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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cast Iron Home Decor

Cast iron has long been a go-to decorative element for homes with western or rustic decor schemes, but lately this rugged and hardy material is finding its way into high-end interior design, regardless of theme or style. Cast iron home decor has been featured in some trend-setting catalogs and design studios this season, and its functionality and charm make it one of the most adaptive and resilient materials on the market today. 

Durability and Style

Since the 5th century BC, cast iron had been used in the architectural and agricultural implements, prized for its strength and highly valued for its durability. Antique cast iron cookware, fireplace tools, and fencing are still commonly found in and around homes today, and many of these decorative elements are centuries old. Because cast iron can be cleaned and refurbished to look new at any age, and because oxidation is often desirable in collectables and decorative pieces, cast iron is often incorporated in decor to lend vintage character and authenticity. Cast iron miniatures and statuary have been popular additions to interior spaces in the United States since the early 1800s and cast iron finials, animal-shaped doorstops, and garden accents are still widely available for purchase.

Victorian Era

Prior to the 1800s, architectural decoration generally had to be carved out of stone, and these facades, though elegant, were expensive and challenging to incorporate into buildings. In the mid- to late-1800s, building designers began to use cast iron for decorative features, and this trend caught on and proliferated in areas like New Orleans’ French Quarter and the Tribeca area of New York. Because of the popularity of these elaborate building features, and because cast iron was so inexpensive to produce and cast, home owners during the Victorian era began to replicate these building trends in their homes with smaller accent pieces.

Cast Iron Home Decor Today

Decorating with cast iron accents never fell out of favor, and now these pieces have gained value as historic Americana, making them even more desirable in interior design. Cast iron planters and birdfeeders continue to grant gardens an established, historic aesthetic even today, and cast iron wall decor will continue to add character to even the most modern interiors for years to come.


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