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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hang It Up

A Homeowner Without a Lot of Space for Artwork Can Hang It Up Instead 

Hang it UpWhen a homeowner has a small garden or home, it is still possible to decorate with 3-D artwork. Instead of trying to place a sculpture on a wall, they can hang it up on the side of a building or fence. Rustic artwork will make it easier for someone’s friends to find a home when they are visiting. There are numerous types of hanging wall and ceiling art, including:

• Bird feeders
• Metal pot racks
• Signs
• Metal shutters
• Decorative wall sculptures
• Old iron pieces
• Stars
• Architectural fiber stone
• Glass objects
• Birdhouses

Protect the Artwork That Is Outside a Home 

When a homeowner is selecting artwork for the outside of a building, it is imperative that it is durable. Metal objects will last for many years, but some wood objects are also suitable. If a homeowner selects a wooden piece of artwork, then they should paint it first before coating it with a waterproofing material such as shellac.

Types of Exterior and Interior Wall Art 

Decorative metal artwork that is used on walls is available in an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes. It is possible to find these interesting objects:

• Artwork that looks like a moose
• A rustic metal flamingo
• Recycled metal fishing signs
• Metal flowers and butterflies
• Vintage school locker doors
• Animal horns
• Windmills
• Old keys

When a homeowner prefers fiber stone artwork, there are still many objects to choose from, including pieces that fit over a doorway or fireplace.

Where a Homeowner Can Place Their Wall Art 

Great places to hang wall art inside or outside a home include:

• On a garden shed
• Next to a patio
• On a wooden fence
• On the trunk of a tree
• Above an entranceway
• Near a gate
• From a tree branch
• Near a stairway
• Above a couch
• In a hallway
• From a fence post
• Inside a Gazebo
• Next to windows

A homeowner can use their imagination to create a unique ambiance. When a homeowner is on a budget, they can hang one piece of artwork at a time.


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