside areas of a home apart from all the rest. Thankfully, there are a large number of fun statues & outdoor decor for your patio & garden that will enable you to spruce those areas up in no time.

When looking for exciting statues and decor to place outside a home, there are many types and designs to choose from. For instance, there are five different types of interesting frog lawn ornaments available. Tin Frogs can be purchased as a small, medium or large tin frog. One of the most unique of these are the 13" Frog Garden Statues that come in 2 distinct varieties, the Standing Frog with Thumbs Up and the Peace Frog.

There are also 6 intricately designed lawn gnomes. Each of these lawn gnomes come in 3 different sizes and include weather-resistant cast resin, making them perfectly suited for being set up outdoors. Similar to the standard lawn gnomes, it's possible to purchase 6" Garden Gnome Shelf Sitters or 12" Garden Gnome Plant Pick Mini Stake. Both of these are designed to add variety to a garden and are made of weathered cast resin as well.

One of the more useful products available are the Rubber Garden Galoshes Rain Boots that can be perfect for wearing when gardening or setting up statues. They have a flowery patterned design and come in a variety of colors, including that of gray, pink and blue. If looking for some colorful decor to brighten up the outside of a home, there are 6 beautiful Hand Blown Glass Balls to choose from, each designed to be hung from a ribbon in a window.

If your home is typically visited by a large number of birds throughout the day, there are 4 delicately crafted birdhouses that would accent any home nicely, including the lovely Ceramic Crackled Birdhouse. Aside from all of this, it's also possible to find Faucet Pots, a Wrought Iron Hose Guard, Rustic Tin Garden Signs, an Old Well Pump and much more.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Unique Ideas For Your Home or Garden

People who offer unique ideas for your home or garden often forget that every garden is different. The garden is a reflection of the personality of the gardener, and there are different things gardeners can do to make their home look lovely. Each of the following ideas is borne of the desire to make the home more beautiful by altering the garden and its structure.

Choice #1: Rustic Iron

Iron gates, arbors and stakes help to create a rustic feeling in a home garden. Using an iron gate as an entry point for a backyard garden helps to transport the visitor into another world behind the house. Also, iron stakes and arbors where vegetation grow help to make the garden look as though it is older than it truly is. Those who prefer styling from yesteryear may enjoy using cast or wrought iron for their gardening structures.

Choice #2: The White Picket Fence

The best gardens in the world may suffer from a lack of support. Homes that do not have striking features may not be able to support the lovely flowers, herbs and vegetables growing in a home garden. This can be especially tough for the gardener who is gardening in front of the house. With a lovely white picket fence, the gardener has a support system that speaks to their personality and offsets the gorgeous colors in their garden.

Choice #3: Seating Areas

Setting the garden apart from the rest of the yard is simple for gardeners. However, some gardeners may prefer to sit among their work when it complete. Adding a bench or seating area to a garden allows gardeners and their visitors to sit in the middle of the garden and have a complete experience.

Gardeners have many things they must do to make their garden look beautiful, and each of the three choices above will change the way the garden looks and feels. The choice is up to the gardener, and each one, or combination, will make the home more lovely than before.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Country Antiques

Designing and decorating a home is a ton of work. Not only does it take a lot of practice to become accustomed to figuring out the layout of any particular room (be in a bathroom, bedroom or living room), but it is also hard to decide on a particular feeling. Some rooms can be lovely with a rustic and country theme, whereas others look much better with a modern look and feel.

To get the feeling of a room, think about when the building or structure that you are designing in was made. Was it made during a more modern period, and is it in a modern part of town (for example, downtown)? Or is it a home on a farm out in the country where there are cows grazing not 100 feet away? These things impact the look and feel of the rooms inside.

One of the cutest and most adorable looks in this day and age is the rustic feel of a country home. There are many different things that go along with this. For a home that has wood floors, this theme or style fits perfectly. Walls should not be painted to bright or flashy, and most of the furniture looks best in wood or natural fibers for this look.

Another asset to the rustic and country theme is the addition of country antiques. There are so many to choose from, and they can be found anywhere from rummage sales to discount stores to estate sales that are found in the newspaper or online. Often these gems go on sale for much less than what they are actually worth, but because no one sees the ad for a given estate sale, they are absolute bargains!

For people who can't find country antiques that are genuinely antiques, the look and style of an antique can still be fabricated with a newer item. There are websites and artists who specialize in this, or individuals and couples can do it themselves at home with tools like sand paper and "antiquing" or "crackling" paint to make items look older than they really are.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Garden Signs & Stakes

When it comes to decorating a garden or yard, choosing the right features can make your garden shine. You can showcase your artistic side by incorporating garden signs & stakes that feature colorful and decorative elements.

Choosing such features can turn a bland garden into a dazzling mixture of nature and man-made art. Decorative garden signs and stakes can have special meaning and can be an extension of your own unique personality. Whether you are looking for signs that have special sayings or messages to convey something, or you want a decoration that is just fun and funky, it is not difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

Creating your own garden oasis where you can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature is a rewarding project that anyone can do. Adding creative touches brings bits of your own personality into your garden.

How do you choose a sign or a stake to add to your garden?

Decide upon a price per item that you are willing to pay. Knowing your budget can help you eliminate items that are way outside of your price range and you won't waste time looking at those.

Decide upon specific sizes you are interested in. Before you shop, measure the space you plan to fill and perhaps take photos with your cell phone. This will help you choose items that are just the right size, and pass over items that are too large for your space.

Choose items that offer both color and sentiment. Your garden will have an array of natural color throughout the growing seasons. Because different plants bloom at different times, you may not have continuous color at all times. Colorful stakes and signs can help provide the color you need when the flowers are not able to. Signs or stakes that are whimsical or feature messages that are inspiring, funny, or cute will be sure to please you and future visitors.

When shopping for garden decorations, browse around to find exactly what you are after. Just like with many other things in life, you will know the perfect item when you see it. Have fun with the browsing experience and enjoy the process of creating your gorgeous garden.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Hiding Hole for a Fairy Friend

Magic is everywhere. It is in the movies, our literature, and just about all places we turn. It is for good reason. We do not ever seem to grow out of the need for a touch of magic in our lives. It sparks the imagination and brings us to a place close to our heart

You may realize, as you try to make that special place where your imagination can wander, it is difficult to find the right pieces for your Miniature Fairy Garden or Terrarium Accents that match your style. For this magical world you are creating it takes realistic furniture, homes, and creatures. You would expect to, more readily, find these available in local stores. However, they can be found. You can find them on-line quite easily. There are places able to offer what you need for your fairy land, that are so realistic, you can imagine a tiny friend stopping by for honeysuckle tea.

When you are ready for your little world to come to life be sure and look for quality items. You want a sturdy, reliable material that is able to withstand the weather, or look natural in your home. The furniture and cottages should be heavy enough to stay upright if the day gets windy. It is important to seek items that are the right size for your fairy world. If your urn is too large for your pixie's front porch, it will ruin the entire look. Seek a store inspiring in their variety, so the Miniature Fairy Garden or Terrarium Accents you have to choose from will come to life to all who look upon them. It is your little world and you are putting thought and care into its creation. Each piece should excite your mind and bring to life the magical world of the pixie.

Magic and a world of imagination is for old and young, don't be afraid to extend a welcome to your front porch, with fairy sized chairs. Let them relax and share their exciting tales over a small cup of tea.