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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Garden Obelisk

How a Garden Obelisk Adds a Decorative Element to an Outdoor Space

When someone wants to add structure and height to a lawn or garden that has little perennial plants, using a first garden obelisk is a good idea. Creating an attractive garden requires using different decorative elements, including structures made of stone, wood or concrete. Some obelisks are designed to stand alone to add beauty to a garden or lawn while others are made for providing support for ivy or other trailing plants. Gardeners can find basic obelisks anywhere, but they may want a unique vintage or antique item instead. These antique or vintage obelisks are commonly designed of steel or iron that is covered with paint to help the metal last despite inclement weather conditions.

Metal Obelisks Will Last for Many Years

A gardener can find cheaply made wood or straw obelisks in gardening stores, but these items do not last. After a few rainstorms, the items will disintegrate, but an obelisk made of metal will last for many years. Finding iron obelisks isn’t easy because few artisans are making the items, but it is possible to find a one of a kind obelisk in some stores. To find a fantastic obelisk, look for a tall and narrow tapering object that has four sides. A gardener may have seen similar objects used as pillars near buildings or as monuments at cemeteries.

A Large Obelisk Makes a Statement In a Home’s Lawn or Garden 

When a gardener puts an obelisk in their garden, it is a real statement piece that attracts the eye. Many gardeners choose to put one of these decorative objects in the middle of a lawn or garden. The best obelisk for a garden will look great on its own, and it will also look fantastic when it has leaves or flowers climbing its surface. Obelisks are similar to garden trellises or topiaries, and a gardener may find the items located next to each other in a store. A metal obelisk might have unusual features and designs such as scrollwork or geometric shapes.

Bring Style to Your Home with a Cast Iron Pedestal

If you are a homeowner who wants to add some style, but lacks the funds to hire a designer or purchase the most expensive décor, take things one step at a time. To add a little style without going over your budget, consider bringing in a cast iron pedestal. You might just be amazed at what it can do for your home.

A cast iron base can quickly change the look of a display item. For example, a small statue or a vase that sits in the corner, or even on the mantelpiece may not even be noticed. Placing it on a cast iron stand can make all of the difference. You can be guaranteed that it will always be one of the first things a visitor notices when it's displayed in this manner.

You also can use these pedestals as the base of a table. Two placed together with some barn boards attached to the table will give your home a rustic look you desire. If you prefer a more modern look, consider putting a metal piece with glass on top. There are so many options to consider and cast iron is the perfect material to go with just about any style.

One of the greatest benefits of using cast iron is that you can use it in its natural state or you can paint them to match any color you wish to highlight. Of course, you also have the option to utilize these pedestals in your outdoor area. Many often use them on either side of the doorway on the porch or to highlight entrances, whether it is your driveway or the entry into your garden.

A cast iron pedestal is just another option for the homeowner who wants to decorate on a budget. Their versatility makes them one of the most sought after items and their low cost makes them even more appealing. The only downside is that once you order one, you will realize that you need to place another order for more.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Arbors & Gazebos: Architectural Accents for Your Outdoor Space

Arbors and Gazebos are often used in landscape designs as a support system for climbing vines or as a display area for hanging baskets and potted plants. While they work well when used in this manner, there are other ways these structures can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Wrought iron structures can be used as architectural accent pieces in your exterior design. A gazebo designed with a dome top is impressive on its own. It doesn't need vines or plants growing on or around it to become a stunning focal point of a landscape design. For a more simple landscape plan, a mission style gazebo can provide visual interest without overpowering the landscape.

Arbors can be a functional, decorative or multi-purpose feature in a landscape design. Custom designed arbors can be made in widths that meet specific needs. A driveway arbor looks impressive, especially when it features exquisite detailing. Arbors are available in styles such as Gothic design, rustic and amazingly ornate styles. Their diversity makes them an appealing feature to add to any landscape or garden design.

A decorative arbor is an ideal way to add beauty to an outdoor space. It can be placed at the beginning of the walkway leading to the front door or used as an entry gate into an enclosed area. An arbor can be a subtle part of exterior design, or it can be an eye-catching component of the landscape.

Any outer space can be made more beautiful with the addition of a gazebo. They are truly a statement piece that elevates the level of elegance and increases the functionality of an outdoor area. Gazebos can be used to create an intimate outdoor retreat. They can also be used as an entertainment area. With the variety of gazebo designs that are available, there's a style to complement almost any type of home or landscape.

Arbors and Gazebos can be embellished with lighting to make them an even more excellent part of a landscape or garden design. The intricate detailing on these structures is exceptionally stunning when illuminated.

Wrought Iron Plant Stands

Nothing makes an elegant statement like wrought iron, and nothing compliments your home or garden quite like a wrought iron plant stand.
Today, wrought iron is available in many unique and eye pleasing designs. The look of the iron pieces has changed as well. It's primed and top coated for extended life and beauty. No more flat black as a standard, unless you want it! With unique coating options, you can have the finish you desire. Make it glossy and new, or have it antique style, with darker shadings in crevasses to give it an aged look.

There are many benefits to choosing wrought iron plant stands. As a garden decoration, they are excellent choices. The coating protects the iron making fear of rusting obsolete for years to come, and the weight allows for stability in the event of an errant pet or child bumping it. Your plant will still stand tall even on the windiest day. No more mad dashes out into a sudden rain storm to retrieve the planters before they get wet or blow over.

Inside the house, wrought iron makes a striking addition to your decor. An intricate rectangular Bella stands filled with a trailing ivy would be the perfect touch under a window, or against the small wall under a bar style divider. An awkward corner would be the ideal place for a three basket Bonny full of bright flowers. Add a touch of whimsy to the home, porch, patio, or garden with an iron tricycle plant stand. They are heavy enough to take bumps without crashing to the floor and ruining the carpet, but still light enough to move around quickly.

With all the excellent choices, you and your plants will be happy choosing wrought iron plant stands. Wrought iron is not just for gate posts anymore.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Trellises & Topiaries

Corral Climbing Plants with Trellises & Topiaries
Climbing plants add a unique touch to any growing space, whether it's a flowerbed, patio urn, or even a vegetable garden. Before you start planting, though, first consider what kind of support structure your climbers will need. Here are a few tips for choosing the right trellises & topiaries for your garden.

What Kind of Climbers?
Plants use different techniques to climb. Some, like sweet peas, wrap tiny tendrils around their supports; these climbers would more easily grasp a wire obelisk than a vast lattice. Climbing roses, on the other hand, can't truly climb on their own and require more substantial support. A trellis with plenty of cross-pieces will work best for them. Still, other plants, like honeysuckle, fall somewhere in between. They use their entire stems to twine their way up supports, making for very secure attachments. Twining plants work especially well with arbors, gazebos, and other large supports because they quickly overrun smaller trellises.

Annuals vs. Perennials
If you're planting perennial climbers like roses or wisteria, you'll want to make sure you choose a sizeable and sturdy structure that will stand up to years out in the elements. Wrought iron works particularly well for perennials since it will not bend under their weight or degrade like wooden trellises. Perennial climbers will also need regular pruning, so choose a topiary cage or garden obelisk that will allow you to access them from all sides. Annual climbers like black-eyed Susan vine and morning glories are much lighter, so more decorative trellises & topiaries are a perfect choice.

Keep to a Theme
When planning your gardens, it's always best to have an idea of your overall design in mind. For example, if you're working in a small space, choose several small climbing features, or a single large topiary to keep from overwhelming your other plantings. Opt for support structures that complement one another in shape, color, or material to maintain the look cohesive throughout your space, and carry that theme on to include other elements of your garden as well, such as fencing and ornaments.

Lighting and Outdoor Spaces

Light can help change the look of any home. People who want to invest in attractive and reliable lighting products for their residences can enjoy many exciting and interesting options on the Internet. Vintage chandeliers can make any property quickly look and feel more attractive and appealing. The same goes for candelabras and sconces alike.

There are so many ways to beautify homes with lighting products. These products can contribute to all different types of moods and atmospheres. It's also important for people to focus on accessories. Choices in accessories include candlesticks, candle holders, wine racks, and lamps.

Light can illuminate a property and help it shine. People who pass by homes with beautiful lights often can't keep their gazes off them. Light isn't just excellent for homes that want to look great from the outside, either. It's also terrific for homeowners who like entertaining guests and throwing gatherings on a routine basis. A vintage chandelier can create a stunning ambiance for any outdoor party in the summertime. It can create a vibe that's intimate, cozy and dramatic. It can introduce a lot of intensity to the environment.

Good accessories should always be a significant focal point as well. Accessories can serve numerous practical and useful functions. They can offer key aesthetic benefits, too.

Non-electric lights are becoming more and more common lately in the large residential design community. They're excellent for all sorts of recreational purposes. They're also visually stunning. People who like impressing their guests often gravitate to non-electric lights. These lights can make perfect and practical outdoor decor options for all different types of properties.

Hanging Candelabras are becoming increasingly widely known. These branched candlesticks are ideal for all kinds of parties. People frequently spot them at festive wedding celebrations. It doesn't matter if an individual is planning an outdoor or indoor wedding party. A hanging candelabra can make an entire space look significantly more elegant and intense. Light can offer so many benefits to both outdoor and indoor settings. It can frequently turn formerly dull and drab settings into festive, majestic and enchanting wonderlands.