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Monday, June 29, 2015

Making a Wrought Iron Decorative Fence into a Plant Trellis

Something that can make a very attractive and practical type of trellis in a garden is a wrought iron fence. These decorative fences are strong and easy to use. They are simple to install and will support a wide variety of plants. It takes just a few steps to turn a wrought iron decorative fence into a plant trellis.

Firmly Place the Fence into the Ground

The first thing that needs to be done is placing the fence firmly into the ground. Choose a spot a few inches away from the plants that will be climbing up the fence. This prevents the stakes or tines from piercing the root system and causing problems. Compact the soil a bit. Push the fence down until it is solidly in place and not wobbling loosely. If the soil is very loam or soft, then add some support to the fence with a wooden stake or a piece of rebar. Tie the fence to the support. Using multiple fences will create a much more stable trellis in the end. This is important because if the fence falls, then it could harm the vines or plants.

Training the Plants or Vines

The next step is to start training the plants or vines so that they naturally start to grow up the wrought iron fence. This requires a little patience and potentially some ties. Start by trying to weave or wrap the plant around the metal bars on the fence. If the plant does not stay in place, then use some twine, twist ties or plant ties to secure it. Be certain not to make the ties too tight since that could hurt the plant or open up pathways for diseases. Watch the plant and repeat this process as it grows until it is firmly in place and wrapping around the fence automatically.

Routine Maintenance

A wrought iron decorative fence is very durable although it still needs a little maintenance when used as a trellis. Keep the fence free of debris and dirt to prevent problems. Try to water just the roots of the plants instead of blasting the fence with a hose every day or two. Remove any dead or dying pieces of the plants at the end of the growing season so that they do not damage the fence.


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