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Monday, August 31, 2015

How a Walkway Arch can Improve Landscaping

Classic Metal Landscaping Décor for Homes or Businesses

There is nothing more classic at a home or business than a metal walkway arch with an easy to open gate or open entranceway. These decorative landscaping devices are perfect for separating sections of a lawn or garden to prevent invasion by dogs or people. Metal arches with uniquely shaped scrollwork located near a home’s entryway were common in the past before the availability of cheap plastic. To have an archway that lasts forever, choose one made of durable painted steel or wrought iron instead of flimsy wood. The artisans who make metal archways to use outside understand how to design beautiful scrollwork that makes the items look nice year-round.

Embellish Metallic Archways for a More Attractive Entranceway

This means that property owners can have a unique decorative element on a lawn that looks fantastic in the spring with lush vines twined around the scrollwork or in the winter when there is no foliage. Imagine inviting guests to visit but having a home that looks similar to all of the others in a neighborhood, making it difficult to recognize. However, by placing a metallic arch at the entranceway, guests can find a home easily, and it is even easier when homeowners add embellishments such as distinctive flowering plants. In addition to being an excellent way to welcome guests, a gorgeous archway encourages people to remain on a paved pathway rather than walking on grass or flower beds.

Exterior Arches are Simple to Decorate for the Holidays 

It is possible to paint a metal landscaping device to create a more decorative walkway arch for a commercial or residential building’s landscaping. Decorative arches are suitable for creating welcoming garden spaces at apartment complexes, assisted living facilities and public parks. Anyone seeking a way to have attractive seasonal landscaping at a private residence or business should choose metal arches to place at the pathway entrances of a building. The sturdy metal structure of wrought iron or steel arches will support lights and ornaments at Christmas and fake spiderwebs and plastic bats at Halloween.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Antique Rustic Decor is Intriguing

If you love to decorate your home with unique pieces, adding to your antique rustic decor is often a challenge as it is difficult to find items that you can be passionate about. But a search can often unearth the most unusual “finds” that will certainly be enjoyed by you and your family and be talked about glowingly by your guests.

Shabby Chic décor features country antiques made out of wood, wrought iron, metal or cast iron. Find someone who is selling something that belonged to their grandparents, and you will normally come across a perfect addition to your collection.

Some examples follow of the type of antiques that are sought after. 

Dovetailed Shoe Polish Display Box 

This antique country store collectible even has interesting advertising on the inside. The wood is still in good shape and the joints are dovetailed in this 16" x 16" x 6" box.

Antique Corner Shelf

The nails are old wire ones so puts the age of the 21.5" tall corner shelf at probably the turn of the century or even somewhat older. The paint is an old warm brown, and the cut-out form is unusual.

Child's Oak Dresser with Decals

The background is that a father made this child’s toy dresser for his daughter approximately 60 years ago. He used old furniture parts to create something special for her. The measurements are 22.5" tall x 12" wide x 7" front to back.

Wooden Wagon with Blocks

This wagon has wooden wheels on the wagon itself, which measures 3" by 11.5" by 9.5". It is filled with a large assortment of wooden blocks and will bring back fond memories to males of a certain age.

Victorian Koken Barber Chair

Are you, or do you know, a Barber Shop Collector? This antique oak wood chair goes back to the 1800s and has carved drops, burl detail, and a wrought iron foot plate that has been repaired. The current owner stripped the wood years ago but did not complete the restoration and will leave that to the next owner.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Buying Metal Flower Carts For Your Decor

A metal flower cart can be a great addition to any residential garden. People who are looking to buy garden decor products frequently purchase metal carts. Many people who buy these carts place them on their porches to show off their beloved vines and flowers. If an individual wants everyone on her street to see some of the vines and flowers she loves the most, then she may put this type of planter right by her front door. These flower carts provide attractive displays that are markedly less conspicuous than many others. They can accommodate garden pots with ease.

These types of flower carts are available in numerous different size options. They're often around 33 inches in length and 20 inches in height, however. They're also often about 18.5 inches in width. It's important to note, however, that the sizes depend on where they're purchased.

Metal carts for flowers often come in a wide range of highly attractive color options. Some noteworthy examples of color options that are frequently available for these carts include red, transparent coated, black, white, off-white, deep brown, green, yellow, pink, gray, turquoise and blue. These colors often have "vintage" feels that contribute to cozy exterior home environments. Metal carts also frequently are available in numerous different shades of the same color. People who buy these carts can sometimes choose between several different attractive choices in reds, browns, and whites for example.

These metal carts make simple yet welcoming and highly functional yard decoration products. People who are interested in buying these metal carts often appreciate other forms of garden decor. Examples of these other varieties of garden decor products include wrought iron plant stands, which are commonly available in an abundance of attractive shapes. People who want to think outside of the box in terms of options for holding their plants often buy metal carts. Although metal carts can successfully carry flowers, they're often attractive on their own and, therefore, capable of making multiple decor statements.

People who buy metal carts for flowers often have the option to purchase convenient moisture mat liners, as well.

Friday, August 14, 2015

About Woven Wire Gates

Wire gates that are woven are beloved garden decor products that are frequently spotted on residential lawns. If an individual is looking to purchase an ornamental gate made out of wire, then she may want to consider these products. They're often handmade and, as a result, can be acquired in all different sizes. If a person wants to use a beautiful ornamental wire gate as a flower trellis or gate, this type of garden product can indeed go a long way. Trellises are often essential garden products because they can serve as reliable types of support for climbing plants, for example.

People who want to buy woven gates don't have to worry about size. When they have these gates handmade by professionals, they can have them designed to accommodate any designated areas, regardless of the specific size. People who are concerned about yard security don't have to worry either, as these gates are generally equipped with dependable and security latches for peace of mind.

Many people who want basic and attractive gates for their lawns rely on these woven gates, as well. These handy gates offer multiple useful and convenient functions for owners.

People often like to make their gardens look consistent and somewhat uniform. This is why they occasionally invest in double loop wire fences that look good next to these gates. Although double loop wire fences are often ornamental and beneficial for improving the appearances of lawns, they also can often be extremely useful for enclosure purposes. People who are in need of enclosures that are effective, efficient and at the same time highly useful may want to learn more about these kinds of products.

Some examples of garden products that are similar to or frequently used directly alongside or with woven gates include L-shaped brackets, slide pin latches, square posts (complete with decorative finials), hinge tabs and square posts. People who are looking to jazz up and generally improve the appearances of their yards may want to take the time out to learn more about their choices in woven gates. These gates feature a multitude of benefits, after all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eye-catching Lighting: Rod Iron Candle Holder

Lighting is an essential component of home décor. For those looking beyond the customary options, rod iron candleholders are a brilliant way to add flair. From formal to vintage, these chandeliers offer sophistication with a whimsical touch to an indoor or outdoor space.

Balmy summer nights and crisp fall evenings are wonderful settings for outdoor gatherings. Lighting comfortably lengthens the time that can be spent enjoying the outdoors. Rod iron candle holders are a sophisticated, yet eclectic, choice. These functional chandeliers add variety and character to the existing aesthetic.

Connecting outdoor light fixtures to electricity is a hassle due to unsightly extension cords. Solar powered lights are less intrusive and more economical, but they rely on the sun and will function for a finite period of time. Candles dependably solve both these problems. Neither cords nor sun are required. If lighting is desired for an extended period of time, the candles can simply be replaced. The chandeliers accommodate electronic lights as well. This is a lower maintenance option without the need for replacement candles and matches or a candle lighter. This may be especially useful outdoors in breezy weather.

The chandeliers may also be used indoors. Candlelight provides a companionable, or even romantic, feel to a meal. Candles set on the dining table will provide this light too, but they also cause the inconvenience of taking up space. Candlelight from above saves room on the table and removes any concern of bumping a candle with dishes during the meal.

Far from being a boring way to provide lighting, a rod iron candle holder is a sure way to add interest to a room. Intricate styles with tasteful color options could allow the piece to become a focal point in the decorating scheme. Alternatively, a more conservative color and style choice can serve to accentuate an existing theme. Functional, beautiful, and versatile, a chandelier will certainly provide an element of interest to an indoor or outdoor space.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

We Are Ready For Halloween With Our Halloween Yard Stakes

One of the fun holidays in the fall season is Halloween. There are hayrides and trick or treating to look forward to as well as decorating the yard. Halloween yard stakes are fun and easy to use. They come in various designs, making it easy to place as many or as few in the yard as are wanted.

Some of the basic stakes have simple designs for Halloween, such as ghosts and pumpkins. These are suitable for any yard and are commonly seen in yards that aren't very big in size. Stakes can have cartoon characters, such as Snoopy or Mickey Mouse. Children will often enjoy seeing stakes with cartoon characters as they have a fun appearance instead of the designs that might look scary.

Stakes can be personalized with a family name. They can also be designed so that each picture resembles a member of the family. An example would be a family of ghosts or pumpkins. Each family member can design a stake to be placed in the ground.

There are some Halloween yard stakes that have lights. These can be placed along a walkway to provide additional light for those who come to the home to trick or treat. Some stakes have a small solar panel. During the day, the panel charges the light so that at night it will shine without being connected to a power source. Small stakes like this can be placed in a window for a fun look.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Vintage Ceiling Tile Basics

People who are shopping for quality vintage ceiling tile products can visit many online stores that specialize in garden and home interior decorations. Ceiling tiles, while seemingly simple additions to any interior spaces, can often add a lot of flair and visual appeal. If a homeowner wants to purchase ceiling tiles that have a vintage and antique look, then he might want to look for options that were taken from older businesses.

Ceiling tiles that are vintage can be advantageous for many different reasons. First and foremost, they can give interior spaces lovely "one-of-a-kind" charms that are so different from other types of tiles. If an individual wants to design a home that looks beautiful and extraordinary rather than common and mundane, vintage tiles may be able to do the trick. Vintage tiles for ceiling use are also often extremely affordable. While buying sparkling brand new ceiling tiles can often be a rather costly process, vintage tiles are generally a whole other story.

Vintage ceiling tiles aren't restricted to use in just homes, either. They're also frequently seen in many business establishments. Restaurants are just one example. If the owner of a beloved and cozy Italian eatery wants to give his restaurant a more relaxing and "old-timey" vibe that's evocative of generations ago, then investing in antique tiles may just make a smart choice for him.

Would vintage ceiling tiles make a good addition to your home or business?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rustic Antique Products For Homes

Antique rustic decor products are beloved by many people. They can help make homes appear welcoming, warm and relaxing -- essentially perfect sanctuaries away from the stresses and pressures of modern life. If an individual is interested in buying antique decorations for a residence or business, then she shouldn't have any troubles finding terrific products on the internet. If a person is looking to buy antique decorations, then her first step should be to search for a home decoration shop that has a strong focus on items from past generations.

While it can indeed be fun and fascinating to shop for antique decorations at local yard sales and shops, the vast world of the internet often makes the process even more exciting and wonderfully unpredictable. When people shop for antique decorations at shops on the internet, the whole worlds are their oysters. They're in no way limited to just the decorations that are available in their specific geographic regions.

When it comes to antique decor shopping online, the choices are practically endless. People can easily buy corner shelves, pine tables, display boxes, coat racks, dressers, coffee tables, wooden drawers, chairs, porcelain cabinets, sewing baskets, canning jars and much more. People can often even purchase antiques that aren't quite so common, whether tennis rackets, barber chairs, tea boxes or wooden wagons.

Antique products have been in existence for decades and decades. As a result, it's no surprise that they're sometimes rather delicate and prone to breaking. This is why there is such a limited supply and typically higher prices. Although old, antique pieces often outlive their modern alternatives. Rustic antique products were made in a time where more was made by hand rather than machine.

No matter what type of decor you have in your home, there is always a rustic antique product out there for your needs.