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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Garden Obelisk

How a Garden Obelisk Adds a Decorative Element to an Outdoor Space

When someone wants to add structure and height to a lawn or garden that has little perennial plants, using a first garden obelisk is a good idea. Creating an attractive garden requires using different decorative elements, including structures made of stone, wood or concrete. Some obelisks are designed to stand alone to add beauty to a garden or lawn while others are made for providing support for ivy or other trailing plants. Gardeners can find basic obelisks anywhere, but they may want a unique vintage or antique item instead. These antique or vintage obelisks are commonly designed of steel or iron that is covered with paint to help the metal last despite inclement weather conditions.

Metal Obelisks Will Last for Many Years

A gardener can find cheaply made wood or straw obelisks in gardening stores, but these items do not last. After a few rainstorms, the items will disintegrate, but an obelisk made of metal will last for many years. Finding iron obelisks isn’t easy because few artisans are making the items, but it is possible to find a one of a kind obelisk in some stores. To find a fantastic obelisk, look for a tall and narrow tapering object that has four sides. A gardener may have seen similar objects used as pillars near buildings or as monuments at cemeteries.

A Large Obelisk Makes a Statement In a Home’s Lawn or Garden 

When a gardener puts an obelisk in their garden, it is a real statement piece that attracts the eye. Many gardeners choose to put one of these decorative objects in the middle of a lawn or garden. The best obelisk for a garden will look great on its own, and it will also look fantastic when it has leaves or flowers climbing its surface. Obelisks are similar to garden trellises or topiaries, and a gardener may find the items located next to each other in a store. A metal obelisk might have unusual features and designs such as scrollwork or geometric shapes.


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