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Monday, May 15, 2017

10 Colors to Choose From in Fiber Stone

30  Buff Pedestal Planter Base in Fiber StoneIt’s not only the plants and flowers in the garden that contribute to its beauty and elegance. Garden features such as birdbaths, pedestals, and planters can be included in a garden, landscape or patio design to create eye-catching statement pieces. Sometimes, it’s the discovery of a strategically placed piece of garden art that makes meandering through the garden a more memorable experience.

Concrete statues are heavy. Moving them around on a patio or in a garden is quite difficult. Fiber Stone is an alternative to concrete. It is durable, lightweight and can add ambiance, nostalgia, and beauty to an outdoor living area or garden space. Garden art, planters, birdbaths and decorative wall hangings, shelves, and finials made of Fiber Stone are budget-friendly ways to make your outdoor space look regal or rustic.

Whether decorating an indoor area or outdoor space, the attention to detail is what will make your design unique and impressive. With ten colors to choose from in Fiber Stone, it’s easy to find the color that ideally complements a specific outdoor décor, or that coincides with a certain garden theme. Fiber stone statues are a great way to personalize a garden. They are a wonderful way to add whimsy to a flower garden. Angels, animals, and gargoyles are timeless pieces of garden art. Whether used as a focal point or tucked into the garden as an accent piece, a statue can be one of the most impressive details in an outdoor design.

Fiber Stone benches, stools and tables can be moved around so that the design of an outdoor seating area can easily be reconfigured. A traditional style garden bench can provide a place for intimate conversation or solitary contemplation. A Fiber Stone desert chair would not only provide seating; it would be an eye-catching, conversation piece in any garden or landscape design.

It would not be very practical to include items made of concrete inside a home. Lightweight Fiber Stone is practical for indoor use. A pedestal planter, a bench or a garden seat would be a lovely, unique addition to a foyer, bathroom or sunroom.


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