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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wrought Iron Plant Stands

Nothing makes an elegant statement like wrought iron, and nothing compliments your home or garden quite like a wrought iron plant stand.
Today, wrought iron is available in many unique and eye pleasing designs. The look of the iron pieces has changed as well. It's primed and top coated for extended life and beauty. No more flat black as a standard, unless you want it! With unique coating options, you can have the finish you desire. Make it glossy and new, or have it antique style, with darker shadings in crevasses to give it an aged look.

There are many benefits to choosing wrought iron plant stands. As a garden decoration, they are excellent choices. The coating protects the iron making fear of rusting obsolete for years to come, and the weight allows for stability in the event of an errant pet or child bumping it. Your plant will still stand tall even on the windiest day. No more mad dashes out into a sudden rain storm to retrieve the planters before they get wet or blow over.

Inside the house, wrought iron makes a striking addition to your decor. An intricate rectangular Bella stands filled with a trailing ivy would be the perfect touch under a window, or against the small wall under a bar style divider. An awkward corner would be the ideal place for a three basket Bonny full of bright flowers. Add a touch of whimsy to the home, porch, patio, or garden with an iron tricycle plant stand. They are heavy enough to take bumps without crashing to the floor and ruining the carpet, but still light enough to move around quickly.

With all the excellent choices, you and your plants will be happy choosing wrought iron plant stands. Wrought iron is not just for gate posts anymore.


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