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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lori Daniels – Sculpted Wall Art

Lori Daniels - Sculptured Wall ArtLori Daniels is a Midwestern artist based out of Illinois. She takes antique decorative ceiling tins from the Victorian era with natural motifs such as leaves, trees and fruits and transforms them into modern wall art. She often arranges these tins into wall collages on raised panels, creating greater depth to the piece. Being a collector of these antique tins for over thirty years has given her a wide variety of material to work with. She is a well-established and respected artist in the creation of unique works of art from these reclaimed architectural pieces.

Lori Daniel’s sculpted wall art has been described as modern bas relief sculpture in which she paints and glazes the solid reliefs. This requires an intricate balance of chemical conditions to create the vibrant color of the final artwork and no two pieces come out exactly the same. When in the process of glazing, temperature and humidity play a role, as well as the condition of the relief itself. When finished, these glazed tins can have upwards of ten layers of paint and glaze on them. Some of her work is in tile form and some is arranged into collages that can perfectly accent a wall and make the surrounding space pop with color and depth.

Her work, “Fire Fall 1,” is an example of a tile-shaped collage full of red, yellow and brown fall colors painted and glazed to give the impression of the vibrant fall season. Her “Cinnamon Colors” wall art is a large panel of rustic-looking cinnamon colored antique ceiling tins that would create the perfect accent in a southwestern style room full of similar colors. She also makes a large variety of twelve-inch single tile artwork that can be combined with multiple tiles in different ways to create the desired visual effect.

Each of Lori Daniel’s sculpted wall art pieces is unique in that they come from various buildings each with a story to tell. Lori’s artworks are hand-crafted and signed by the artist herself. Her pieces create the perfect centerpiece to a variety of rooms. Wall art is intended to add an extra dimension to a wall in a room. For depth and color, this can be found in Lori Daniels – sculpted wall art.


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