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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cast Iron Home Decor

Cast iron has long been a go-to decorative element for homes with western or rustic decor schemes, but lately this rugged and hardy material is finding its way into high-end interior design, regardless of theme or style. Cast iron home decor has been featured in some trend-setting catalogs and design studios this season, and its functionality and charm make it one of the most adaptive and resilient materials on the market today. 

Durability and Style

Since the 5th century BC, cast iron had been used in the architectural and agricultural implements, prized for its strength and highly valued for its durability. Antique cast iron cookware, fireplace tools, and fencing are still commonly found in and around homes today, and many of these decorative elements are centuries old. Because cast iron can be cleaned and refurbished to look new at any age, and because oxidation is often desirable in collectables and decorative pieces, cast iron is often incorporated in decor to lend vintage character and authenticity. Cast iron miniatures and statuary have been popular additions to interior spaces in the United States since the early 1800s and cast iron finials, animal-shaped doorstops, and garden accents are still widely available for purchase.

Victorian Era

Prior to the 1800s, architectural decoration generally had to be carved out of stone, and these facades, though elegant, were expensive and challenging to incorporate into buildings. In the mid- to late-1800s, building designers began to use cast iron for decorative features, and this trend caught on and proliferated in areas like New Orleans’ French Quarter and the Tribeca area of New York. Because of the popularity of these elaborate building features, and because cast iron was so inexpensive to produce and cast, home owners during the Victorian era began to replicate these building trends in their homes with smaller accent pieces.

Cast Iron Home Decor Today

Decorating with cast iron accents never fell out of favor, and now these pieces have gained value as historic Americana, making them even more desirable in interior design. Cast iron planters and birdfeeders continue to grant gardens an established, historic aesthetic even today, and cast iron wall decor will continue to add character to even the most modern interiors for years to come.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Time Period Recreation Pieces

Anyone who collects antiques (recreation or not) or who enjoys timeless Victorian era style may feel like their collection is missing something. They may ask themselves, "Do I have any Victorian plant stands?" If the answer is no, they may want to start researching, or they may just want to buy the stand without the research, which is not a good idea.

Victorian plant stands are made of wrought iron. This ensures that the stand is sturdy - since many things needed to be able to withstand the test of time in the Victorian era. Though few color options were available in Victorian times, modern recreation pieces come in a variety of colors that have been antiqued: turquoise, red, and pink just to name a few. However, the colors do not have to be antiqued. There are plenty of colors to choose from if the antiqued colors do not please: midnight blue, aqua, and green apple just to name a few.

The stand comes with a base and a basket. The detachable basket makes planting a lot easier and allows the stand to be moved without having to take the potted plant out of the stand - which saves hassle in and of itself.

The workmanship features a curlicue design. Though this design has come in and out of fashion, it adds an elegant accent to any decor. With the color options mentioned above (and those that were not mentioned), there is a plant stand that will match any room. The simple and understated basket design features half curlicues and keeps the frills to a minimum, a must in Victorian times to keep the attention on the plant, the painting, the expensive vase: anything but the stand. In a room where the attention is on the plant, this is a good piece to have.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Decorating With Rustic Garden Structures

The diversity of garden structures makes them a wonderful addition to any size lawn or garden. Selecting the proper size and type of structure can increase an outdoor living and entertaining space, provide an opportunity to expand a garden or add visual interest and dimension to any landscape.

Rustic garden structures such as a wrought iron gazebo or simplistically styled pergola or arbor can easily be incorporated into a landscape or garden design. When an exterior expansion is not feasible due to space limitations or financial restraints, the addition of a gazebo is a fantastic way to acquire outdoor living space. A gazebo can be furnished and decorated so that it becomes a lively entertainment area, a serene place to relax or an outdoor dining area.

Pergolas and arbors are an ideal way to increase growing space in a small landscape or garden. Vertical gardening is a popular trend that pairs perfectly with arbors and trellises. Adding a vertical structure makes a small area appear more spacious by taking the focus away from the limited amount of ground space and drawing the eye upward toward the awesomely spacious sky. Flowering plants, climbing vines and edibles such as beans, cucumbers and squash can be grown on an arbor or trellis.

Outdoor spaces in urban areas often lack the privacy that is typical of a rural setting. Rustic furnishings have found their way into modern, transitional, cottage and contemporary interior designs. Extending rustic elements into exterior spaces adds a touch of nostalgia to the design. Rustic design tends to encourage relaxation and that is typically one of the main goals of any outdoor living space. The addition of a wrought iron trellis to an urban outdoor space can help create more privacy. Climbing vines can function as a living privacy wall. A small gazebo can become a private hideaway in an urban backyard with the addition of outdoor curtains.

There's an almost limitless number of ways to enhance any exterior space with rustic outdoor structures. Adding some rustic garden art and wrought iron planters can further enhance a landscape design.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Choose Metal Window Planter Boxes for Old-World Charm

Flowers and herbs cascading from a window box bring to mind the old-world charm of quaint villages and towns. While there are many options to choose from in rustic wood, ceramic and affordable plastic too, the style and whimsy of metal planter boxes cannot be beat.

With their light weight, lovely designs and easy of use, the open-work metal construction can be used on any windowsill without worry about excess weight. Plant herbs outside the kitchen window, ready for picking and use in a tasty dish. Grow colorful flowers to brighten up the front of the house or trailing ivy to soften the look of the walls in a backyard retreat.

Why Choose Metal Window Planter Boxes Over Other Materials?

Most affordable planter boxes for window use are plastic. They may be Weather-resistant and long-lasting, but they lack a certain charm and grace found in more natural products. Terracotta or ceramic pots are sometimes suspended from hooks or holders outside windows as well. These are heavy and prone to breakage. Wood is a natural option that can add a touch of rustic charm to these suspended gardens. Unfortunately, it can become quite heavy when wet and will also rot over time.

Metal varieties share the rustic good looks of their woody counterparts without the excess weight. Because they are not solid and instead have interesting swooping designs, an insert of some sort is needed to keep the dirt and plants secure. Attractive sisal mat or moisture mat liners work well and look great for many years. After all, it is the bright flowers and trailing foliage that people will truly notice when they look at the house.

Window boxes have long been used to decorate homes and buildings all around the world. Not only are they beautiful accents, but they also bring the garden closer to people inside the house. Whether tasty kitchen herbs, riotous multi-colored blooms or elegant trailing foliage is the right style for the home, metal window planter boxes will add plenty of old-world charm.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Many Benefits of a Decorative Garden Border

You may have spent a lot of time and energy, as well as money, creating the garden of your dreams only to have it ruined by the lawn mower and animals running through it. If you are creating a garden and fail to put up some type of border or fence around it, you can expect that it will be ruined. The fact is that a decorative garden border could easily save your garden from catastrophe and this is just one of the benefits it can offer.

Garden borders are an effective method of protecting what you have planted. They are also a great way to define the space in your yard. You may wish have them lining the walkways to keep people from walking on your grass or in your garden or use them to designate a certain area for entertainment. As they come in a wide variety of heights, they can be used for just about any area in your yard.

The right border can also be a great addition to the décor you choose for your yard. You can find them in a wide variety of colors, from a rusty red to a vintage green. You will also find they come in many styles, from an arched dome to a more Victorian style. Whatever style you have chosen for your yard, you can be sure to find a border that will match it.

Borders around your yard will not just protect the landscaping you have done on it. A decorative garden border can actually bring life to your garden and yard area and add to its aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose one for the purpose of matching your color scheme or for a particular style, you will find that they will give your yard a certain feeling of completion. It is just the thing you may need for the final touches and to pull your look together.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Decorate with Antique Interior Shutters

For some people, moving into a new home is one of the most exciting experiences of their lives. Before they can truly start enjoying their space, new homeowners usually must purchase furniture items. While a home is often functional once the furniture has been placed in it, an abode may still lack character and charm. Thankfully, by investing in some inexpensive, beautiful décor items, a person can add the wow factor to any type of dwelling. Amazing decor additions to any home are antique interior shutters. With these versatile pieces, the decorating possibilities are truly endless. The following 5 ideas are a small sampling of how a person can utilize rustic shutters in his or her home.

Creative Picture Display

When hung on a wall, antique shutters serve as creative picture displays. Who wouldn’t love to proudly show off his or her latest candid snapshots this way? When one obtains a new picture, he or she simply needs to connect it to a shutter with a paperclip or a clothes pin. Besides pictures, shutters can be used to display notes or other types of documents as well.

Rustic Headboard

When placed behind a bed, antique shutters function as beautiful headboards. This type of headboard instantly adds warmth and eclectic style to any bedroom. For a rustic look, one may wish to purchase distressed shutters. If one likes modern designs, he or she might be interested in buying sleek shutters that have been painted a grey or metallic color.

Delightful Plant Holder

If one is searching for a unique way to store his or her plants, he or she should consider purchasing antique interior shutters. Regardless of whether someone wants to store plants in a kitchen, sunroom, or living room, antique shutters will add an unforgettable design element.

Ingenious Cabinet Doors

When shopping for new cabinets, some people like to think outside of the box. They quickly bore from looking at the same plain cabinets everyone else in the neighborhood owns. For a dramatically different cabinet look, one can utilize two rustic interior shutters for cabinet doors.

If one wants to be complimented for his or her decorating talents, he or she should invest in several antique shutters. One can never run out of ways to utilize these beautiful décor items in his or her home.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Adding A Garden Focal Piece

Adding a garden focal piece will bring together your lawn design in ways that you could not imagine. There is so much you can do to your garden, and you should start with a garden archway with gate access. The gate on your existing fence may act as the gate, or the archway may become the first entry point to your garden before a new fence is installed. Installing the archway is simple, but you must follow the steps listed below.

#1: Where Will The Archway Stand?

You must choose the place where the archway will stand. Placing the archway over an existing gate is acceptable, or you can place the archway in the spot where you want your gate to go. The archway must be sunk in the ground several feet for stability, and you must ensure the pieces of the gateway are properly attached to one another. The archway itself will not hold itself together simple because it is in the ground.

#2: How To Install The Gate

The archway and gate must come together in one piece. The gate will open up to the archway when the hinges are installed properly, but the gate must be off the ground slightly. You are providing room for water to run under the gate, and the gate will not scrape on any part of the ground that is near the hinge. The hinges must be flush with the wood on the archway, and you must test the gate before leaving it locked.

The archway and gate you install in your backyard can be the entryway to your backyard, or the gate can become the entryway to your private garden. You want to use the archway as a decorative piece that makes the garden more beautiful, and you must ensure that the gate is installed properly. The gate will help control access to the space, but you must use proper techniques during installation. Sink the gateway in the ground for added support, and paint the archway any color you like before you leave it to guard your garden or your backyard.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3 Important Benefits of a Beautiful Garden Rose Trellis

Purchasing a new home can be a challenging, stressful, and rewarding experience. After some people settle into their new abodes, they discover some surprises they initially overlooked.If a person buys a home because he or she fell in love with its modern interior, he or she may have failed to even notice the beautiful, but neglected, rose bush in the backyard. When someone finds a hidden, floral gem on his or her property, he or she should consider investing in a metal rose trellis. These beautiful garden accents provide homeowners with the following 3 important benefits.


A garden rose trellis is practical. If a person has an overgrown rose bush, this accessory is a must. It will protect the rose stems from bending over and breaking. Instead, the roses can glide seamlessly along up the trellis.


Without some interesting features, a flower garden can appear boring and lackluster. A garden rose trellis adds style, elegance, and sophistication to any type of flower garden. Wrought iron is a popular metal choice for this type of garden decoration. Regardless of whether a homeowner chooses a white, brown, or black wrought iron rose trellis, he or she will add the wow factor to his or her outdoor space. After purchasing this lovely addition, a homeowner may find himself or herself spending more time in a flower garden than ever before. And, guests to his or her home will certainly be impressed.

Added Value

Whenever a homeowner completes any type of landscaping, he or she usually adds value to his or her property. Like planting flowers or installing an irrigation system, investing in a metal rose trellis will likely add value to a person’s home. Before purchasing this type of outdoor fixture, a homeowner might want to tour his or her neighbors’ gardens to ascertain what types of trellises are popular in the neighborhood.

By investing in a metal garden trellis, a homeowner can transform a bland outdoor space into an oasis. This type of accent also looks fantastic in any size of flower garden.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Care and Keeping of Flower Yard Art

Yard art is a practical way to add interest and whimsy to any property. The art is simple to install and works with nearly any style of decor. It is important to take care of the art each season so that it will last for as long as possible. Caring for and keeping flower yard art requires a few basic steps.

Be Careful Around the Piece

A very important step to take when caring for yard art is to be careful when around the piece. This means not placing the art in a location that is heavily trafficked. Watch what is happening to ensure that people do not run into or touch the piece on a regular basis. Try to keep pets away from the art. Keep garden waste, tools, and other debris out of the immediate area. A little bit of extra care will help to keep the yard art in good shape for a very long time.

Dust the Piece Regularly

Any piece of yard art that is exposed to the elements every day is going to start collecting dust on the surface. Something to remember is that dust or dirt can be acidic. It has the potential to start corroding the metal over time. This can lead to faded colors or even holes in the artwork. The solution is to dust the flower yard art regularly. Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface. A little water or some mild detergent can help to bring back the shine and remove everything. Do this once every two to four weeks depending on the conditions outside.

Keep Unwanted Plants Away

Plants are going to sprout up in the yard sometimes uncontrollably. It is important to keep unwanted plants away from the yard art. Plants like weeds or vines can actually damage the yard art slowly if given enough time. Plants can also attract pests that could harm the surface or leave marks on the paint. Keep an eye out for any plants that start growing near the art. If the plants are not intended to be there, then pull them up immediately. This preventative step will help to keep the yard art looking attractive far into the future.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Decorate in Style With this Retro School Locker Accent Piece

An old-fashioned vintage school locker door can provide a playful decorative accent for a range of decorative themes. Durably crafted, this locker door makes for an eye-catching decorative accent that is perfect for refrigerator magnets and design schemes that have a more nostalgic feel. The perfect gift item for teachers, professors and other professionals that work within the field of education, this authentic locker door provides a great conversation piece and is sure to brighten any room or wall space.

Versatile and Stylish Wall Art 

Enjoy a blast from the past with a retro school locker that can be decorated and customized just like the real thing. This novelty decorative accent features rugged all-metal construction, top and bottom vented slats and even a retro style spinning combination lock to create a piece of wall art that is sure to get noticed. The perfect addition to a home or workplace office, this locker door also makes a handsome addition to classroom environments and meeting areas. Add a playful accent to any decor with a whimsical vintage school locker door that features a detailed and authentic design and appearance.

The Perfect Gift for Educators 

Show your appreciation for the teachers and educators in your life with a school-themed piece of wall art they are sure to love. Perfect for magnets, this versatile accent item can be quickly and easily customized with school stickers, refrigerator magnets and a range of other items and options. Suitable for either the office or the classroom, this playful retro school locker is sure to be a hit with teachers and other educational professionals. The playful concept behind this unique accent piece makes it a great gift item for situations when posters and framed pictures just won't cut it. The iconic retro look of this school locker door will allow you to add a touch of the classroom to any environment.