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Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Small Driveway Gate Creates Curb Appeal

The driveway is often an overlooked part of the landscaping. Yet the driveway presents an entrance to the home, a literal transition between the street and the inner sanctum. A small driveway gate coupled with pretty landscaping creates a transition that welcomes guests and charms passersby. Fresh driveway design creates curb appeal.

Driveway Gate
The point of a driveway gate is to make the entrance charming, not forbidding. To that end, a gate that's smaller is more recommended. Wrought iron has been traditional for gate entrances for centuries. One option is to select classic black for the small driveway gate. This works well with traditional or historic homes. However, homeowners with more contemporary houses may prefer a color that complements the façade. Such gates come in several colors, such as granite gray, moss green, espresso brown and even straw-flower yellow.

Driveway Material
Concrete and asphalt are the standard materials for the driveway. However, brick and stone make for more decorative looks. Brick is beautiful in front of historic homes, while stone complements rustic houses. Concrete is a customizable material, and contractors can actually stamp and stain concrete slabs to resemble other materials. It's also possible to select concrete pavers and have them laid like brick or stone.

Central Plants
Homeowners who select pavers or other stones sometimes like to leave a strip between them free for planting. This gives the driveway a more casual appearance. Turf grasses are hardy enough to withstand the use. However, Irish moss provides a greener profile. Thyme is also hardy and adds scent as a sensory supplement to the entrance experience.

Border Plants
Another method for enhancing the entrance is with border plantings. Since these plants don't need to withstand walking or driving, homeowners traditionally make their choices based on visual appeal. Colorful flowers add a cheerful touch to the driveway. However, box hedges create a more formalized look to the entrance. An ornamental tree, such as Japanese maple, can provide both shade and beauty.

The combination of a driveway gate, a select driveway material and plantings create a house entrance with visual appeal.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Taking Care of Wrought Iron Is Quick and Easy

Wrought iron furniture, accents, and decorations can turn an otherwise unattractive patio or garden into a magical, beautiful, and rustic area. Besides the fact that wrought iron furniture and decorations are unique and attractive, the process of shaping the pieces is quite involved and interesting. It takes a highly skilled and experienced artist to create wrought iron furniture and accents. The iron is exposed to hot flames of fire and then is hand forged to create beautiful decorative pieces that will last generations.

Many who have created a rustic garden wonder how they should care for their wrought iron furniture and decorative pieces. These top time savers in iron care will ensure that individuals not only save time, but they will preserve their wrought iron accents for years to come.

Caring for wrought iron indoor pieces is a breeze and requires almost no extensive work or time-consuming cleaning. Wrought iron beds and other furniture, lighting fixtures, fireplace screens, and other items are easy to care for. They can be cleaned very quickly by simply dusting them off using a feather duster or a soft cloth. When they need more extensive cleaning, hot water and a mild detergent can be used to clean the wrought iron. It is important to avoid using abrasive cleaners.

Wrought iron pieces located on the patio, backyard, or in outdoor settings are also easy to care for, but need a little bit more attention in order to prevent rust. Outdoor wrought iron pieces would include patio furniture, flower arbors, planters, and other vintage pieces. These outdoor wrought iron pieces can be cleaned using warm soapy water. They need to be dried thoroughly with a soft cloth. Car wax can sometimes be used on these pieces to repel water. After the wrought iron piece has been cleaned, a small amount of car wax on a soft cloth can quickly be applied to the rustic wrought iron piece. This will protect the weather resistant finish.

To care for wrought iron, it is important to grease regularly any moving parts where metal will rub against metal. Any time metal has chipped, it becomes vulnerable. Rust, chips, and scratches need to be touched up as soon as possible. Keeping iron furniture and decorative pieces covered during the winter protects them from excessive exposure to moisture.

These top time savers in iron care will ensure that wrought iron pieces are clean and free of dust. When they are taken care of properly, they can last a lifetime.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Iron Driveway Gate Selection

People who are serious about home security and safety frequently turn to the use of sturdy and reliable gates. If a homeowner wants to protect his residence from potential trespassers and criminals, for example, he may make the important decision to invest in an iron driveway gate. This type of driveway gate is often made with the assistance of square tubing welding.

Although iron gates are classic, they're often adorned with decorative elements that help make them more memorable and attractive. Iron gates sometimes feature stakes and hoops that possess refined charms. If a homeowner is searching for an iron gate that's a great combination of functional and attractive, he may opt to purchase this type of product. These gates can add a lot of security to properties. They can also, at the same time, add a lot of pure charm and beauty. Many people purchase and install iron gates because they want both of those things for their homes. A gate that blends beauty and security can do a lot for many residences.

Iron gates come in a wide array of different sizes. People who are thinking about buying gates for their properties should think carefully about size details. Driveway entry gates that are made out of iron are sometimes 14 feet in width, for example. Iron gates are sometimes 10, 12 or 16 feet in width as well. The options in iron gates are indeed abundant and diverse. These gates are available to accommodate all kinds of requirements.

Steel gates can be beneficial for properties for many pertinent and valid reasons. These gates are tough and sturdy. They're a lot tougher than many other material options out there. Iron and steel can be excellent for people who are looking to purchase gates that are hard-wearing. People who want to buy gates that can make them feel confident about how long they will last frequently opt for products that are made out of iron. It isn't at all unusual to spot iron gates that have been in excellent condition for many years. They can make extremely loyal and dependable gate options.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to Grow Hostas

Hostas are a perennial, meaning that they come up each year and do not have to be replanted every year. They are the type of plant that many gardeners love to add to their garden. They are easy to care for and grow up with luscious foliage. Although they are easy to care for, it is important to know more about how to grow them to help them reach their full growing potential.

Hostas are mainly shade plants. They enjoy being in the shade, so you do not have to worry about ensuring that they get a great amount of sunlight. Of course it needs to have some sunlight, but it can be in an area that has a great amount of shade throughout the day. You can mark a special area just for your hostas with a weather resistant sign. 

A hosta is a rugged type of plant, so it can easily grow in almost any type of soil. When you first plant them, it is best to add some soil that is rich and organic with a pH that is slightly acidic. You will only need to do this when the plant is first put into the ground. This will help the plant begin to take root and establish itself.

It is important when these plants are first planted to keep their roots moist. You do not want to overwater them and keep their roots wet though, this can cause problems for the plant. Proper drainage in the location they are planted in is important. In the season when these plants go dormant, crown rot can attack the plant if there is excess moisture. Once the plant has established itself in the ground, you will not have to worry about constantly watering it during a drought in summer. They can easily tolerate the dry spell.

Hosta plants do not need a significant amount of care when it comes to disease and pests. Crown rot and leaf rot are typically the only diseases to be concerned with. When it comes to pests, slugs are something to watch out for. They will eat holes in the leaves of your plant. You can keep the slugs away by sprinkling sand around the plants.