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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Decorating with Outdoor Flower Pot Stands

Unique flower pot stands

Outdoor flower pot stands come in an incredible selection of ornate styles and unusual forms to give you a chance to add a different and personalized accent to your patio or garden decor. There are so many useful ways to incorporate these rustic containers whether you choose a shabby chic finish, a French country look, or an endless number of special accents.

When you begin with a unique shape and then add your own choice of beautiful blooming flowers, herbs or other plants, your stand will certainly become a one of a kind creation of a lovely floral arrangement that you can be proud of and your family and guests can enjoy viewing.

Wrought Iron Outdoor Flower Plant Stands

Wrought iron is a popular and durable material with which to decorate your outdoor spaces with baskets overflowing with beautiful flowers and trailing vines to present charm to your surroundings.

36" Wrought Iron Basket Cart on Wheels Plant Stand
This looks almost like a shopping cart.

Wrought Iron and Wood Tricycle Planter
How different to feature a wrought iron tricycle with a wooden box on the back for planting flowers.

Wrought Iron Flower Baskets
Wrought iron baskets in various sizes and shapes present the perfect place to decorate by adding flowers and herbs of different types and colors.

Teardrop Baskets
Choose from three different sizes in a wrought iron design formed to resemble tears, all welded into a square shape to display your favorite annual flowers. When not in use, you can nest the three sizes to take up less storage space.

Dark Green Moisture Mat Liner

This liner provides exceptional water retention with a superior type of insulation that will keep the soil in the planter moist for a longer period so that you do not have to water your plants as often. It can be cut to fit to put right into the container before adding a rich potting soil along with time-released fertilizers.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Add Art to Your Lawn with Garden Balls

For a statement-making work of art that is bound to add beauty to your garden, try adding a metal garden ball. These interesting creations can be used as a garden topiary or plant trellis, adding a bit of whimsy and fun to any garden. Featured on many style and home improvement blogs, metal garden spheres currently are an increasingly popular trend—and for good reason. Totally customizable and attractive, these spheres are a great addition to any lawn.

These expertly crafted spheres are a great way to give your garden a unique look. Available in many different sizes and finishes, customers are bound to find a sphere that suits their personal style. The balls arrive with a rusty finish, but a clear-coat varnish can be added for beauty and shine. Other surfaces include a beautiful vintage brown or green, black, or antique white.

The garden balls are conveniently shipped in two pieces, and wires are included for easy assembly. Once the balls are put together, customers will have endless options to how they can be used. Fill the spheres with flowers or plants, or even create a harvest-themed decoration for fall using leaves and branches. When placed inside a container, the metal balls make an elegant and eye-catching topiary.

Of course, these artistic garden spheres look wonderful on their own. Place a larger sphere in the middle of a lawn as a centerpiece, or use spheres of assorted sizes to create a unique look. The beautiful garden spheres can also be painted the color of your choosing for a totally personalized look.

If you are searching for a creative and fun way to spruce up your garden, garden balls are a wonderful option. Durable and built to withstand any type of weather conditions, wrought iron garden spheres add a touch of class to any lawn.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Simple Solutions: How to Hang Wrought Iron Wall Art

Hanging heavy wrought iron on your wall may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, but the truth is that learning how to hang wrought iron wall art is not as difficult as it would seem. However, you do need to hang it correctly or the end result could cause damage to the wall. Once you learn how to correctly hang the wrought iron art on your wall, you can successfully decorate every room in your home with them.

The first step in hanging heavy art is to find the wall stud. A stud detector is often the best way to do this. Once you have found the stud in the wall, mark the area using a pencil. Next, you want to verify that there is a hanging mechanism in the back of the art piece. You will need to match this mechanism with a hook that will fit it.

If there is no hanging mechanism on the back of the wall art, you may have to place a piece of the wrought iron on the wall hook itself. Before doing this, however, place your art piece up against the wall to see if there are any areas that curve. This is the ideal place to hang it. If not, try to place it on the hook where it will not be seen.

Learning how to hang wrought iron wall art is simple and it will open up your home to some great decorating ideas. A wrought iron rooster hanging in the kitchen can quickly transform the atmosphere to one that is whimsical. Wrought iron flowers on a bathroom wall can create a fantastic look and add color to an otherwise drab space. It is all a matter of using your imagination and understanding that wrought iron makes for a great piece of artwork. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wrought Iron Rooster: The Symbol of Fortitude

While wrought iron has been used for centuries, it has become very well known in its ability to add to your décor. Whether you choose a fence to put around your garden or you choose to put up plant hangers that are made from this material, the one thing you will find is that it will add to your décor. However, one of the most popular items to use in your outside décor is the wrought iron rooster. 

The rooster holds a special place in many cultures. Ancient Greeks glorified the rooster as it woke every morning and celebrated the new day. Greek Gods Zeus and Apollo were just two of the Gods that chose this animal as a sacred sign. The Chinese rejoice the rooster as a symbol of honesty and fortitude. In Japanese cultures, the rooster is sacred.

Several centuries ago, people began to use the rooster in their outdoor décor. An old barn with a rooster weather vane on top was a common sight to see in many countries. The rooster, to this day, still symbolizes vigilance, honesty, and watchfulness. With a rooster in your yard, you could guarantee that your home was being watched over.

The rooster is a very majestic animal. With its beautiful feathers and a bright red comb is a beautiful sight to see. Whether you choose this animal as the basis for your décor or not, having one inside or outside your home is certainly going to give it the added flare it needs.

In today’s world, most people carry their decorating themes outside and the rooster is still a symbol that is used throughout the world. Installing a wrought iron rooster in your gardens or near your home is not just going to provide you with a beautiful outdoors. In many cultures, it could just mean that you are taking an extra step to make sure that your gardens and your home are being monitored.