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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Decorating Ideas for Antique Ladders

Decorating with antique ladders has become all the rage because of their unique, charming appearance. Each one is weathered and colored a little bit differently. And they come with two types of steps. Some are smooth and round. Others are flat. So each one can be tailored to a person's personal preferences and the project that they want to use them on. The following is a list of decorating ideas for ladders with both types of steps:
Antique Ladders
Ladders With Flat Steps

-Set pictures with matching picture frames on each step.
-Use the steps as bookshelves.
-Place rows of mason jars filled with craft supplies on them.
-Lean them against a garden shed. Then, set pots of flowers or herbs on the steps.
-Mount one on a flat, weathered board for a comfortable office supply organizer.
-Use hinges to attach a flat step ladder to a bunk bed for children to climb on.
-Hang one on the inside of the pantry door. Then, arrange spices and seasoning packets on them alphabetically.

Round Steps
-Set several ladders next to each other over the top of a garden plot to create separate growing spaces.
-Hang tea towels or other folded types of linen down the steps.
-Display magazines on them.
-Loop strings through antique garden tools, and hang them on an antique ladder on the wall of a garden shed.
-Attach matching posts to both ends of a round stepladder. Then, set a piece of glass on top to make a unique coffee table or end stand.
-Hang pots, pans, and utensils from a ladder hung up with chains on the kitchen ceiling.
-Use several of them in the garden for trellises for vines and climbing roses to grow on.


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